Photos of body changes


This photo above is a year after my first crash, in 2012 approx. The t-shirt is an European XL size.

This photo above is from 2016 or by the end of 2015, after some time of losing muscle but not gaining fat despite eating a lot. The shirt is a European “S” size. I got used to wear this small shirts because if I weared my old shirts, they looked very big on me, they became uncomfortable to wear and people who knew me would say something such as: “oh my god you are so thin”

This photo is of the last week. In 2016 I crashed and I started gaining fat (moderately), and six months ago I crashed again and my fat gain has accelerated. I am currently eating about 2,000 calories a day, and surely I am not eating more than what I ate in 2016. I walk everyday thirty minutes (except the days I have pain).

If you are in a similar situation, can you post your photos without your identity being shown?

I am adding a photo of last september (almost one year ago). As you can see, even though I had gained some fat, it was not comparable to my current situation. The strongest fat gain came after the crash of last december. (Sorry for the low quality of the image, I haven’t many of last year)



Could you share your age in those pictures (or one of them, the rest could be calculated!) ?

No problem if you don’t want to share the number.


Yes, I am now 29 (third photo), I was 26 in the second photo and I was 22 in the first photo.


Thanks for sharing.

I’m sorry you’re dealing with this.

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If this isn’t too awful a question, I wonder what is in the fat cells? If you haven’t drastically increased your calorie intake, they must have a different makeup.

I wonder if it’s a kind of fluid retention? I googled this:

I have no clue if it’s appropriate or not, I just wanted to try and offer something helpful.


I don’t know, I think there may be something else. One of the curious thing is that one friend of my parents is going through a very similar situation. He had always been super skinny despite eating a lot, and he has been dealing with cancer lately and has brutally increased his weight despite changing into a “super healthy” diet.

Thanks for the link.


I’m sorry to hear about your friend.

I’m sure someone else here, @holyhead iirc, had mentioned weight gain. Perhaps comparing notes would be of some benefit.

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Have u tried going keto? It helped me a lot with this problem.

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I’ll look into it, thanks for the advice.


I have some photos to post to show dramatic differences. You can see what kind of lifestyle I led before PFS…


My physique was very similar to yours! Crazy how much has changed for me as well in the last year or so.



Bottom younger picture was 21, side-by-side pictures were 22-23




Me 2 days ago, also showing the indentions on my arm. Anything that presses up against my skin leaves indentions that last for 10-20 minutes. If I lean up against a table, it leaves a deep mark.

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@kan much respect man. I am so sorry that you’ve had to live with this nightmare every day for years now. You guys are all so much stronger than anyone I’ve ever fucking met in real life. There’s simply no comparison. To carry something like this with you every where you go, every single day…

It really sucks because pictures don’t do this disease justice. The changes are very dramatic but it doesn’t show the behind-the-scenes of it tormenting you and ruining your life every day. It doesn’t show the traumatic changes that have happened to your body outside of your control. They don’t show the psychological effect of being far from normal, but nonetheless having to cope with this new person you don’t even fucking recognize and proceed and move forward with your life and act like it’s all good. And it’s not like if you get disfigured in a car accident or you slip and fracture a vertebrae at fucking Target where you can actually be reimbursed and seek repercussions because, apparently, you can’t fucking sue the drug company that makes this poison because they put DEPRESSION and REDUCED SEXUAL FUNCTION on the fucking bottle? When we decided to take this pill for cosmetic purposes, none of us consented to have our entire lives derailed and destroyed, more often than not, permanently. I know it has been stated over and over for years now on this forum but I really cannot fucking believe that a drug this damaging and life-altering is still being prescribed! and what’s even more fucking crazy is doctors don’t know anything about the fucking side effects! I mean what… the first oath you take in any professional medical program is I SWEAR TO DO NO HARM. Doctor’s take it, hell i’m not 6 weeks into PT school and we’ve already taken it. I’m sorry for the rant man but what else can we do besides rant. fuck.


Same here except add 100lbs on your weak ass frame…Same with the skin mine improved some but you lay it down on even clothing and it looks like you slept on it all night the indentations in the skin very deep and long lasting…Too many changes to list over the entire body…

Maybe that dudes urologist was partially right that it accelerates the aging process…Like old men now in different ways…But the syndrome seems to be a unique enitity of its own…If you read the harvard study several things are ruled out while others are not…Silenced genes? maybe…U quite a bit smaller now and look older…I am much bigger and greying and my arm hair is like old men u see really kinky, fuzzy and thin now compared to before…Skin is pale and doesn’t tan as before…Its either a whole lot more complicated than anyone realizes or a lot simpler…I never heard of an invisible hormone imbalance?? You don’t see it…Also never heard of hormones stopping male pattern balding as my hair while now is like fried dog shit the thin spot filled back in and never re balded as before when stopping finasterdie the first time…How? Androgen receptors in scalp appear affected changing the look, growth and texture of each hair all over the entire scalp…Even the sides as mine grew straight down towards my ears and the top grew up and out over forhead similiar to Elivis…Now it looks more Alber Einstein as the sides grow more straight out and back instead of down and the rest just goes every way like you stuck your finger in a light socket…


I’m sorry man. All we can do is exhaust ALL thesible options before doing something more drastic. I plan to get to a water-fasting clinic as soon as I’m possibly able.


I water fasted for 3 or 4 days after my shot from 160lbs up into the 170s and 180s…Basically then I knew I was fucked but couldn’t figure out how…So I tried it and it did nothing also during this crash I felt as if my insides were coming apart and my head was gonna blow off…


I don’t know man there are so many similarities and then so many differences. Like my hormonal panel on my bloodwork is very screwed up, and continues to get more screwed up. My Estrone is very high, but my Estradiol is lowering to below range. My Total Testosterone went from 860 to 550 in a month, and my free T is below range now. My SHBG is 120, twice the upper limit .


@Dknighten Damn bro you were juicy as hell! Still look cut and strong, but I know you feel and look different.


That is spookily weird - you have the same physique as me - in terms of shape of your waist (22-23). It adopted that shape after taking Accutane. Before taking Accutane, it was more like your last picture (21).