Pfs and hypothyroidism

Male-Specific Symptoms
Men with thyroid dysfunction may have symptoms that are more specific to males. Among them:

Balding/hair loss
Lower sex drive
Decreased testosterone levels
Gynecomastia, male breast enlargement (hyperthyroidism)
Loss of muscle mass and/or strength

In men with hypothyroidism, 59 percent to 63 percent are estimated to experience sexual dysfunction, including decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, and delayed ejaculation.

many many had improvement in pfs with NDT(Nature Desycnated Thyroid) and T3,plus hydrocortisone for cortisol

not much tried this except moonman and few others here as i can recal

even if u have normal thyroid values u might benefit from this!

anyone with open mind is welcomed to comment
comments like " but i have normal thyroid values" will be ignored by me

Why is this post hidden?

Anyways, have you tried this out, zadig? Or are you trying to get perspective first?

i will be trying my self in a month or so when my drugs arrive from the net
im not trying to get anything i just posted this for discussion and fun

alcohol tolerance and hypothyroidism
not being able to get drunk linked to hypothyroidism?

Is it possible to be hypothyroid with a TSH reading of 0.99? Then again my testosterone is above range at 31.2, had these tested last week and few other things.

Yes, but unlikely. That would indicate pituitary failure. Only way to tell is to get T3/T4/Free labs.

how come pfs sufferers with normal thyroid values benefit from NDT and/or T3?
i know more than 10 cases

Good question. Either it takes more thyroid hormones for us to feel good, or perhaps normal patients feel good on thyroid hormones as well. I’m a little afraid to go on thyroid because i don’t want to swing into hyperthyroidism.

I was highly advised by my endo not to mess with my thyroid. I do suspect adrenal issues though as I’ve tested both high and low for cortisol so I’m curious to see how the hydrocortisone works for @zadig777

ofc,im not using thyroid meds without hydrocortisone

Does hydrocortisone protect you against hyperthyroidism? Can you send me links that show that, please?

they are from closed forum i cant share u sry
there are links
these are anecdotal experiences i have gathered reading
moonman used thyroid and HC and recovered everything except sexually

Why don’t you re-post the relevant information here, so everyone can see it?

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i dont have the data collected in a single place except in my memory
i know for shure that moonman recovered on this protocol and i know arround 10 other guys who had at least partial recovery
i did a lot of reading everywhere and thyroid forums and found out that male hypothyroidism is almost same as pfs
all the symptoms are same
everyone who wants evidence can look at moonman or search hydrocortisone/ndt/thyroid/t3 on the search bar here
thats how i was studying this matter

and this is the best thing i have read in the last months

i dont have any content but memory of gathered anecdotal experience
u can only trust my word or search urself


If you are talking about @moonman1, I don’t think he is currently recovered. Did you find him mentioning somewhere that he perhaps had a good temporary recovery with thyroid meds?

Or was this a different person with “moonman” in their user name?

im speaking about the same moonman u can search urself and find that he states hes fully recovered except sexually
hes on some t3/t4 and hydrocortisone

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Well, it’s good to hear he is feeling better in other regards, but that isn’t quite being recovered if he has remaining sexual symptoms.

people have just overlooked this aspect and every other working aspect
but i wont people to recover ofc lol

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I can confirm that hypothyroidism -and its treatment- may be very important to amelioration of PFS symptoms