PFS Podcast ep. 31 - John Davis recovery

Not sure how many people are aware of John Davis (towm8er) but apparently he recovered 95%. He told his interesting story on the PFS Global support podcast.

[PFS Global Support] E31: A Potential Solution for PFS? Meet John Davis via @PodcastAddict

I took notes and here are some main takeaways:

First off, he claimed that the most important thing he did was try to heal his gut and if he could have done everything from the beginning, would have started with this.

He recommended brongfogboy’s posts relating to gut health.

  1. Start with fasting
  2. Take probiotics
  3. Eat organic with no sugar, alcohol, or gluten

The second most important thing seemed to be exercise.

Here is a list of things he mentioned:

-He took long walks at the beginnig
-Had a database of 100 supplements that are used for specific things
-Went to gym/lifted weights and lost 20 lbs to get down to 10% bodyfat
-No sugar, alcohol, or gluten
-Consumed whey protein, amino acids, and bodybuilding supplements
-Identify music you like to get you motivated for the gym
-Squats and sprints to boost T
-Focus on demethylation
-Focus on HPTA axis
-Cleanse colon with iodine
-Use rhodiola for fatigue

Some quotes:

“Now in tip top mental shape”

“have a girlfriend”

"Doing things outside in summer such as surfing, hiking, and just enjoying life. I used to watch TV mopping around in a pity party "

“There are things you know you might like and don’t feel like doing. Making little attempts to do these things will turn you around.”

“Having sex every day.”

This guy worked his ass off and fought like a warrior. He also mentions TRT and estrogen control but these are likely too risky IMO


I once contacted him, he was improving on trt and andractim.
He said trt is the key

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TRT did nothing for me after using it for 8 months, again 2 types of PFS the responders to TRT and the none responders.


I was just reading brongfogboy’s thread on fasting and he seems to have permanently improved from it.

However, never take probiotics after a fast as introducing foreign bacteria will disrupt healthy recolonization of the gut. I think the best thing to do after a fast is to eat a balanced diet with healthful amounts of fiber, fruit, and vegetables.

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Ah ok, I will read more on when to introduce probiotics. Do you have any idea how long these fasts are supposed to be and how frequently?

There’s a fasting expert guy in the book Tools of Titans who I think went weeks fasting in a medical facility and recommends everyone fast for at least a few days a couple times a year. There’s also a documentary about fasting on Amazon Prime which was pretty interesting.

I wonder if a two day fast every 3 months will make a difference.

I read something a while ago that said the benefits of fasting taper off quite quickly - I.E. long fasts don’t do much more for you versus a short one.

I can’t remember what the detail was but if you’re considering regular fasting, that might be worth looking into.

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All the recovery stories I see are not serious cases of PFS. They are only sexual symptoms. I wish I could train, but even just lifting two kilograms destroys my muscle. My muscles are completely disappearing and I’m getting very thin. I continue to eat a lot and now I’m not doing any diet anymore. If I had been before the PFS at this time I would think 100kg. Instead I continue to lose weight. Training is impossible. It’s impossible for me to have a job. Honestly, I don’t know how much more I have left to live. The research does nothing, all the researchers, up to now, have only wasted our money and our time. If you criticize me for this last sentence, you are hypocrites. Nothing is known at the moment regarding our condition. There are only an infinite number of theories (gene silencing, hypermethylation, insensitivity AR, neurosteroids etc …), but none that has given a half answer. Anything!

If we really want to do something, let’s put aside our last savings and let’s all meet in one place. Then we go to protest. We will not stop until we are listened to. The TV has to see us, the news has to talk about us. Stop to hide and die! We must do it also for all those poor boys who could not continue to live. If I don’t do something, I don’t think I’ll survive long. My body is destroying itself!

The studies thus far have found things of significance and they are the building blocks for where to direct future investigations. Also, a few forum members have recently given interviews with the biggest newspaper in the UK so expect more coverage of our issue there.

If you are losing muscle when training it would probably be best to cease training for the time being. @axolotl also has this where he cannot gain weight regardless of calories ingested. I’m so sorry to hear of your recent worsening, you have my sympathy. Bright and industrious people are working hard to get this terrible medical condition recognised and understood with the goal of finding a treatment.

Can you give me the link to the podcast? Would really appreciate it fam

[PFS Global Support] E31: A Potential Solution for PFS? Meet John Davis via @PodcastAddict

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Thanks <3

No problem good sir

Hey, one doubt that jumped into my mind: Are there more of this kinds of PFS podcasts?

None that I’m aware of beyond the episodes in the PFS Global Support one.

There’s even a saw palmetto episode in there. @moonman1 was that you?

I’ve spoken to him several times. Super nice guy. He’s been on a heavy TRT protocol with Dr Goldstein including estrogen control (anastrozole) and DHT cream. That’s a huge part of his recovery - he happens to respond incredibly well to HRT and is quite lucky in that sense. I also believe he was doing low dose Prozac but not sure if he still does that for the allopreg boost

Interesting, and this protocol is unlikely to benefit others? I’m at least going to try to stick to some of the other things he mentioned. Maybe the TRT worked because he was also eating well and focusing on gut as well as exercising.

People keep looking for a magic bullet but sometimes you need to unload the whole clip.

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I agree. I think it’s a combination of everything but HRT was a big staple for him he openly admits that and it wasn’t until he dialed in low dose and sustained it that it really kicked in.

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Have you tried HRT?

I think I did do that podcast many years ago. Almost afraid to listen to it at this point.


Yep did terrible w it - classic PFS