Photographic evidence of facial changes (post your changes)

changes seen in the faces of my brother and me:

  • much fat loss in whole face (scalp too)
  • thicker lips
  • bone density loss (cheekbones, jaw, chin are less prominent)
  • lighter eyebrows
  • less color in hair / less contrasts - greyish hair, different texture
  • thin neck (muscle loss)
    -reduction of adams apple (especially my brother who had a very prominent adams apple)
    -thinner and lighter/less colorful skin

The effect: less masculine and less developed face, the vibrance and color is sucked out. These facial changes reflect other symptoms we have:

-extremly reduced semen volume, loss of libido, loss of morning wood, loss of spontaneous erections, smaller erections, bitch tits.

here are some before and after photos:


  • more facial fat, more prominent chin, darker eyebrows, thinner lips (upper and lower), thicker neck

this was 2 month ago (1,5 month after quitting finasterid)… my chin is still fine there (now it has los size… you will see in the next photo), note the thin skin and COLORLESS!/GREY!/DRY! hair,

this was today:
my chin is even smaller now:

note the fat loss and small chin here:


his symptoms: greyish hair and subcutanous fat loss, bone density loss (jaw, cheekbones), thinner, sagging face, thinner paler skin, very thin neck and loss of adamsapple! He used to look much more vibrant, masculine and robust.

I encourage everyone to post their facial changes here



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I definitely feel less attractive since I took the drug DESPITE an £8k hair transplant in Belgium last year.

I know I’m thinner but my face looks different. Can’t figure what it is but maybe it’s skin collagen or being pale and rundown.

Not sure I can post pics publicly but I can pm them.

before: … oo_jpg.htm
after: … 3y_jpg.htm

I have the same thing face has lost a lot of collagen. my poures are clearly visible on my cheeks and nose.i have very little colour as well.

Sorry to hear both your brother and you have these issues.i remember thinkin I should get my brother to look into taking this when I was just starting.he is older and has lost a lot of glad I didn’t.
I wish I was like him and didn’t make the move I did.i have a lot more hair but I envy him now ha! Whereas before I thought he must have a pain in his arse dealing with the hairloss.

I couldn’t give a shit about hairloss anymore.
It’s healthy and a sign your body is working away.

On the left is about 1 month before using Fin. I used it from March 31 - April 23. On the right is what I look like now after almost 2 months off the drug. Lost fat around my eyes & cheeks. My face feels boney and the skin feels less sensitive.

Still better than me son of a bitch kenneth, doctors and hairloss forum guys can say pfs is not real now

Do i understand wrong, or youre sayin your brother has pfs too?

If anyone sees these pics and still does not believe that facial wasting after finasteride consumption is not real, I cant help them.

  • Fat Loss: around eyes, temples, cheekbones and cheeks as well as the forehead.
    - bone density loss: Reduction of the jaw (narrower, smaller, less pronounced), cheekbones (straight line down from forhead, instead of pronounced cheekbone, making the face narrower) as well as chin.

  • Skin quality plummets (thin and pale as well as dry)

  • Hair quality plummets (grey and worse texture).

  • Neck is extremly skinny, adamsapple is lost.

  • Beard growth is slower and less thick.

  • Eyebrows are thinning after getting more bushy.

  • The whole face is sagging and is extremley frail, narrow (due to fat loss, smaller jaw, and reduced cheekbones) and old looking. Masculinity is lost as well (old child look). We look like run down durg addicts.

The idea that a face of a impotent guy with hair is more attractive than that of a bald guy with raging libido is absurd. Especially because our hair sucks now.


Obviously not everybody has every


I am the brother of notna and yes I have pfs too.

As you can see in the pictures I have the symptoms mentioned (fat loss, bone density loss (jaw, cheekbones), hair is greyish, neck is extremly thin, loss of adamsapple, skin is thinner). I also have reduced semen volume, lack of libido, lack of morning wood etc.

Here’s my only photographic evidence of my eye problems (severe dry eye, visual problems).

Notice how the eyelashes are sparse and almost like broken spider legs. Something is definitely not working in my eyes.

Shit, your eyelashes looks weird.

Yeah, they curl all over the place and touch my eyes a lot of the time. It almost always feels like I have something in my eyes.

Depressedguy, I can’t believe how much you look different between your two pictures. It’s almost like two different people. The people around you have definitely noticed a huge change correct?

Yes the op pictures are pre fin and the last one post fin. (Im notnas brother).

Depressed guy: Is your face still wasting away ? Mine is getting worse and worse (no end in sight).

Wow, you have changed so much. My facial changes are very similar to yours. Fuck Merck.

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Yes, my friends notice my changes, my parents says you lose weight thats all.

Pls Provide photographic evidence if possible.

I just wanted to thank all the guys who posted photographs of themselves. It’s stuff like this which will show the naysayers and those considering the drug that its effects are real. As you may know I’ve also posted some close-up photographs of the damage propecia has done to my skin and subcutaneous fat loss: … =25&t=8932

Thanks guys. This will help.

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Perhaps if everyone were to give their consent a Youtube video could be compiled of submitted photographs. What does everyone think?

Before and after pics of your entire face would be even more revealing Scotsman.