POLL: How old are you?


I have seen many people who have been consuming finasteride for years and they do not experience any sexual deterioration, so there must be a solution (more people than pfs victims)


Yes there has to be a solution i can’t understand why things have taken so long i use to lurk this forum for years prior to joining.
Ive seen countless guys post here that suffer with sexual dysfunction complete impotence low libido numb penis shrunken penis smaller testicles you name it some say they have been this way for 10 years but one day they suddenly stop coming back here ?
I don’t get it unless they found a solution …
I can’t wait to go see a urologist get to the bottom of all this i will come back and give answers .


I believe that faster solution is hormonal, the reverse effect than finasteride. Finasteride causes a hormonal imbalance which do you need reverse in opposite way.


Any ideas on how to do that ??


I tried buy Proviron (mesterolone) = DHT, but there is not in spanish pharmacies