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I want to check how the age affects the recovery progress

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I’m 19. I can’t comment with regards to recovery but pfs appears to affect the younger population more than the older one.


I was 25 when I used fin for 45 days developed pfs. now I’m 32 , have all sexual side effects without any improvement.

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I hope you are aware that this poll won’t answer your question.


You need the right treatment, you need to find out which. There are people who consume for years and keep fucking well.

Maybe younger people have more testosterone, so it means higher strogens levels due the aromatizacion when testosterone can not convert to DHT. High levels of estrogen are very harmful.


Took accutane when I was 19 I think. I am 26 now and never recovered except for brief moments.

I crashed five days after my 18th birthday. Probably the youngest on this site. Unimaginable how only two pills can cause all this shit. My dumbass even knew about PFS but my doctor convinced that in her 20+ years she had never seen one case.

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I was nearly 30 when I took my first pill and stopped when I was around 36 had sexual side effects straight away was told don’t worry all will come good in a couple of months but it never did and was then told if I stop my hair will shed and so given the choice of take viagra or lose my hair. Eventually the sides got too bad I stopped the drug thinking things would be fine in time.
I’m 44 now and fuck all has changed the side effects have stayed with me all this time.
Prior to Finasteride i was 100% fine never had a problem in my life but since finasteride i get zero spontaneous errections zero nocturnal errections zero errections full stop without the use of viagra .
It’s must be the world’s most AMAZING conincudence that this all happened at the time of taking finasteride or do you think it was Finasteride that actually caused this .
I know exactly where i place my bets


Only option is have a feeding with all the nutrients and avoid any harmful habit

I’m 27, used for 5 months have mild sexual side effects which started 8 months after quitting.

Been a month now still living with the sides

27 I have PFS from 6 months.

Any improvement during 6 months ??? Or is it same?

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35 here, 1 year and 9 months of PFS…


No improvement my friend, only worse,

same here. only improvement is in my ability to cope with this


took dutasteride for 3 months when i was 21, hit rock bottom am 24 now with improvement

Oh no guys, this is depressing… I know it’s unfair to have to deal with this for so long…

Shit!! Some times maybe it’ll take like 5 years?

I´m sure that the prostate size is the responsible to mantain erection, I feel that shrunk prostate trigger a venous leak. Good news is the prostate grows over the years producing more dht, you only need time. I can have a permanent erection lying and standing but I need force the prostate and pelvic muscles but its ok, its better than 1 year ago and 2 years ago.

Regardless of a million supplement protocols and hormone drugs zero improvements on the sexual issues in years.