Pokertje HCG log

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I too have started the HCG protocol.
I will be doing it exactly like joe kool did.
I took my first injection today.
Will keep you updated, but I think this will take time so don’t expect an update every week. Like Joe said you’ll probably start feeling something at week 10 because it’s such a low dose.

Update 1:
So here is my first update about my HCG experience, I’m like 4 or 5 injections in so far and these are the things I noticed.
1.: The day after my first injection my testicles got bigger, this is staying for as long the HCG is in my body. I noticed that the second day after an injection my testicles are getting smaller again.
But there is a BIG difference in testicle size now, It’s to the point I’m wondering if they are not too big… Or at least 1 testicle is, the other one is still a lot smaller (but also bigger than before)…
2.: It’s like I have a bit more pain in my testicles now. (when there is pain).
3.: Maybe a slight increase in erection quality, but to small to really call it an improvement.

So that’s about it so far, it has done nothing for me yet libidowise or otherwise. I’m really hoping this works because I really don’t like (giving myself) injections.

@Joekool Can you elaborate on your first (couple) injections? Did you have a similair experience?

As always I’ll keep you guys updated on any (big) changes.



Good luck, I hope for the best for you :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed my dude!

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Good luck man! Remember to accurately dose your 250iu. You have to squirt and waste some of your HCG because you have to get rid of the air bubbles inside the syringe, so the last dose on the vial could be less than expected and you may have to add more to compensate the loss.

Best method is adding 6ml of bacteriostatic water and then mixing it with 1500iu of powder Hcg. This way each 1ml will be equal to 250iu. Full load of an insuline syringe. I personally use the stomach area on injections.

Some tips: Eat healthy, eat anti- estrogen vegetables. Sleep on strict schedules, at least 8 hours of sleep. Exercise, meditate. No porn, no masturbation. You can also take Vitamin D and Magnesium. Use low dose Cabergoline if your Prolactin is high. And believe that you can heal yourself.

Hope for the best!

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Good luck! Keep us posted.

I have an update for you guys, pls see above.


I truly didn’t notice much very early including no noticeable improvements in genitals. After my first vial was through, I noted in my notepad that I now realize my testicles had been tight for less time during the day (in other words, they were beginning to loosen up but I still had tightened sessions during weeks 5 to 10)

Then I still note my week 10 was the first eye opening change as measurements were improving and tightness was less of an issue.

I still want ppl to note everyone is starting from a different point so please don’t go by my exact time frame and please don’t quit if it’s not exactly matching up. In fact, if you’re seeing results earlier than I did, I would say it’s a better sign than my starting point. I’m excited for you ! Many have seen positive improvements

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Do you know what your gonadotropin levels were prior? Any measurements at all?

You mean the LH and FSH levels? Yeah I should have it somewhere (It was tested like 1.5 years ago). Why?

It might correlate with your quick testicular response.

Sorry if this seems unrelated pokertje, but i wanted to write this here. It may help you too.
So as you know im also on HCG and started to do some prostate massages to myself, yeah not a good thing to imagine, i know.

But it kinda helps and relieves the prostate. My urine stream seems better and there is a little bit of that old burning feeling on my penis tip coming back. My god, i don’t even remember what have i lost!!

And it actually made me to understand my body much better, we think as if our prostate ( the root issue, mainly) as if a hidden body part inside of us, like an unreachable part in our body… but it is not. Its just there… you can feel it in second. Lol! Western society after Descartes seperated the mind from body, this whole perspective fits very wrongly for our condition. We live too much in our heads and forget what we are truly are made of.

Anyways, i realized how numb it is, normal people tend to feel huge sensivity when you push the prostate with your finger, even mind- blowing orgasms, some people actually masturbate like that, on me, even with great force, there was just a slight sensation there.

This explains everything we experience. Enlarged and inflamed prostate= narrows down the bladder canal, damages the nerves around, shrinks our penises, restricts bloodflow, makes our orgasms numb, makes us lose the sensitivity of the penis, low semen volume, weak urine due to bladder canal, everything. This information is also confirmed by my Urologist who gave me the prostate theraphy in the first place.

So, if you want, google how to do it yourself, its not that hard, and see whats going on down there, for me there was just a slight feeling. Healthy people tend to uncontrollably excrete excess prostate fluid when it got touched like that… So that was an interesting experience for me and i would def. combine this theraphy along with my hormonal approach.

Good luck on your HCG, trust the process bro!

Except it’s been shown that PFS suffers don’t have enlarged prostates.

How long have you been on hcg and have you got any lasting improvement?

Really? But i have it, it is known that low androgens actually enlarge the prostate. The general thought was the vice versa of it, but new research suggests the otherwise. Watch the video JoeKool shared, that Polish doc explains this very shift of paradigm in medical knowledge. Im not sure though.

@Lostinaustin Increased libido for now, nothing drastic yet. Its been 35 days i think. I started on Januray 20. Semen seemed a little whiter few times. Other than that no changes. HCG takes some time to show itself.

I am not sure if my case is normal or not, but any prostate stimulation results in a complete crash for me bringing back symptoms such as severe testicular pain, loss of orgasm feeling, difficulty with maintaining erections, and numbness as well as my mood and emotion have a complete swing. These symptoms usually last around 2 months before I recover to a “baseline”

@pokertje how are you doing?

@devils342 Well could be better you know, dealing with some personal stuff at the moment. My girlfriend broke up with me last week so I was and still am kindda down.
It has made me realize I rlly rlly wat to be better again, so I’m searching every day for a new theory/protocol/cure.
Also I’m much less scared now for trying new things, as you know right now I’m doing the 250IU hcg protocol as Joe did Mo/Wed/Fri.
I really hope this is going to work so that I don’t have to try other things, for now the only thing I notice is bigger testicles on the day of injection and half a day after. But at the weekend (on sunday) my balls shrink again. Also on the day of injection I feel a little bit of an improvement in libido and erection quality. But it’s so small that I need longer to tell if it’s working.
I spoke to Joe and I decided that I will do this for the next half year and if this doesn’t work I’ll follow it up with a big dose of HCG (like bodybuilders do). If that doesn’t work there are a couple things I’m gonna try.
-Progesterone cream
-Maybe mifepristone (not sure about is)

So yeah… that’s about it.


Hej guys,

So I haven’t updated you in a while on my progress so here it is.
I have done 8 or 9 weeks of 250IU HCG 3 times a week, I noticed some minor gyno (fat build up on breast) but it went away a bit the next day so I didn’t really care.
About two weeks ago I talked to @Joekool and we decided to increase my dose from 250IU to 400IU.
So this mondaymorning I injected 400IU, in the afternoon and in the evening I noticed a lot of fat build up on the breast, in fact it was such a quantity that I freaked out and took half a pill 0.5mg arimidex that I once bought bt never really used.
Luckily the gyno went away for the most part on tuesday, in the evening I jerked off and noticed that my erection quality was a bit better.
Wednesday would be my next hcg shot but I have decided to stop for now and give a a couple weeks rest before I try something stupid again (which will be TRT probably :D).
Now here is the kicker, today (a couple hours ago) I race cycled 40 km with wind against me, and as I lay here in bed and write this I notice that my gyno (breast fat) has become a bit more again.
So can I conclude that my problem would be estrogen related? taht if I increase my T and as such increase my E my gyno comes up?
And if so what would be the problem in my case? Have I become more sensitive to estrogen? Do I need to lower my E for a long period of time to get better?
What do you guys think?


I would say that yes, overwhelmingly the most likely explanation is that your estrogen was borderline prior to HCG stimulation and that even with this very low dose you’re getting enough aromatization to begin to develop breast tissue. It sounds like you don’t have any lab work to prove it though and are doing this on your own.

My understanding of this comes from YouTube…it is what it is…but I believe that a well-structured TRT protocol can manage aromatization in a way that HCG mono therapy cannot, even without the use of AIs, though they may be required.

If you are overweight (body fat >20%), you might explore weight loss to manage estrogen. If not…you could be stuck.

In my non-professional opinion I think waiting a couple of weeks before trying HCG again is a good idea. Maybe the HCG only causes gyno for a few days and then just goes away on its own. So maybe even after 6 months on it, if it normalizes testosterone and increases estrogen but you have to wait a few days for that estrogen to go back down to a normal level. That is just a thought, take it with a grain of salt because I am no expert in this field. However I think your idea of a 2 week break is a good idea and could shed some light on what happens to one’s estrogen levels after one stops HCG