Low body temperature is a sign of hypothyroidism. My temperature is consistently lower than 98.6, often by degrees. I’ve decided to start tracking it.

There is a temperature graph recommended by stopthethyroidmadness.com to track your temperature average throughout the day. It can be a useful marker for those who are not ready to invest in the thyroid labs or simply cannot afford them. The graph is on the following website (see for additional info):

drrind.com/therapies/metabol … ture-graph


How to measure temperatures[/b]

Temperatures are measured orally. Make sure the thermometer is placed deep under the tongue. Take three temperatures approximately three hours apart, starting approximately three hours after waking up. For example, if one wakes up at 6 AM, measure temperatures around 9AM, 12 Noon, and 3 PM. Try to avoid taking temperatures after activity or eating and drinking for at least 20 minutes. Even climbing a flight of stairs can raise one’s temperature for short period of time. Taking one’s temperature several times in a row will yield temperatures that rise each time. This is usually due to the muscular activity of the tongue and mouth. So, take only one reading. I have found digital oral thermometers most appropriate for monitoring metabolism. There are many good models available. I have found the Lumiscope Digital Thermometer to be one of the most accurate for the price and use these with my patients. I do not recommend mercury thermometers because: they expose you and the environment to toxic mercury when they break; they are too slow; and, the accuracy depends on leaving them in your mouth the same length of time each time you measure. I do not recommend axillary temperatures because the axillae are relatively cooler and more variable in people with stressed adrenals. Ear thermometers are the least accurate of all.
How to plot the temperatures

Plot only the daily average on a graph. Write clearly, use black ink if possible (it copies and faxes better).
Instead of using a dot or ‘x’ in graph cell, use a number that reflects the number of temperatures you took that day. Thus, if you took three temperatures, write a 3 in the cell that reflects the average of those three temperatures. Or if you only took one temperature, write a 1 in the cell that reflects that one temperature.
Indicate on the chart, where appropriate, any meaningful events. For example, starting a new medication or supplement, changing a dose, illness, stress, “had a great day”, “felt tired…depressed today”, menses, “worked all night”, “slept more than usual” etc. These are very important when interpreting the graph. In cases where there is a change in temperature pattern, it is helpful to consider any possible events or changes in hindsight that may provide value in the interpretation.
Connect the numbers with a line. If you miss taking temperatures for a given day, do not run the line through that day. Simply stop and restart the line. Color highlighting makes the graph easier to analyze (see color sample).


It’s good this on here Martin. I suggested this to Mew a while back, that keeping track of our body temperature should be a separate thread of it’s own.

It’s a very inexpensive way to get a pretty good idea if you potentially have a thryoid problem. I did this for about 2.5 weeks and I saw consitent patterns to where it would only rise around noon time above 98.6, usually right after lunch. The it would decrease back down to at least a full percent below 98.6. If your mean average temperature is below 98.6, you have been given a strong sign that you may have a thyroid problem.

You can also use this as part of determining how close you are to recovered from thyroid problems. Your temperature should be above 98.6.

Why aren’t you guys tracking this? Everyone can afford to do this.

Monday 16 August 2010 nzst

Morning 35.7/96.26

Lunch 36.3/97.34

Afternoon 36.0/96.8

Evening 35.9/96.62

AVERAGE 35.97/96.75

Why aren’t people doing this? There could be a pattern here

If the body is running cold metabolic actions are slowed, some enzymes might not work properly or at all.
Im guessing that there is a pecking order in the body of what is first to go when you get cold and im thinking sexual function is one of the first to go.
Maybe our bodies were to cold to restart proper enzyme function post fin.
My temps are well down and i dont think they were 2 years ago cause i went to the doctor and he took my temp and he said “spot on”…spot on what 37/98.6…why else would he say spot on

I know nothing, maybe someone else knows more about this?

…just looked at anonn1s temps in tft thread and theyre colder than mine :open_mouth:

I think we need to chart this data instead of posting it into the thread given the amount of data and people who need to do this. IS EVERYONE FAMILIAR WITH GOOGLE DOCS? It’s a free version of excel/numbers online. With it we have the capability of seeing and charting the average of our temperature reads over a month. I re-created the temperature tracker on google and am happy to share it with anyone who wants to use it.

spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key … Ha0E&hl=en

You can also save it to your google account to work from there. This is an option for those who don’t have excel or numbers. If you do you can download the file in the original post or off of this link. Once you’ve input all the numbers you can export it to a pdf file and post it on this thread.

I haven’t been tracking temp here because its been over 100 degrees every day and up to 6.5 times the safe limit for CO2. it’s starting to cool off now into normal temperatures so I’ll begin tracking soon.

Please send me a pm if anyone has questions.

I would like to note that my temp has gone up.2 degrees after 2 weeks of iodine supps,and I am starting to get drastically improved sleep.

Are you doing anything else? And have you had any problems with over dosing? How did you find your optimal dose?

Actually im taking a thyro complex with all b viamins,selenium,iodine,and glands from 4 different organs.im taking 2-3 times the daily amount,and I do the patch test every nite.This morning I went up another .1 up,now I am waking up with a 97.3 temp up from 96.9.This is actually the 1st day I have reached this temp,I also got very strong wood last night and am able to sleep longer stretches without waking up.

There is an Iphone/Ipad app called BDmon - Body Temperature Monitor. It allows for customized grouping, tracking/graphing daily averages, and exporting to CSV format. I downloaded and have begun using it today.

What is the general pattern for those who are tracking their temp? Mine started really low today in the morning and has been gradually increasing, though still overall LOW:

10.00 - 96.5
13.00 - 97.2
16.30 - 97.2
20.00 - 97.6

I’m sick, so I’m not holding these readings with major relevancy, but what’s the daily pattern here? Start low raise high, or start high fall low?

I did this testing over the weekend and my temperature averaged approximately 97.7 over the three day period. The few higher readings were early/late evening. I usually did not get to 98 or above. One reading was 98.3 and at the time I was feeling very hot. In fact, my girlfriend told me I felt like I was burning up.

97 degree average so far but I still have a cold. I’ve noticed that my temperature has little indication on my internal thermometer. I’ve been cold (96.5) and felt ok (albeit with cold hands and feet), Been cool (97.6) and felt way overheated, and been briefly normal for 2 hours (98.6) and felt tops. I’m cold mornings, heat up toward afternoons, it holds until evenings, then get cold again before bed. Will post again after a full week of data.

EDIT: After a week’s worth of data my average is 97.2. I’ve gotten to 98 or above 3 times and as low as 95.9, oddly enough when I was feeling hot. The high temp I hit most often in the afternoon is about 97.6. Will update after another week.

Please use this thread to post temperature recording and thyroid level comments. Blood testing may be in the thyroid test post.

Here is how to measure body temperature by Dr. Mariano, and an additional comment on RT3

My body temperate is ranging from 35.4 oC up to 35.9oC.


Can more people do this please? You can buy a digital thermometer for cheap.

My results have remained as my original posts. Body temp is usually low but doesn’t reflect how I’m feeling.

My highest reading is 36.4oC. I seem to be averaging around 36 oC.

Is this very low?

Yes, that works out to almost 2 full degrees lower than would your body temperature should be. The bottom line is indicative that something is not right in your body.

The problem is most doctors don’t think a lowered body temperature is a problem. If your temp were 2 degrees higher and it was 100.6 then your doctor would think your sick. See the foolishness with this mind set.

I stopped tracking my temp. I tracked it for about a month and half writing down temps, how I felt on that day, what I did on that day, exericise, no exercise,etc. The bottom line is, I didn’t notice any parrells in terms of how I felt vs body temp. It didn’t seem to make any difference whether I slept better, had exercise, types of food I ate. My temps were still all over place and the days I had more energy or less energy did not seem to allign to body temperture.

35.5 oC this morning. However most of my readings are low 36oC’s but the fluctuations are strange?

I tested two of my brothers, both 36.9oC in their first go. I haven’t even got close to that number.

No, it doesn’t. Optimum is around 37oC or thereabouts.