Possible Cure -helped me dramatically please read(Jesus is Lord)

This :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: you nailed it bro. T:E2 is an important milestone to one’s recovery. The standard assay is known to overestimate E2 value since it’s meant for women (Their E2 run as high as 350 pg/ml). My E2 used to turn out 11pg/ml on standard test and describing my feeling as horrible is understatement! I think it was as low as a single digit. Too bad, there’s no sensitive test where I live :pensive: DHEA may help those with low DHEA-s & E2 but one should not overdo DHEA because that may throw Cortisol out of balance, which also sucks big time.

Keep us posted, oyyboychad35!

Did you have genital numbness, and to what degree? and how is it now?

p.s. i wish we had a signature/user title that would abbreviate our history/symptoms so you can see who is the same case as you.

What’s ur T level now ?
Total T ?

I am really interested in this Dhea protocol. I feel like my dhea is less but I can’t check it here. Did anyone else had success with dhea?

Hello What do you eat LazarusRy?

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Prior to full blown fin I ate salad, veg, fruit by the bucket full along with lean protein such as fish and chicken. I developed many food intolerences and now live on predominantly red meat potatoes and gluten free.

This condition is really bizarre, one cures himself with this and one with this and that. This condition must be probably the biggest mystery in the medical world.
My dhea bloodwork was pretty high last time i checked. Is it still ok to try it? @oyyboychad35 How are you doing? Which sexual sides went away?

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Ive posted this a few times before and just posted a reply to another thread a few minutes ago and I’ll post it here also.

I personally linked my PFS to low estrogen years ago and cured it with TRT. I’m not promoting trt but for me under proper guidance it worked. Took over a year to get everything dialed in but I’m fine now. There are other options other than Trt/testosterone but for me I just take a lot of testosterone which raises my E2 and I feel normal again. I’ve been here for over 5 years and I’m becoming more and more certain that people are having similar issues with estrogen.

I know some have failed on trt but Go google “low estrogen symptoms” and it’s all the hallmarks of PFS. Above the original poster talks of feeling cold all the time. Yup huge low estrogen symptom. You can also have hot flashes too. Low estrogen makes your cock feel numb or even missing… another Classic PFS symptom. Orgasms have little pleasure… another low estrogen symptom. Life has little pleasure. These are all huge red flags for estrogen issues. Most men think sex is all about testosterone. It is not! Sex and the good feelings that come along with it requires proper estrogen. If you go to any body building site where people are abusing steroids you will find that estrogen is the root of everything to do with sexual pleasure because people screw up their e2 all the time. Testosterone is just additional fuel. Injecting a ton of testosterone will drive up your libido briefly but it will eventually flatline. My belief is that fin screwed up my estrogen receptors or something to do with estrogen in my body.

Personally I stay away from anti estrogens wich bring my PFS back for weeks on end. I see a lot of people playing with anti estrogen medications all the time in here and believe it makes you worse. I have posted this many times. I discovered my problem after seeing many Drs and finally having an ultra sensitive estrogen test. This is different from a normal E2 test. It made perfect sense as the only time I felt marginally better was when I took things that increased estrogen. I also noticed I would be marginally better after long nights out with friends drinking beer which increases estrogen. Normal estrogen tests most doctors give are not sensitive enough for men. Go to any trt forum (I.e t-nation) and search for estrogen and you will have 100s of men on Trt who screwed up their estrogen temporarily complaining of the same exact symptoms we had after finasteride. Just for fun go read through the forums and see how many people accidentally screw up their estrogen and all the issues they have. I once lowered it to almost zero with too much anastrizol and it took 6 weeks to recover. Most will tell you that low estrogen is as bad as death itself.

My estrogen test using the cheap “normal” test Doctors give women Always showed as normal And my doctors told me I was fine but My ultra sensitive Test always showed under 15 which is crazy low. Anything under 20 will give you every PFS symptom listed on this site. Eye issues, lifelessness, dry skin, my joints popped, depression, a dick that doesn’t feel real. It made my cock cold and lifeless and tiny among a bunch of other problems that everyone with PFS has. I live in New York City and see one of the few specialists in PFS here. I’ve been told Low estrogen is a commonly mis diagnosed issue with men. Doctors just don’t normally test for low estrogen in men. Low estrogen in men is just not properly studied. High estrogen is a common problem which the standard test finds easily. They give you the standard estradiol test sometimes but that test is just NOT made for men.

I know Everyone is different but that was my cure along with gym daily. Many people here have dabbled with testosterone but I’m sure many also used anastrizole along with the testosterone. Most men who fail on trt with PFS have failed because they took AI’s like anastrizole (again not pumping trt but just saying. There are other treatments for low E2 like HCG which men take to be more fertile) … I still have issues from time to time but it’s always my crazy estrogen when I check my blood with testing … took me over 4 or 5 fu$&&@ years and 5 doctors for one Single doctor to give me the ultra sensitive test I needed. If you go to most doctors and tell them you have all these PFS symptoms they will run the classic tests and tell you nothing looks wrong. If you go to any body building forum where people are either on trt or using steroids (Who always screw up their hormones) ask for help without using the word PFS. They will always ask for Specific tests which many doctors don’t normally run such as an ultra sensitive E2 test. You would be amazed at how many people over the years have screwed up their hormonal systems using steroids. I don’t think People taking fin and other things on this site that screwed us up are any different. We have taken meds that have screwed up the hormonal axis. The difference is those people who abused steroids have figured out how to also fix a lot of these issues after abusing steroids for 50 years.

I also Searched google for dhea and estrogen For shits and giggles … the first result is about dhea activating estrogen receptors. I’m not recommending anyone rush out to take dhea. I tried dhea and it only marginally helped years ago. I am recommending everyone ask their doctor to run a damn ultra sensitive estrogen test at your next blood draw before you cram a lot of supplements down your throat. Ive had 30 or 40 conversations on this site and it’s shocking how many people show up here without even the most basic blood tests let alone some more advanced that are fairly easy to get (if you are in the US). You can go to quest diagnostics and pay very little out of pocket for tests your doctor just won’t run normally

If your taking anything that lowers estrogen then stop. Just my 2 cents…


Thanks for that post @Cornwellsb - very insightful!
Unfortunately it seems that many guys trying TRT haven’t benefited, even when not taking Anastrozole. So I wonder why it has benefited you so greatly but not other sufferers.

It was not an overnight cure. I had lots of problems. Some doctors wanted me to take too much T some too little. An AI is standard protocol for some doctors. Some docs only wanted an injection every 1 or 2 weeks which was horrible. If I inject 100mg a week my estrogen does not Go up enough. I have to inject 150mg. Some wanted hcg added … some didn’t.

Testosterone is not a magic pill that works overnight and In fact of you change your dosage Or protocol you have to wait over 6 weeks just to see how you feel because of steady state and how small changes make things fluctuate. Most don’t want to mess with this for 6 months and have blood tests once a month to get “dialed in”. I know my issue is estrogen and I’ve had to adjust my protocol many many times. … I inject into my fat (subQ) every other day. I have a friend at work with low T (under 300 and nothing related to PFS). He tried testosterone for 6 weeks and quit because he said it didn’t work. That’s just not long enough.

again I’m not hete to promote trt for everyone. I know it’s not for everyone but if you know the estrogen is causing this then you can attack this different ways.

I’m no doctor and can’t claim this is the same issue for everyone but it makes so much logical sense. I’m at least 100% it was my issue as getting my testosterone to estrogen ratio makes me immediately normal. I’m sure people here may have perfect estrogen with PFS but I’ve been asking people what their ultra sensitive e2 test results were And no one has ever had it tested yet. Most have not even had a normal estrogen test. Again if you pop in to any trt forum, they all have thus test. It’s just standard protocol


What were your symptoms? Have you fixed your hpta with 1- year TRT and you are now off TRT?

I wonder if I really have pfs/pssd didn’t even get all these nasty symptoms u til I crashed my estrogen on trt 10 weeks ago now my emotions are dead! I never had adhenioa like this in my life appetite completely gone! Excersize size make me crash now! Dhea only worked when I had high estrogen gave me world of energy and agression no libido though no I’m stuck with low estrogen cause I’m injection Ed gonna get some hcg
And see how that goes!

And wow man trt is extremely hard to dial in u need to stay on top of it u can’t get lazy! Even injections sub c one day and im the next can throw of balance and create high and low and u never get results!

It’s always best to inject ed no ai!
Armidex and aromasin can cause libido loss on its own!

I struggled with e2 for months said fuck it started injection Ed and raised my dose from 100 mg to 250 mg don’t even need ai now and struggle with low e2! From all the dht conversion killing my e2

I have been on trt for 3 years. It took about 6 months or longer and trial and error to feel well but I’ve had A lot of ups and downs and made mistakes. I’ve wrecked my estrogen many times. There are quite a few online clinics that make you get blood tests and then prescribe you testosterone and a host of other things like HCG wich they ship you. If you are under 400-420ish you can be prescribed it. My initial problem was most doctors immediately want to put you on an estrogen blocker and HCG which screwed me up for a long time. If you ever decide to do trt go with the injections and start with T only first. Then slowly add in other things. I’ve spent years refining my protocol until i learned that injecting lower doses and more often is better for me. I create a repeating calendar event to remind me. I preload a few months of syringes and every other day I inject into my belly fat with testosterone. Easy as pie and I actually look forward to it because I know it makes me feel good. I’m like a horny 16 yo now … I’m crazy! For many years I never woke up with a morning erection … this is how I gauge my levels now based on my morning erection. (On a side note Im 46 and also take daily 5mg cialis I order online … trt fixed my ED for the most part but sometimes I still have issues. The cialis fixes me right up)

My symptoms before trt were I felt dead to the world. I was always exhausted, weird eye issues, bright lights sucked. Libido issues. Horrible ED. My penis always felt cold and acted as if it wanted to crawl up inside me. My cock felt like it was not there. I was constantly grabbed my dick because it felt so weird. My dick also was very tiny and didn’t hang like normal as if there was no blood flow. I was constantly too cold or too hot. Dry skin. Blurry eyes and joints popped. Moody. Quick tempered. I forced myself to go to the gym daily and I could not put on muscle or lose weight no matter what I tried.

Is this a typo or do you literally inject yourself with coffee?

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Have your balls shrunk further on TRT?

No mines haven’t even without hcg!

Typo … auto correct haha


I use HCG every once in a while just to keep them going