PFS Foundation FDA Citizen petition to remove Finasteride 1mg from the market

Hey guys,

In late 2017 the PFS Foundation submitted a citizen’s petition to have finasteride removed from the market for the indication of androgenic alopecia given that the risk of the horrendous condition we face is unjustifiable for a cosmetic product. This was acknowledged though a decision has not been reached.

For various reasons we have not discussed this yet, but it has been a matter of public record since. We’re sharing it now for those interested to read it, with a caveat: information on very seriously affected patients and testimonials from their loved ones are included as supporting comments. If you are in a position in which facing this could upset you, please consider your own personal wellbeing and avoid reading.



The petition is 120 pages long. Clearly a huge amount of time and effort has gone into this document. These are remarkable people and we are very fortunate to have them on our side.
I’d just like to say a big thank you to all who were involved.


Thank you very much, I was wondering when we could finally share this link. Let’s hope that this gives the idea to express itself to the greatest number.

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Powerful stuff. And very, very, very thorough. Great work from the Foundation!

For a long time I was willing to accept that this is such a rare condition that maybe it was not possible to know that Finasteride can have persistent side effect. But I think it is pretty clear that the signs were there from the beginning and that they were ignored. This medication should have never been approved or should have included strong warnings, which would probably have prevented its market launch anyway. The statements from the Merck Executives were very telling.


It would obviously be the correct decision to ban finasteride until we can tell beforehand if a person will develop PFS or not. However it would be a setback for developing a cure, since the issue would effectively have been solved, reducing the need to conduct more research.


If they took Propecia off the market we would probably get thousands of new PFS cases over night.


There is also for persistent sexual dysfunction by SSRI / SNRI:

I didn’t really understand the level of officiality and relevance of petitions on Even the one on the PSSD was not publicized by those who had the idea of ​​opening it, I don’t know why.

But above all I wonder: what are the maximum times within which the FDA will be required to give an answer?

Maybe but maybe not. I don’t think the numbers would compensate for the fact that without fin on the market there would be a decrease in urgency. What is the statistic here, I know that I developed symptoms already while on the drug. Usually the severe cases do, they come off the drug relatively quickly on their own. I think people who took it for a long time without problems are (significantly?) less likely to develop a severe PFS case when they stop taking it.

Have you seen forhims? They advertise heavily and have made propecia extremely easy to buy online, at least in the US. You don’t even need to see a doctor.


There also selling viagra because so many people are starting to get ED from the hairloss treatments they have.

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Its the same in many other countries including Ireland and the UK were you can just buy it online legally.


Saw this advertised prominently when browsing on Snapchat


The scientific sophistication of this text is quite amazing. Is it a secret to discuss who has consulted or authored the scientific sections?

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Yeah and unless you are selfish this is the best approach. If our sacrifice can save thousands of people, that’s a win.



I have mixed feelings towards a ban of Propecia because like pvdl stated when there are no new victims we might end up being ignored and there wouldn’t be a need for further research. I don’t mind called being selfish in that regard but it is what it is. I won’t sign this petition!


It’s not my moral duty to sacrifice myself for others.
I could also argue that uncovering this mechanism is vital to advance modern medicine and therefore what are a few more victims in light of this potential. It would be just as morally bankrupt as telling me to try to get rid of finasteride even though I know/ believe it will doom us.

It will be taken off the market if we have enough proof which we don’t have yet. I won’t be contributing to a campaign that tries to skip this step (scientific proof) and get finasteride off the market sooner, due to a (at least in the PFS victims case) false sense of moral duty. If I could earmark my donations to the PFS foundation I would prohibit them from spending that money on this or similar campaigns. I want it to be spent on research exclusively.


Roman is another company selling discreet delivery of hair loss and ED meds. Saw a commercial last night during ALDS.

“Roman is a full-stack men’s health company, providing online diagnosis and discreet shipping of safe, legal medication for ED, hair loss, …”

I want to throw up right now. I see HIMS ads on the NYC :train2:


The esteemed “Doctor” on the right needs the medication he advertises.

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Holy crap, I’ve seen two of those docs. The first and third. The first was on PFS foundation website. They are both at NYU men’s health