Prostatitis treatment as a novel insight into Finasteride related problems


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Can this cause low test levels? I tried cipro in the past due to prostate issues from fin. It did not cure my problem.



I was thinking about this kind of thing again today after i started passing some random stool again. Please do keep us updated.

this is very interesting. How many % have you recovered. Is is a sustained recovery or do you have set-backs.
Have you done your examination in Greece or did you do it at your local doctor?
Thanks for info.

This theory would jive with my own experience of having almost normal libido after coming off antibiotics (in my case, cipro).

What type of dietary changes are required?

What other antibiotics did the doctor prescribe and for how long?

Are you almost back to normal?


Ditto to visionquest.

I went to the emergency room at 4 months off with a crazy flu like infection where I was puking, shitting, shivering, could barely stand etc etc. and I could feel my prostate inflamed. The doctor agreed on that fact that I had prostatitis and gave me a 10 day script for cipro. After ten days I felt like a million bucks. That got me back to near 100 percent. Then I crashed again a few weeks later. However, that was the best I post fin. However, after reporting this on the forum, I was told that is a common occurrence and may be due to anti-biotics ability to upregulate genetic signaling etc.


i always thought that prostate have a major role in our problems, but i’m not sure about a simply bacteria problem

in my case was found a particular corynebacterium.
strong antibio cycle destroyed it
i got lot of benefits for sure but i’m not recovered

i were always scared to use strong hormonal drugs to recover,
right now i’m only on integrators.

keep us informed about ur antibio protocols

-Drained of vitamins.
-Drained of minerals.
-No energy.
-Tolerance gained to almost everything that gives us benefits.
-Antibiotics give relief.
-Fasting/raw diet gives relief
-Kiefer has proven benificial
-People have felt better when they have had other infections.
-Anything with antibiotic properties has given benifit ie. iodine, resversatol, apple cider vinager, manuka honey(i had this)

Wow. This is extremely exciting, although i’m on a totally different path right now (a mashup of most of the theories here : after a mild prohormone cycle im doing a thorough PCT to “reboot” HPTA, then i’ll attempt to adress adrenals/thyroid issues à la JN/chilln before the end of the PCT, also planning heavy metal chelation and candida detox)

Someone needs to explain JN recovery (by RT3 clearance and adrenal support) and also some of the other recoveries here in the light of this… I want this to be the REAL, unique answer, intuitivelly it seems to make a lot of sense but for now I cant explain to myself how this new insight is compatible with a lot of members stories here.

Im in France and will try to see this doc in Athens as soon as possible.

So in the meantime I guess I should try getting transrectal ultrasounds to check my prostate…

A thought crossed my mind : Reading members stories here, I seemed to notice a pattern where most of us claim to have had a very high (above average) sex drive prior to fin… I know I sure had a extremely elevated libido, and subsequently a very active sex life prior to fin, been with many many different women, and I have to confess, many times unprotected… Which could be the cause of my (probable) genital infection that you are talking about, and the reason why fin sent me to hell… Also, I was never really sure fin was responsible of my state because I took it for such a short time (3 weeks) and I never really crashed (I first thought about sexual exhaustion) but was steadily doing worse and worse. Your theory gives sense to my story at least.

It would be amazing if you could tell us more about your treatment (cost, duration, dietr constraints, and especially side effects from the antibiotics)

Thank you so much for sharing this with us


What antibiotics are you currently on and how many days or weeks are you into treatment?

I just recently picked up a prostate massager, think that could apply enough pressure?

Will a trans-rectal ultrasound show the prostititis/inflammation and when it is cleared up?

Thanks and hopefully this is what we’ve been looking for.

p.s. is the specialist you’re seeing the same guy you mentioned here?

i’m doubtful about pressure massage, i read that u can break calcification with direct antibio injection in prostate.

what is the tecnical name of that massage?
however what about if u have any calcifications ?


Sorry for this stupid and over simplistic question… But, how exactly would this theory account for the nearly overnight shrinkage many of us experienced. I shrank about 50% overnight.



Sounds like good news to me. I have recently been examined by a urologist here in the UK, the examination itself was painful and was told that by seminal ducts were inflamed but nothing to worry about. But this now makes sense to me all this trouble with fin started in my prostate, I will be going for that test, thanks for the positive information.