Premature ejaculation - a sympton of PFS?


Is it the same like mine? Please give some details Milando, thanks.


very similar but not the same. i need 20 sec to ejaculate lol

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This has been a persistent problem for me as well. Never dealt with it before PFS. Though earlier on when I was experiencing more severe symptoms related to ED, loss of sensitivity, low libido, I would use Viagra and would have a hard time achieving an ejaculation. Now I have moments of improved libido with some ED where I can’t keep from ejaculating, takes one minute (if I hold back). I can ejaculate even before achieving a full erection, sometimes can’t achieve one.

One note I’ll add is, when I’m in this very sensitive mode, if I do ejaculate, I’ll have better function the next day, and feel somewhat normal until it all comes back soon after. I wonder if anyone else experiences this? If I hold back and don’t ejaculate for a few days, my function is worse, ie, soft erection, premature, etc. That said, if I’m having an off week or so where my libido is dead, then ejaculating won’t help at all, just stays bad or worse. My body is still teetering after all this time.




Today i did sex with my gf. I came quickly again, feel so embarrassed. It’s a different feeling. It feels like there is a heaviness at the base of my penis and bladder area? This heaviness feeling makes me cum faster with short-lasting orgasms. But i don’t notice this too much when i masturbate. But in real sex, sorry for going graphic, the pounding of the bodies makes me cum so fast. It feels like i need to pee but instead i ejaculate and get an orgams.

Please, i know many guys here have the same problem, what is the explanation for this? I feel like it’s all about the prostate? Because we have low libido, it should not be related to hormones or androgens. This symptom is somehow physical. There is no orgasm threshold now, back then there was a line of intensity build-up to reach an orgasm. Remember you fasten up your hand motions just before orgasm while masturbating? The excitement and building up feeling just before climax? Yeah, that is somehow gone now.

In sex, if i go slowly i can last longer, thats good news but whenever i try to speed up i reach to orgasm in matter of SECONDS. If i try to a little speed up and please my gf with faster motions and rhythm, bam!.. i reach climax. Anyone have the exact feeling?

(Also, one last thing is when i don’t masturbate for 2 weeks or so, i can come without touching my penis! One day i just tried to lower down my hard erect penis with my hands with just a slight pressure. I mean i just played with my penis without actually masturbating. And the little pressure of trying to lower down of the penis, the tilting, made me cum. My pelvic floor muscles were hard and had a little pain, discomfort. This made me think that its really prostate related. Penis muscles tilts prostate to cum, right? Anyone knows the exaxt process?)

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unfortunately i dont know the reason for this but i have exactly the same. climax building is almost gone. and i come very quickly. with masturbation not better to be honest. what i also recognized is that i cant edge with watching porn anymore. before i could watch it hours and have enjoyed it. now its like 5 min a bit arousal , then its gone and the porn become boring.

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Any thoughts on why we get this symptom?

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