Probably cured from HF. A few things that helped me out, and I'm quite sure will help you too

Hi all, it’s been some years since my last posts. After 10 years from my first fin pill, I’m still into pfs, and these were quite some years of pain, shame and loneliness. Not much changed until a few months ago. Actually the changements were not positive. One day I started to feel pain in the penis. I hoped not, but recently I had confirmation that the pain was from a peyronie plaque, a plaque I never had before. But read on even if you don’t have peyronie, the following informations can help you both to give health to your penis and both to prevent you end up with peryronie (and I highly suggest you don’t end up with peyronie). Also don’t be scared, I was hit pretty hard by PFS so it doesn’t mean that if you had pfs you will also get peyronie. Fortunately it is not a big plaque and the curving is not too visible. You can imagine how happy I was anyway. I’m not sure about the origin of the plaque, it is possible that I had an ejaculation while not completely hard and this might have damaged the tunica. I later found another possibility however(read point 2 below).

Peyronie is able to definitely end your sex life. Therefore I had both feelings of surrender and to fuck everything up doing crazy stuff. Who read some posts of mine know that I am a strong advocate of water fasting, however I never did one. And it is in project now for very soon as it’s possibly the only thing that can eat the scar away. In the wait for the conditions to do one I decided to do something else also:

1-first off I really don’t think durgs and supplements can do much. I think a “cure” comes from behavior, exercise, food etc. I don’t have a girl and don’t even want one anymore, therefore I started masturbating for good as a strategy to defeat this shit. Some of you should know that there is a so called condition of porn addiction. Well these guys have porn addiction because they are masturbating a lot, not becuase they are refraining. It’s like a drug, the more you do, the more you get addicted. The aim was both to replicate that and revive arousal, but also to cure peyronie by getting more blood down there, induce angiogenesis for better oxygenenation of the penis tissues and consequently better elasticity and plaque break up. It’s an exercise. By taking a look at some peyronie forums I read that the best results were obtained by vacuum pumps, which do nothing more than getting blood to the penis. And this is what I wanted to achieve without a pump. Of course I have a life and things to do so I can’t stay all day masturbating. But I decided to take my time when doing it. At least half an hour for every session, with lubricant (it makes things more coservative for the penis which isn’t in good conditions). The number of sessions is about 2 times a day. Sometimes 3 sometimes 1. Keep it a pleasurable thing, go slow and don’t be harsh, train your sensations.

2-this is actually the most important I think. I always knew that sleeping with pajamas was a bit of a constriction to my night time erections. In fact the tip hurts on the elastic band of the pants and bends the penis in an unnatural curvature. Interestingly the bend was almost always at the center of the shaft, precisely where my plaque appeared and where, from what I know, the majority of the people with peyronie experience a plaque. Also I know a guy at the gym, he’s in his 50s, and well you know everyone takes a shower at the end of the gym. I could see that his fellow down there is pretty big, something like the one I had before PFS made it a littel hourglass worm with hard flaccid. Well as we talked many times I knew that he had this strange habit to sleep completey naked. So that was just another hint that conviced me to try this. So I started sleeping naked and I try to sleep on my back/side so that my night time erections don’t get hampered. Sleeping like that at the beginning is strange honestly and not all that comfortable as I was always used to sleep on my belly and with pants. But you get used to it and it really helps having stronger and natural night time erections. You have to remember that night time erections are very important for the health of the penis because these are the only erections that start while you have high Growth Hormone levels and actually from what I could see these are not maintaing only the actual health levels but they increase it until possible.

3-I started wearing gym wide pants more often, expecially at home. This allows the penis to stay almost in it’s natural position. The aim here was again to achieve a better blood flow and avoid unnatural constriction.

So, as for the results. The premise is I don’t take supplments nor drugs, so I am clean. I exercise quite often. I am not cured from pfs still and don’t know it this approach will bring to a total cure in the long run. It’s been 2-3 weeks since I started this approach and guys I am much more happy because it really did take a few days to start having results, and what results: hard flaccid and hourglass disappeared almost immediately, my penis is bigger, longer stays bigger for longer and more engorged of blood and looks much healthier. It’s still not completely healthy but hopefully it will continue getting better. The head also looks bigger. The semen has increased in quantity and erections are stronger. During masturbation I happened to feel old sensations I didn’t feel since a lot of time. I general didn’t feel like that since a lot of years. The plaque also is apparently getting smaller and less rigid, and I really hope it continues this way. So now I can say that the benefits are lasting since 2-3 weeks. I higly suggest this approach as I can’t see elements that could hamper these improvements I had. In this new condition I wouldn’t be scared about showing naked to a woman. Before it was quite embarassing. That wasn’t my dick.

PS oh, be sure to eat enough proteins as of course you will need protein to rebuild tissues.


How are you doing? Any updates? Has your HF really been cured?

Getting real tired of these obnoxious abbreviations of really important terms on here. What is HF?

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