Carnivore diet + exercise journey

I posted this thread a while ago when I first got PFS. I lost access to that account so I’ve been lurking ever since. I decided to make a new account and start posting because letting time heal is not working. In fact, it has made things worse for me as all of my symptoms have been getting worse and worse. So, this year I decided to start my journey to proactively try to recover from this crap.

I’ve been reading that some of you have improved only with diet and exercise, so I’m starting with that. I choose the carnivore diet because I’ve read that it’s been helpful to some of you, and also some other people online saying that it helps with their autoimmune issues. But this shit is HARD. At least for me. I’m 1 month and a half in, and at the 1 month mark I couldn’t stand meat anymore. I had to force myself to sit down and eat it like a baby, and felt disgusted every time. I have always been a steak and meat lover btw and the carnivore diet idea at first seemed very appealing to me, but it isn’t xD.

So, as a last resort thing, I started to eat the meat raw. Not chicken or pork, only raw beef and from 1 particular cut. It’s been 2 weeks since I started doing that, and so far I’m doing fine. I can finally sit and feel at peace that I’m not gonna suffer while eating. But of course my entire family freaked out and that was another headache xD.

I’m underweight at the moment, and this diet makes it difficult to gain weight it seems. Also, as I was disgusted by the diet, I had to cut the amount of meals I have in a day to 2, so that doesn’t help with weight gain either (I think, not sure about this). So yeah, been very miserable ever since I started the diet, low energy, feel shitty overall, and having to eat sticks of butter to meet my calorie and fat intake is not very pleasant. But I’m not stopping. I’m doing this for 6 months to see if there’s any improvement, and by then I’ll decide how to continue forward.

Even then, my journey will continue until I’m fully recovered. So I’ll be here for a while.

Oh, about exercise, I’m not sure about when to start. I definitely feel very weak at the moment, and with my current energy it would be tough. But I’m getting impatient seeing that every week my weight doesn’t really change much so I might as well start soon.

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