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Scary erections would perhaps be a more apt title.

Sometimes when I wake up, I have a strange erection. It is narrow, very hard and is a little curved.

I mention this because I have seen other people talk about the same thing. I find these erections extremely alarming and have thought that it must mean my penis has shrunk, is completely full (because of the hardness) and that I have Peyronie’s disease (because of the curve).

Today after waking like that and then reading some topics here, I wanted to check myself so I got myself up and found that within an hour of the weird erection my erection was not thin, was not curved and felt more fleshy (as things always were before this).

I know everyone is worried about physical effects in this area so I have created this post with the intention of easing some of that concern.

I have no idea how the two erections can be so different within an hour of each other but that was my experience. If you’re worried that you’ve suffered a permanent physical change (and I would be had I only had the thinner, harder erection) then I’d say it’s possible that you haven’t, based on my experience today.

I hope that helps.


Thanks Greek - defo reassuring. That’s one of the things I seem to worry about the least. Chi, CD and a few others who recovered said that all came back ok in the end.

Good news for anybody fretting.


Hi Greek,

I’m new here :slight_smile:

Thats really great news. I’m happy for you :wink:


Greek, I too have both kinds of erections. The narrow hard and curved type and the fleshy, wide and more straight kind. Absolutely fascinating to hear what I experience described so aptly.

When I make my temporary recoveries it returns to it’s pre-PFS morphology. This is interesting. It’s almost as though certain nerves are activating which allow differing levels of blood to fill different areas of the penis.
If we describe the two states as as ‘thin’ and ‘wide’ respectively, it’s almost as though the penis structure is allowing more of itself to fill with blood in the ‘wide’ state. This straightens out the penis, as it provides structure around the periphery of the urethra (or so I hypothesise).
When the penis doesn’t have these supporting blood vessels,namely in the ‘thin’ state, it curves upwards due to the lack of reinforcement. It’s hard around the inner core but the outer core is almost as though it’s a balloon which hasn’t been inflated.

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That’s a good description. I hadn’t really had a good idea of how to describe it but an inner and outer core would make sense. It is as though only the inner core fills with the “thin” erection, I agree.


The mystery is what causes this?


Well. I just wanted to document, not explain (obviously we don’t know) but I assume it’s something to do with stages of arousal? The nocturnal “maintenance” erection will be triggered without mental stimulation (sexual thoughts and feelings) while the normal erection requires it. Perhaps there’s a connection.


Would you say this is the often-mentioned “hourglass” erection?


Not me, no. I’m not sure what might be going on, but I assume it’s possible that it’s also part of a process of certain parts filling while others don’t.

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I sometimes experience a reverse hourglass shape, where the bottom is thick but the head isn’t inflated, sort of forming a rough cone shape. Definitely a result of differential inflation of different parts of the penis.


Yeah I experienced something like this too.


circulation issue. I had this too for a while. It’s possible it has something to do with androgen receptors, but I noticed mine improved after improving circulatory health


Possibly, though I haven’t had any other issues associated with poor circulation.


That’s so fucking bizarre! This phenomenon happens to me all the time. It’s so fucking odd, I need to know what is going on in our bodies.