Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate

I think once we’ve got our participant badges, it’ll be a lot easier to motivate those who haven’t taken the survey to do so. :slight_smile:


Very much so. There will be a visible blue tick at the bottom of avatars. However, as a more easy reference, users will simply be able to view the following group (currently empty). Once this is operational, if a user isn’t in the group, it means they haven’t completed the survey. Easy.

I spent the past weekend working very hard with a programmer, and in addition to completely refactoring the existing under-the-hood system to get ready for the therapeutic records and test result surveys, he’s devised a system to place all completed survey participants in this group. Unfortunately he and I are busy at the moment as is @awor, so we need to coordinate some time to get stuff implemented. This might be a couple of weeks but we are working on it.

Also FYI guys, from hereon out try and keep this thread focused on questions about the survey or the FAQ as it’s long enough as is. Ideas and motivation stuff can be put in a new or existing thread. Thanks, and thanks so much to those encouraging people to keep taking it - it makes a practical difference. People have thanked us (and community members) for reminders quite often. It helps! :slight_smile:


I just joined here is there a way for me to complete the Accutane survey yet or does my account need to be active for a few months?


Hi @Alex_Jaramillo, thank you. Please see the following explanation:

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Hello, may I please be invited to partake in the survey? Thank you very much!


Hi, thanks for joining the forum.
Please check out this post.


Just submitted my survey. Best of luck to everyone


@Greek @axolotl

along with the participation badge, i suggest a “pop-up” for users that have no completed the survey, along with some text that compels them to finish it.

It would serve as a reminder EVERYTIME they login, and it would take less effort than tagging them.

I also want to look into incentive’s to motivate participation from facebook groups. Ive already recommended like a $100 gift card to a random winner, but there are so many ideas we can come up with if that doesnt work— FYI however based on my research I see no conflict.

At the very least I do strongly recommend looking into a popup reminder for users that haven’t filled out the surveys. that would optimize out of the people we currently have.

can anyone comment on this post? @Dubya_B @awor @Northern_Star

sorry to bother you guys, i know how busy mods are, but i genuinely think my inputs should be considered to expedite our process.

Hi @Lakehouse,

Firstly, thanks for the thoughts. Yes, sadly we’re always swamped…Hopefully I’ll have more goods to show for my relative quiet soon.

The development work has been extremely time consuming - thousands of hours - and we just don’t have the resources. The development has been undertaken by myself, @awor and a personal friend, and his expertise and expended effort would cost well into five digits. My friend is very busy with his work and more work is not really going to be feasible unless strictly necessary. They have had more work to do on the extra systems that are launching soon (later than planned) because additional development was required. To do this we would need money to pay another developer, and it would be hundreds at least.

As those who have completed the survey will have a small tick on the bottom corner of their avatar, it should be easy for the group to identify people who have not completed it and thus remind them. I would suggest users make a templated message to PM users with to save time.

Although it is only pilot data, such incentives could raise questions regarding the quality of the data and we cannot offer them. The benefits of standardised data and the volume of the dataset (which is already a large cohort) should be enough motivation, one would hope. I would additionally be concerned about patients offering them as considering it would not be solely to people already invited, and encompass people signing up, anyone signing up would have the offer of possible monetary recompense. This would raise a real risk of non-patients seeking inclusion, so any user-driven incentive would have to come up with a way for this to be limited to already registered users.


Okay makes sense regarding the incentives.

As for the small tick, I believe that’s a great idea, however my assumption is that 80% of the users on this site are lurkers-- correct me if im wrong. Most people dont post imo and observation.

The popups that would manually require them to take an action (to either complete survey or close out the pop up), would be good to efficiently increase the completions.

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We must find that balance of advertising the survey without being overly aggresive to the point of annoyance though.

I think the badge will be adequate.

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true, but imo these assumptions that we make without testing are mistakes.

i know axo is working overtime with awor and others (very much appreciated), but if we can at least try the pop ups for a month to see how it works, would be great, before just completely dismissing it

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I’m not going to speak for the rest of the moderators and admins. I don’t know how to make popups appear but I’d like to try it for a month too.

The problem we have here, is not the idea it’s that we need help implementing it. Most of our programming work is done as a favour. We don’t have money to pay someone.

If you’re a programmer, please make yourself known, we could use your skills.


To be clear I am not saying this idea is poor or it would not be helpful to have - I am saying it isn’t possible with the resources we have. If you are a ruby and frontend developer we’ll certainly be happy to work with you to implement it. Otherwise this feature alone would likely cost in excess of a thousand. This entire site is financially and technically dependent on Awor and secondarily myself - something I think is easy to take for granted. We do our best, but there’s no big institution out there supporting us. Far from it. These things cost skills and money we do not have, so unless one of those two is donated to the issue - like everything you see has been - this can’t happen currently.


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I see, understood now.

Let me see how I can solve this human resource problem.

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I would like to participate in the survey, but when I click the button it gives me error 500. Is it because I am not invited? Thanks in advance


Hi @nw0ordeath, thanks - you should be able to access it within about half an hour. Best


Hello! I would like to take the survey


Welcome and thank you for your support with our Survey!

Please see here for instructions: Have you signed up to take the post drug syndrome survey? This topic is for you