Propecia/ Proscar and Liver damage stories


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I’m pretty sure I have liver damage from it. I took for 3 years and over that time could handle less and less alcohol and caffeine. Now I can’t touch either without serious problems. Unfortunately I didn’t get tested until 10 months off and my levels were normal then.


Martin, what do you mean by you can’t handle alcohol and caffeine? I drink very little alcohol, but do drink coffee and have no problem with it. So what type of reaction do you have to drinking these types of beverages?


Martin, this could be related to your adrenals, not necessarily the liver. Even for Alchool.


I’m going to get a full hormone profile done in a few weeks and will include adrenals. I had thyroid tested and it was fine.

When I say I can’t handle caffeine it gives me a reaction akin to extreme stress and drys my body out. I get energized for a few min and then really tired and shaky. My eyes and skin get dry and I have to piss constantly. The effect tends to stay with me for at least a week. And my muscles seem to be less elastic.

Alcohol gives me a hungover feeling for a long time too (week +). Plus after I get swelling in my face for a day.

Though I have to say both have sexual effects. Caffeine initially when I take it gives me more feeling and power in the near short term. Alcohol the next day or two causes better sensation and erections and even spontaneous erections.

EDIT: since this post I realized my thyroid tests were incomplete, they are being done again.


I have a pre-fin liver functions blood test, taken 2 days before starting taking propecia. I’ve been obviously taking other blood tests after quitting fin, and I wouldn’t say they got worse. You can find them in my blood tests thread.


I too have noticed the same problem. I stopped taking Propecia less than a week ago after 7 years. Whilst taking propecia, I have noticed that my tolerance to alchohol has been severely reduced, and it takes me days to get over even a small amount of alcohol. I just assumed that it was the normal ageing process (I’m currently 37), but people older than me have told me that my body shouldn’t be slowing down this early. I first noticed the problem four years ago. I had tests via my GP, but they all came back fine. However I know there was something not right, and now what I have read about here on this thread all makes sense.

I’m aware that the liver is one of the few organs in the body that can repair itself. I’m hoping now I stopped taking Propecia that this will be the case.


I have had cT and ultrasound scans that indicate what appears to be multiple hepatic cysts in my liver with maximum size of about 8 mm. Also have indications in my pancreas. ALT/AST not excessively high IIRC.


A year ago i had my liver tested it was more than 3 times the norm but after 1 year also taking milk thistle 1000mg from walmart three tabs in the morning my liver is back in the normal range


All sides still remain?


Liver is the key, the liver is the key.

I recovered when i took unani tibb medicines that cleansed liver.

Coptis, chinese bitters helped but the unani tibb is king.

You people dont want to beleive it.

The other issues is Dhant / jaryan which you call prostatitis, which will be helped by liver cleansing, but will need direct theraphy.

The final issue is HPTA herbal restart, this will recaliberate hormones back to normal baselines as this drug has screwed up the whole system. When you cleanse ;liver estradiol will lower and test will start to increase anyway but some boost amy be needed to push start the balancing and recaliberating. My Test levels boosted a lot.

Wet Cupping of liver worked really well too as well as wet cupping of testicles / varicoceles and head for pirtuarty.

Sleep well, no stress, clean foods and only drink water, nothing artifical.

Then give it time.

I think most are not too far gone not to recover.

But you lot dont want to know. No western doctor will be able to heal you as they dont beleive in this - they will put you on replacement.

I did all of the above and it worked, everything helped and together they made a big impact. This is the truth.


Non-Finasteride user, banned for constant spamming.


Thank you.


I don’t think this user should have been banned. I don’t condone spamming on the forum. However, I have been practicing liver cleansing for the past month and have made incredible strides. Maybe its just coincidence and time is what is starting to kick in, or maybe its just my own individual issue with the liver. None the less, if I continue to improve and the liver remedies were the answer, I would hate to think that this may have been stymied by the fact that this user was banned prior to me knowing about this angle. Also, I have not went out and did any kind of unani medicine etc. I have been doing a basic liver detox kit I purchased from my health food store. Once that ended, I started the chinese bitters copis stuff he talks about. Seems to be working for me. I asked him where I could buy it and he gave me multiple sources via PM. So, it doesn’t seem like he is selling anything. I have gone from complete baseline crash levels on March 20th, to starting the liver detoxing in mid April, to getting spontaneous erections, increased body hair, sweat, increased beard growth, muscle tone increase, libido increase and more. I’m still not cured, but have seen all these increase AFTER starting the liver detoxing. I am not using ANY other supplements. By no means am I saying this is a potential cure, like I said it could be just coincidental.


Review this user’s post history.

1. He never took Finasteride
2. He is from the UK, and was initially promoting some spam UK blog/website selling Ayurvedic herbs as his treatment
3. He has been banned from multiple forums, including Dr. Crisler’s MuscleChatRoom, and MesoRX for similar spamming tactics
4. He claims he recovered from non-Finasteride use ages ago, yet annoyingly continues to spam nearly every thread on this forum telling individuals they all suffer from “dhant” or “jaryan” or some other term, and that they need to see a unani hakim to get cured. Initially he was promoting a “unani hakim” that has been convicted of fraud.
5. Various other suspect issues in his story over time

I and the other Admins and Mods are open to discussion about natural treatments, hence the “Natural Supplements/Diets/Excercise” section of this site. Create a thread and talk about Ayurvedic medicine there if you like. But do not continue to spam pet theories and treatments as the cure-all for everyone’s problems across all sections of the forum, across multiple posts/hijacking threads, for months on end. The Admins have received multiple complaints about this behavior and had no choice but to take action.


He should have been banned long ago. It’s a pretty solid bet he never had PFS so what he used to “cure” himself isnt of much use to us. There are alot of people here desperate for help (me included). Chasing things that make no sense scientifically at all from someone who never had PFS does’t help us especially when you try to interject those ideas into every thread.

@ proscarred -I don’t think anyone disagrees with the idea of liver cleansing per se. As you know, I’m doing a cleansing cycle now after talking with you. I’ll try pretty much try anything that makes the least bit of sense even if its more to promote overall health and put my body in a better position to deal with PFS. Its fantastic news that you’re feeling better and I hope it continues.




I stand corrected. I never really researched his history on this site and I do not belong to any other forums. Therefore, I’m really not privy to a lot of his antics. What I do know is that every recovery period I’ve had has been ended by alcohol and that Ive had digestive problems and pale colored stool. In my particular situation I think the liver is at play. I decided to try to treat the liver based on his theory and it is working for me so far. I am greatful for this. I only hope that it continues to improve. Based on that I thought he was a helpful guy. Again, I stand corrected. Have a nice day.


i am also trying to help the liver recover and i can agree with him on that, also i agree on a wet cupping treatment which has also helped me and others should try it, its a cheap treatment some of you guys should have a go, i do it every 2 months and it cost me 40quid you could find it cheaper.
i have been doing it for a year, you can feel the improvements instant and the brainfog lifts too.
for me whats been most affective is probiotics, royal jelly and wet cupping, i will order some digestive supplements to help too


If your stool is pale after drinking, doesn’t this mean your liver is damaged and alcohol is only further damaging it?