Podcast back on...

I just noticed that the PFS Global Support podcast is back up and running.

But someone named Amir Karkouti – another PFS patient – has taken over for Adam Held:

blogtalkradio.com/pfsglobal/ … -stories-2

In any case, good to see it the show is back. Be sure to check it out. And of course contact Amir if you’d like to appear.

Good work Ben and Amir

Also saw that Amir’s co-host on the podcast is Ben King:

blogtalkradio.com/pfsglobal/ … fs-stories

I think that’s the same Ben King who went public with his story last year in the British newspaper The World:

sundayworld.com/entertainmen … me-breasts

If so, nice going!

Happy to see him now have a regular weekly outlet for his awareness efforts.

Again, be sure to tune into his show here:

blogtalkradio.com/pfsglobal/ … fs-stories

Just listened to Amir’s second podcast. His guest is a PFS patient who hit bottom about 2 years ago, winding up in jail, losing his wife, and so on. But now, through an intriguing protocol, got 90% better:

www.blogtalkradio.com/pfsglobal/2015/08 … -davis.mp3

Definitely worth listening.

Also note that Amir says next week he will have Dr. Irwin Goldstien on the show.

Be sure to tune in for that.

OK, just saw that Dr. Irwin Goldstein appeared as a guest on Amir’s radio show:

blogtalkradio.com/pfsglobal/ … behind-pfs

And I just listened to it.

This is by far the best, most thorough clinical discussion of PFS I have ever heard.

He also offers to come back on a regular basis to diagnose specific patients.

Needless to say, everyone must listen.

Interesting interview with Dr Goldstein. The way he explains how Finasteride works he seems to be suggesting that everyone who takes it will be damaged by the drug because Finasteride is not a reversible inhibitor and it “destroys” the 5α Enzyme.

Are his takes on the enzyme supported by researchers?

Not sure, but Goldstein says on the show that he’s willing to come back on and talk to patients one on one. So you should try contacting Amir like he says on his show page:

If you’d like to appear as a guest on this show, or speak with Amir offline, please email: pfsglobalradio@gmail.com.

A bit scary what hes saying. What i dont understand is why some people recover rather quickly if their enzymes are destroyed. Also how is it possible that when i stopped finasteride i first went hypersexual and then libido dissapeared.

Goldstein’s claim cant be disputed, but there is no reason at this point to believe he is right.

Just listened to another interesting podcast from Amir. This one an interview with a guy who (believe it or not) got PFS from talking saw palmetto ONLY:


In case, tune in and decide for yourself.

Well, the Saw Palmetto guy in episode 33 seems totally believable. I don’t know why that would be a problem.

I’m more worried about episode 31 with a member called ‘towm8er’, one of the least trustworthy forum members (in my opinion).

Also in episode 31 @36.00 minutes in Amir says people who don’t eat well also have PFS.
Then at @38.30 he offers to share spam gut health theories posted on propeciahelp with listeners, and then he says people who helped themselves did so by fixing leaking gut and gut parasites and that finasteride messes with gut health. He also asks Dr Goldstein about gut bacteria at the end of episode 32.

Shit like this, on such an important topic, should not be promoted by the PFSFoundation.

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Yet another great show from Amir today:

blogtalkradio.com/pfsglobal/ … y-with-pfs

Always sad to hear these cases. But good that more and more men are coming forward with their stories.

I gotta give it to the PFS Global Support podcast: they do a great job of keeping this show going.

I just noticed that a new host has taken the reigns. Someone named Marc Masters – who sounds like he’d be right at home on National Public Radio. (Or maybe he is a National Public Radio host who now has PFS.)

In any case, take a listen and tell me what you think:

blogtalkradio.com/pfsglobal/ … with-pfs-1

If you’d like to be a guest on PSF Global Support, please email Marc at marc@warlikeart.com

Just saw that yet another host has been added to the PFS Global Support: Nader Jawad:

blogtalkradio.com/pfsglobal/ … 15-present

I remember reading about him in the VICE story on PFS this past fall:

“Despite the revised warning labels, young, balding men continue to leave dermatologist’s offices every day with finasteride in hand. Most will take it without incident. A few likely won’t be so lucky. Nader Jawad, a 27-year-old who graduated in 2014 from Wayne State University Medical School, has put his career as a doctor on hold and is working in the family convenience store as he grapples with lingering side effects he attributes to the Propecia he took for seven months last year.”

The full story here:
tonic.vice.com/en_us/article/th … -loss-drug

In any case, glad to see more guys going public about their condition. And if anyone has Nader’s enail address, please post it here. I myself would like to share my own experiences with PFS on the show.

I just listened to a new interview the Nader Jawad, the new host of PFS Global Support did with a UK patient named Liam:

blogtalkradio.com/pfsglobal/ … tient-liam

Glad to see more and more patients continuing to come forward with their stories.

Just listened to Nader’s interview with Sylviane Mathieu, who son killed himself after having PFS for 3 years:

blogtalkradio.com/pfsglobal/ … due-to-pfs

Tragic story, but excellent show. Be sure to check it out. Also, Nader posted Sylviane’s email address in case anyone wants to reach out to her. I’m going to email her myself and thank her for speaking up.

Always heartbreaking reading stories like this. It motivates me to try to be more generous with the pfs foundation though. Whenever I read stories like this I feel guilty for not donating enough. Just logged on and donated.