PFS and rheumatoid arthritis;

Hi guys.
I’m writing for advice. After my last incident, I developed a rheumatic autoimmune disease (from the symptoms I think it’s rheumatoid arthritis, I’m going to see a doctor soon) are there men here who developed this condition after PFS? I am worried because I don’t know if the treatments for this disease will make my situation worse. I also have problems with the stomach (pain) and intestines (mucus in the stool) thank you very much if you will answer me :slight_smile:

I got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis last year. First sign of it was mucus in the stools. Treatments haven’t made my PFS worse.


For me the crash triggered joint, tendon and muscle issues that continue to progress over the years. I went to the doc as well for rheumatoid arthritis, but got cleared.

Is inflammation involved in your problems or moreso gradual physical degeneration ?

I’m sorry Lino for your experience. Have you tried to cure your problems? How were your autoimmunity tests? I’ve been worse for two months, but there are days when I’m better. I do not know what will happen in the future, but when there is a recognized pathology (AR in this case, inflammatory disease) I will have to treat it. For this I wrote the post, to compare with other men/ guys with the same problem.

My autoimmunity tests were fine.
I think generally it is best to get a referral to a clinic that is specialized in regards to rheumatic diseases.

Most gp’s are not doing as exhaustive testing, so the former is preferable to get things ruled out and have a high level of certainty.

Hopefully they can help you out and can give you some answers!

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