This shot is offered by doctors all over the US. It is sometimes referred to as a p-shot.

I take you didnt have shrinkage or muscle loss issues?

mine wasn’t as severe as many have mentioned, but everything seemed to slowly come back after time and continuing to “bend” my body. at first my body resembled a more estrogenic body type that I reversed through bringing my BMI down to very little with fasting and then putting back on weight with lots of exercise, lifting and lots of cardio. I think cardio is very important. I also think that most people don’t have the discipline to keep up with a serious program, like what CDNuts has outlined. Do 3 months of vigorous protocol and you will see progress. It will increase your baseline and your health will get to a place where you can start experimenting with things.

Without improving your overall health, and setting a strong foundation, you wont be able to “bend” your body enough to push it gently into a place where you can feel better. I think that’s how a lot, if not every recovery seems to happen. there is a pattern here. People normalize their bodies, they start getting good sleeping, eating and mental/physical health. they can then start really using supps to push around their baseline and they get a snapback, similar to how your body will heal old scars if you wound it lightly enough to resurface the area that was originally scarred (dermabrasion.) This is a metaphor, but essentially how I see your bodies baseline working.

Putting that into other words: If you are at 50% pre-fin baseline, and you do 6 months of CDNuts protocol that brings you to 80%, then you start messing around with some more supplement cycles, throw in some fasting and pushing your mind mentally and physically, you may feel shitty at first, but if you manage not to crash yourself, your body will come back stronger. You may be at 90% after a few cycles of whatever it is that you are interested in. It seems to be irrelevant a lot of the time what you actually cycle as long as it interacts with a lot of systems, like tribulus. We’ve seen a LOT of tribulus recoveries lately. I don’t think it has much to do with the light testosterone boost it gives, nor all of the other stuff in it. I think it directly alters your Androgen receptors and your body pushes back and finds a new normal that is in a more positive direction. This same logic can be used on light AR inhibs, which actually make me feel better than trib. but I’m talking really light. Trib crashes me easier than, say licorice root will, and I feel better on lic. there’s likely multiple cases where different supps will help your body chemistry specifically, so you really have to pay attention to what your body is asking for and then cycle it.

Again, you cannot cycle anything if your body isn’t in an adaptable enough space to handle pushing on AR, or the subsequent dirturbance of your bodies balance that it will create. The more you can push AR without messing up your “balance” the more of a snapback you will get. I think this is why CD’s protocol is so good, because your always cycling so many things that mess with AR, and a lot of stuff that has no effect, giving your body enough time to recover.

Any morning wood increase?


How are things coming along at this point burrito?

Any increase in semen quantity, or propulsion?

Burito101, Unless I am mistaken, shockwave therapy is for erection (ie vascular system), not sensitivity.

For sensitivity, what I’d think you’d want to go for is low power laser therapy. It also is lower cost and relatively easily performed at many physical therapy centers (as the same machine is routinely used in a large variety of physical therapies).

Shot didnt do anything except very obviously increase erection strength. Its weird because I got this dick that can get super hard but because its kinda numb I can go forever. Its like a girls wet dream, dude with a super dick that can pound forever (not a lot of feeling). Its been almost 1 year since I took that stuff and I plan to make a 1 year update post on my original intro topic.

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Mine is the same man, I can get super hard erections but there’s no pleasure

Damn, sounds great. Would you mind PMing me the place where you got it done?

Have any of you considered the laser therapy mentioned in the paper I posted above?

Has there been success with the low-power laser therapy among the PSSD community?

I’ve only ever read about that one case study.


@Knifli mentioned that that Dr. Waldinger, who performed the procedure in that study, passed away recently:

Prof. Dr. Marcel D. Waldinger passed away

Same here. Can usually get crazy hard, probably more so than years ago, but the whole sensitivity thing can make me go for forever. It sounds awesome, but it isn’t always. Sex doesn’t always need to be a 30+ minute workout where she’s sore after. And it makes her feel bad if after all that you still can’t even finish. So yeah, I’m not loving it most of the time



I think for the majority of women, after the first few months of a relationship at least, they would rather not have an everlasting turbo-humper, but someone who can finish in a moderate amount of time after they get theirs. Like 5-20 minutes.

I’ve seen a lot of frustration in some of the women I have been with over me not being able to finish. As if it’s more insulting to them than ED.

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He passed away and it’s very sad but you can get the therapy at practically any physical therapist. Just use the same method as they reported in the paper. Waldinger didn’t actually perform the therapy, by the way, if you read the paper. A physical therapist did.

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I can’t remember now. I was looking into it a few months ago and can’t recall what I found. Anyway, the procedure is not expensive and I think some people here should try it. Myself included. I’m trying something else right now (Addyi) but once this trial is over in a few months, the next thing I’m interested in is the laser therapy as lack of sensitivity is my second biggest problem only to lack of libido.

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Thanks for the warning. Just finished recommending the same point of view of trying to make the best of this condition, if at all possible, rather than frantically trying to cure it.

PRP sounds like a great way to compensate for PFS symptoms if it works as advertised. Are you certain that it damaged you, or do you feel it was more likely due to the aromatse inhibitors that have been reported by several to have made things much worse?

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I had a prp with dr Goldstein.

Goal was to create new healthy smooth muscle cells in my penis to compensate dead ones after 12 years of finasteride use.

There was a small but clear improvement after 1 month but it mostly faded away thereafter. I am also not sure if the improvement was from the prp or the two shockwaves I did simultaneously. So a small improvement at most; dont expect wonders…

(Full post here.)

Dr Goldstein says prp is experimental (some but no conclusive evidence about effectiveness) and provided the following information:

Concerning platelet-rich plasma (PRP), platelets have a crucial role in coagulation and promoting wound healing following injury and contain various growth factors (eg, fibroblast growth factor [FGF], platelet-derived growth factor [PDGF], vascular endothelial growth factor [VEGF]) responsible for regenerative functions, including the recruitment of stem cells, modulation of inflammatory responses, and stimulation of angiogenesis. The use of PRP in medical therapy has grown steadily since its introduction in 1987, with reports of use in orthopedics, otolaryngology, neurosurgery, dermatology, cardiothoracic surgery, dentistry, and now sexual medicine. PRP is prepared by centrifugation of the patients’ own blood to remove RBCs. This process separates the blood into 3 components: platelet-poor plasma, PRP, and RBCs. The initial or first spin (known as the hard spin) separates the platelet-poor plasma from the PRP and RBCs, and the second spin (soft spin) separates the RBC fraction from the PRP. The material with the highest specific gravity (ie, PRP) is deposited at the bottom of the tube. PRP contains various growth factors, including PDGF, transforming growth factor (TGF)-b1, and VEGF. When platelets are activated, they release these growth factors to promote angiogenesis and tissue healing. The use of PRP in orthopedic medicine is relatively well established; however, little robust evidence evaluating the efficacy of PRP in sexual medicine published to date. Furthermore, to our knowledge, no randomized, double-blinded, multicenter clinical trials of sufficient statistical power have been published that provide generalizable clinical data demonstrating the efficacy of PRP therapies in sexual medicine. There is emerging evidence suggesting that neurophilin ligands and growth factors, such as insulin growth factor-1 (IGF- 1), PDGF, and VEGF, play significant roles in neural regeneration and up-regulation of neuronal nitric oxide synthase, as well as in the recovery of erectile function after cavernous nerve (CN) injury. Two groups have published animal model studies regarding the effects of PRP on the recovery of erectile function in rats based on a cavernous nerve injury model. Ding et al found that immediate application of PRP resulted in a significantly higher mean maximal intracavernosal pressure (ICP) and maximal ICP/MAP (mean arterial pressure) ratio compared with those in the injured control group at 3 months of follow-up. Although animal studies have shown potential for PRP to facilitate the recovery of erectile function, they have included only limited sample sizes and have acknowledged that clinical effects may vary depending on dose, preparation method, and administration. Importantly, investigators agree regarding the need for further research on PRP before this therapy has widespread adoption. The basic idea behind PRP injection is to deliver high concentrations of growth factors to an area that has pathology.

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Any updates? I plan do the shockwave therapy.

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