photographic evidence of facial changes (post your changes)

This is a better contrast on the fat loss. See loss in cheeks, temples, forehead, and eyes. I was wearing a hat so you can’t see the hair difference. Much like you all my hair/scalp is now very dry instead on oily.

Yeah, narrow face like me.

Everybody says the same shit to me. You just lost weight. Yea, only in my fucking face… Cause that’s never happened.

Nobody can lose fat from their foreheads or even nose. Its not a healthy fat loss. Something blocks collagen synthesis on our faces.

THe worst thing is that these facial changes are not reversible. Facial wasting is only “reversible” through plastic surgery. Also the face is so much intertwined with your personality and identification. I look so different now. These sexual sides are much easier to deal with psychologically because they are reversible and they dont impact you in every interaction like facial wasting does. Its horrible.

It’s strange seeing a picture for once, I’ve been on and off this forum for almost two years and yes you do know that there are people going through the same stuff as you but you never realise it’s people thatare very similar to yourself…your photos are exactly what’s happened to me, don’t worry I’m working on some stuff at the moment currently doing testosterone along with t4, and changing my diet…my completion is a lot better now…but I still have work to do, I have ordered pregnenolone and that should arrive today, I don’t hold high hopes for it but it’s worth a try…still as the days go by I am no longer falling asleep straight after meals. had some good sleeps to so fingers crossed

Man up and post your before and after mug. This drug creates a unacceptable passive behavior. It’s just allowing Merk to create new victims. Let’s keep up the fight.

i think we should only post pictures with HD resolution, taken with reflex-cameras that people visiting the forum can also see the changes clearly.

mciboth, i can not spot the facial changes with your photos. Im not saying you dont have them, but outsiders will believe that we are insane.

so please, only hd photos taken in natural sunlight with a reflex-camera. similar angle and similar facial expression

I can see the face changes of mcibofh.

Hey guys if you follow my thread I started about axiron you can see what I’m doing with my trt if that’s something your interested in

if you take this effect back i think you lost the fat

bodybuilding will help you

dont sit and wait to recover

excess cortisol gives you a moon/puffy face that you can like. try it. that loss because of low cortizol/low adrenals.

changes seen in the faces of my brother and me:

  • much fat loss in whole face (scalp too)
  • thicker lips
  • bone density loss (cheekbones, jaw, chin are less prominent)
  • lighter eyebrows
  • less color in hair / less contrasts - greyish hair, different texture
  • thin neck (muscle loss)
    -reduction of adams apple (especially my brother who had a very prominent adams apple)
    -thinner and lighter/less colorful skin

The effect: less masculine and less developed face, the vibrance and color is sucked out. These facial changes reflect other symptoms we have:

-extremly reduced semen volume, loss of libido, loss of morning wood, loss of spontaneous erections, smaller erections, bitch tits.

bro i have same changes in face and i think it’s because of low T and high estrogen levels did you have your blood test ??

Yes, but my bloot test results came back in range the doctor said.

I think high estrogen can make the upper lip more puffy and also your lower eyelid more curved (hanging), making your eyes look more round and feminin. Also the nose can get slimmer with high estrogen i think. I had a lot of nose twiching in the last month (my brother can prove this). I could literally see my nose twich on the surface. There were a couple of weeks after stopping where i had really round eyes and a fuller upper lip than now. I have photos to prove this too. It looks really ridiculous. im not sure its due to high estrogen but at least my face looked really feminin at that time. Now its better, but my chin, cheekbones and jaw has shrunken :open_mouth:

Here’s my sweet action.

I apologize, this came out weird. All too huge and some sideways even though the weren’t taken sideways. Anyway, you can control and minus or shift and minus and make the page much smaller to view better. The pic on the bottom is me 4 years and 2 months ago. Then 2nd up from that is 2 years ago looking like a different person, then the others are now. I have aged what appears to be 20 years in 4 years. Plus chin is smaller, brow bigger…jaw wider, hair grey as fuck…and most importantly skin is HEINOUS. Enjoy!

I can try and redo these photos if it’s too hard to tell what’s up.

fat loss seems very obvious, pale skin too and grey hair (could be aging however partly) Maybe you can post just 1 before and 1 after with similar angels. I dont think your brow ridge has grown, and one cannot say definetly if your chin is smaller, because you have a beard. But still it seems smaller :astonished: did you have facial bone pain too? thanks for posting…

pvdl and notna,

It’s been a while since you guys originally posted your pictures, have you seen any improvement in your facial changes since then?

No Unfortunateley it had even Gottes worsE, but now it has stopped eventually.