Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate



Mine was in spam too. No big deal. I just finished mine. Thank you so much for this opportunity guys.


Happens on both Chome and Firefox on Mac (all software up to date).


Awesome job on the survey, hopefully this’ll help with scientific understanding of what’s gone wrong and ultimately, a treatment. I certainly would like to know how I’m still experiencing symptoms almost six months after taking only two doses of this nightmare “medication”.


I’m about to start it as well. Got a few pages in yesterday and didn’t have enough time to finish before it timed out

edit: never mind, it actually picked up where I left off. AWESOME!


Hmm, i don’t have a mac to repro this. How about Safari? Do you have access to a windows pc to check there?

Is anyone else experiencing this (clicking on mail link results in certificate error)?


I finished it. It seemed very thorough, tons of info. Hopefully it helps.


I haven’t received a survey yet.


Same after just 1 dose of isotretinoin.


Hi @trav, please make sure you have checked your spam folder thoroughly.


Havent received the survey either, would be happy to take the time to fill it out though.


Have you thoroughly checked your spam folder, @pvdl? The email is entitled “Invitation to participate in a Post-Drug Syndrome Survey”. Please search your emails for this string if you can’t see it. If you still cant, do you recall unsubscribing from our emails at any time?


Yes I have checked the spam folder and I have just done the requested search. Maybe I have unsubscribed from email notifications. How do I change that?


Please see this answer in the FAQ in order to resubscribe to communications.


My brother has not received the survey either despite receiving various emails from this website. Btw: I have resubscribed to and they said I will get a notification email to complete the process. Havent received anything yet though.


Sent you guys a pm to follow this up


I havent received the survey either. Also checked my spam folder


Hi @Ice - could you please check again later and let me know if you havent received an invite 6 hours from now? As you have not been very active since the relaunch the system may have just picked up on you and may have queued you for an invite since your last post. Thanks.


Absolutely, thanks!


Hey axo,

I have received the survey invitation just now. Thanks for your efforts.


Excellent, thanks for your time filling it out.