Post Accutane Syndrome Scientific Treatment

Hi guys,
a friend of ours recovered from his sexual problems with mifepristone. the article he is based on is very remarkable. In this article, rats are given isotretionine. Rats with impaired HPA axis and depressive behavior are selected. Affected rats are given mifepristone and the damage appears to be reversed and the rats fully recovered. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“the Retinoic Acid -induced HPA hyperactivity, CRH overexpression and disturbances in GR negative feedback could all be quickly normalized by treatment with the GR antagonist mifepristone.”

full article:

This article is revolutionary for PAS patients. Please read the entire. I am waiting for your comments


Dude you really need to use the search function in this forum…

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God forbid someone actually repost something scientific for discussion rather than the same crazy herbal home witch doctor remedies that have never worked for 15 years.

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What dose of mifepristone did he take and for how long?

Did he have high cortisol?

“The glucocorticoid receptor (GR, or GCR) also known as NR3C1 (nuclear receptor subfamily 3, group C, member 1) is the receptor to which cortisol and other glucocorticoids bind.“

Paper refers to cases with high cortisol too.

Have you tried, I can try this?
Deneyen var mı ve kim bu iyileşen kişi? Türk mü?

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@Ronnie99 Did recover, his mental symptoms came back after 6 months but sexual symptoms cured.

I wonder if it could work for PFS.

took 700 mg per day for 7 days. here is link
it can work for pfs too. We haven’t seen an article like this before. this article have 23 citation. so an important article

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I have tried mifepristone. But it was at low doses. I think i cut a 250mg pill into 5 pieces and had 1 per day.

There was no effect.

This is to publish my experience. I tick all the symptoms for PAS too.

Although, afaik mifepristone shouldnt have major side effects and this guy only took it for 7 days so if someone wants to tick this off their list this should be pretty easy to try.

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I just scrolled over the article and it seems well thought out. Will read in detail in the evening.

I wonder why it didnt work at all for me. Was it the dosage or is it another red herring

Btw, ronnie posted here too and unfortunately he regressed after 6 months. Perhaps some cycling is in order @Ronnie99?

Did you take anything during your course of mifepristone?

Nothing else

your dose is too low. ronnie was taking 700mg per day and improvement came after 2 weeks.

It was the closest I ever got to pre PAS, it should also work for PFS I beleive. I did regress with some depression, lethargy and no motivation, but interestingly what I still feel is my sexual improvements stayed, more libido, harder erections and pretty horny around woman.

Yes after couple weeks I started to really notice, becuase after a week after my last dose I said to myself this didnt work, but a week later I said hang on and the improvements just increased.

I beleive your dosage was to low, you need a adequate amount, and per some other articles 7 days at 700mg will do the job I beleive.

I took 700mg for 7 days straight.

Yes my dose was certainly very low compared to yours. The reasoning was that women themselves take 200mg per day. I took a fifth of that.

Can you describe how exactly your improvements manifested? Did you have anhedonia? I have complete loss of every emotion, dunno if thats anhedonia or even worse. Did you have that?

And when it started improving, did you actually feel emotions coming back? If so, thats the most amazing thing mate. I cant even imagine how that would feel rn hehe.

What about music, love towards parents, friends and visual libido etc.

Would this work for PFS? And isn’t mifepristone used for abortions? Would that be safe for men?