***PFS Foundation Fundraiser***


I’d like to propose a fundraiser in memory of Michael Douglas, Paul Dixon, and all other members of this forum who’ve passed away.

I’ll be honest: I have personally put off donating for a long time, either because I felt I wasn’t in a position to donate or I didn’t think it would make much difference. The truth of the matter is, the PFS Foundation is our only real hope to understand the mechanism of PFS and come up with a means to recover. That’s not to say people shouldn’t and can’t try their own methods to get better, but realistically no one on this forum is going to be able to conduct studies and publish papers. For that, we need scientists and doctors, which costs a lot of money. We will all benefit from anything that results from these endeavors, so is there any more worthy cause?

I don’t mean to preach, because I’ll fully admit I’ve freeloaded off the generosity of others hoping for someone else to fund and cure this problem. Today I’m finally holding myself accountable. Alone, I can’t make much difference, but collectively we can raise a significant amount on a recurring basis. Don’t be shy to even chip in a few dollars - whatever is affordable for you on a monthly basis.

I’m starting with $20. It’s not much, but it’s a start. If I can afford more I will increase the amount and update this thread accordingly.

Here’s the link to set up a recurring monthly donation via Paypal:


Respect to those who are already donating! If you’d like to donate more, feel free.

Total so far: $20 per month / $240 per year.


Sorry, the Paypal link didn’t work, so please donate via here: http://www.pfsfoundation.org/donate/

I posted the Fundraiser on Solve PFS too. Newton added $20 per month and Anthony has already donated $100. solvepfs.com/viewtopic.php?f … 812#p24812

Total so far: $40 per month / $480 per year / $580 inc. one time donations


This is a great topic.

How does this work? Do we just have to post what we are donating without any prove?

Anyway: Me and my brother (notna) have set up a monthly recurring donation of 10 dollars each (20 dollars/month total). Since we are students, we cant afford more at the moment. We consider this to be our moral responsibility. We are guaranteeing that this monthly amount will stay in place until the foundation finds a cure. Both of us have the goal to significantly increase our income over the next years so that we can increase this monthly donation amount.

We have to realize that this money goes towards curing US and our bodies. This is like paying monthly for netflix, only that the service is much more important for our life. Pooling resources and letting real scientists work on this, is much more effective than each of us working on our own little theory in the basement of our house. You can still do this, but only after you have committed to a recurring monthly donation amount.

I would like to add the following:

We need some setup where we can see the forum members who have committed to a monthly donation on a interface and (ideally) a control mechanism. Maybe this has to be done in conjunction with the foundation and mew. Another idea would be to earn some kind of logo beside your username that signals that you are a monthly donator (the foundation could control this monthly in conjunction with mew). There could be three different logos for example depending on the size of the monthly donation amount. Maybe some technically savy guy has some ideas.

Its not about shaming people into donating but about giving them more incentives.

Hopefully Mew will also post in this thread and we can talk about what is possible. We need a more effective summoning of the troops :sunglasses: .


I didn’t want to demand proof, but if it helps for accountability, then sure. Here’s mine:

As with you guys, my donation of at least $20 will remain in place for as long as necessary, i.e. until we have an explanation and cure. I am hoping to increase my income over the coming years too, so will also contribute more if/when I can.

Any ideas to encourage donations should be considered. A usergroup for “donors” could be very easily implemented on a forum like this. It would allow people to see who is donating and possibly other “privileges” too.


Just signed up for $20 a month.

Keep in mind that these donations are tax-deductible and that many employers likely match your donation. It means you could have 4x the impact of the actual cost to you if you take advantage of both of those.

We are all spending hundreds of dollars on supps and vitamins that don’t do shit and thousands of dollars a year on visits to doctors and supposed PFS experts who have no answers for us. Many of us have spent thousands, sometimes tens of thousands on hormone treatments that rarely provide improvement and are generally understood to make the situation worse.

If we had put all that money in the PFS foundation over the years instead of pipedreams and borderline scams we would have accumulated multiples of the resources that the foundation has now.


Thanks for donating nopecia and changing your mind. I guess I think it would be a good idea for members who are confirmed monthly donators to get a special sign beside their username. This has to be done in my opinion. I think another important way to increase donations is to put a direct link below the title of this forum (PROPECIAHELP: Persistent Finasteride Propecia Proscar side effects info & discussion forum, see top of page). Many people dont go over the main page to reach this forum but log in directly. It shouldnt be to the point that its annoying. But the donation link shouldnt be hiding from view either, like it is at the moment (by only mentioning it over at the main page, not in the forum title and/ or board index). An explanation of why donating is important should be placed somewhere strategically on the forum as well. I hope these suggestions wont fall on deaf ears…

I can understand the hesitation to donate, as a donation often also means accepting the reality that this might be a bigger, more complicated problem, that for many wont go away through natural remedies.

Still I want to emphasize for those people who might not donate because they dont want to make PFS bigger than it has to be, in their mind: Realize that just because you donate, does not mean that you wont recover before the foundation finds a cure/ treatment. Also dont overthink it, its just like subscribing to a monthly service. Its a small sum and you can continue on with your other ideas regarding tackling PFS.

The money is well spent. The founder of the PFS foundation has lost a son to PFS.


Well said pvdl, and thanks for your donation too.

Scotsman has added $10 to this fundraiser. We’re up to $600 per year!

Total so far: $50 per month / $600 per year / $700 inc. one time donations


Up to $1200 per year in this memorial fundraiser. Please chip in if you can. Even $10 adds $120 to our annual fundraising and will encourage others to join in. Together we can raise a lot of money. Here’s the link again to set up a recurring donation: http://www.pfsfoundation.org/donate/

[b]Fundraiser Donors

Grey baron

Total so far: $100 per month / $1200 per year / $125 one time donations


Signed up for $20 a month for starters. I also got in touch with the foundation about doing skills-based volunteering.

If we took the hundreds of dollars each of us spends on essentially useless supps and herbs per year, the hundreds of thousands of dollars we’ve spent on going to doctors who ignore us or PFS ‘specialists’ who have no solutions and the hundreds of thousands also spent on hormone therapies that rarely work for us and often make things worse we would have a foundation with many times more resources to devote towards getting this issue recognized by the mainstream and eventually solved. Ditto for the hours all of us spend on forums on the internet researching this.

Keep in mind donations are tax-deductible and many employers will match contributions to non-profits so you could have an impact potentially 4x larger than the real cost to you.


Still waiting for someone from this forum to step up and donate to the cause. All of the donors so far have been from SolvePFS. The ‘bystander effect’ has taken grip here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bystander_effect

I really can’t believe people are dying and still so many choose to do absolutely nothing, rather than subscribe. Very disappointed in this forum.


Fundraiser Donors

Grey baron

Total so far: $100 per month / $1200 per year / $150 one time donations

Still waiting for a donor from this forum to step up.


What do I have to do, to be on that list :stuck_out_tongue: ?

After all my brother and myself have installed two monthly recurring donations of 10 dollar each.

Of course those were set up before this thread.

I want everybody who has set up a recurring monthly donation already (before this thread) to also post! We need to have some information/feedback here.


I did think of that, but yeah, you were already donating. I’ll add an honorary mention in the next update, but not include your amount :slight_smile:

If anyone else was already donating before this fundraiser and would like to be added to the donors list, let me know.

Maybe Mew can organise a separate list and donation amount for the whole forum? Including both previous donors and the new fundraiser donors.


We need two lists:

Monthly donators and one time donators including amount

For example: Monthy donator X, monthly donation amount: Y

Or: One time donator X: Total amount: Y

If they donate because of this thread or have donated before already is irrelevant. More important is that we have some kind of way to check who on this forum has set up a monthly donation…


Yeah, I agree. Mew could ask for proof via email records.


Fundraiser Donors

From Solve PFS:

Grey baron

From PropeciaHelp:

Total so far: $100 per month / $1200 per year / $166 one time donations


I have just made a one time donation of 20 bucks.

10 bucks per month still installed of course.



i also just made a one time donation of 20 usd. in addition i had already set up a recurring monthly donation of 10 usd, same as my brother.

i want my jaw back.


So that then we can “eliminate” those that won’t or haven’t donated…
You would make a good fascist PeeWee.