PFS Podcast ep. 31 - John Davis recovery

How much he took to recover?

I might be out of topic but, for how long did you guys waited/ will wait before trying hormone treatments? I’m 2 months off and the really bad shape of my genitals is making me consider the whole clomid/hcg approach somewhere between 6 and 10 months after stopping.

Many people here find that it hasn’t helped them but others have had success with it.

I’m not sure what the risks involved are but I will say it seems to be quite common for boosting hormone levels to not be much help. In fact, some people have very high testosterone/dht levels here but still experience symptoms. Lots of other people get results that are in range.

If you get tested, you may find (as is common here) that your blood test results are extremely normal.

It might not be ideal to make a plan of action until you’ve been tested.

Hey, Greek. I know what you mean, but my results weren’t really that normal (low E, lowish T and high Prog). Maybe I’ll need to wait whilst on a healthy lifestyle to see if things can progress, at least there’s room for improvement in the hormone departament. There has been some positive changes after 1 month post-crash. Tissue change is the one thing that hasn’t improved and it’s hard to bear.

That’s why I wonder if a quick treatment could get things back to normal, but I’m aware of the risks. It seems like you have been battling for more than a year without trying stuff like that (?). I’m taking your advice on the supplement subject, though. My reaction to them is mixed and I don’t want to take the gamble (and save the $).

Anyways, I’m on the early days and anxiety is pushing me to try things that might harm me. Still gonna see an andro-uro this month to get some feedback. Thanks for the thoughtful responses.

Yes, it’s been about a year now and I’m still improving. On good days now, I would say that my biggest problem is sleep/fatigue, which are in themselves better than they were a year ago.

I don’t do anything to help this along. Obviously some people don’t feel like they make any progress in a similar amount of time and feel compelled to try other things and I can understand and respect that.

I would be reluctant to describe any changes as tissue changes. My physical changes have gone back and forth and I am of the mind that they are in the vast majority of cases actually related to some sort of hormonal action, rather than an actual change in tissue. That’s not to say that I don’t think it occurs for some and I am extremely sympathetic for those in that position.

Re: your tests, I’m sorry I misunderstood and didn’t think you’d had your levels tested post crash.