Premature Ejaculationn

Hi. I took finasteride for 5 days about 6 weeks ago, and I experienced a single but quite rare side effect. I’m experiencing premature ejaculation, and I’m pretty desperate at the moment, because of the side effect, and the lack of answers I’ve found on the web. Can anyone help me understand why this can happen and is there any treatment for it?

Details about how I feel: When I masturbate, as soon as I start doing it, I’m already having an orgasm, my prostate starts to generate it. Before, there was like a ‘build up’, orgasm is the last thing you feel after a session… I could last 40-50 minutes if I wanted to. Now it is physically impossible, and I last less than a minute.


Mine got better in like 6-9 months. There are stories of people who never improved this side effect though, so there’s no telling. Just wait it out and then if nothing changes try to do something about it.

I’ve had this, it has improved for me with time too.

Thanks for your answer.

Thanks for answering. I’ve read that people that try treatments or such, end up even worse than before, but I haven’t read as much as I would want to, so I’m unsure. Would you say it’s better to just let time heal as much as possible, or should I take action and try to do something about it?

By the way, this is the only side effect I’ve had, both while taking fin, and after stopping.

Some people will tell you one thing, some another. I can tell you only that I did nothing. Sorry to not be able to tell you anything that you can emulate.

Cómo estás ahora ? (same problem 1,5 years)

Same problem, no improvement in 4 years.