Permanent brain damage?

I swear i hve never been the same since i took finasteride. Ever. I’m very scared fin has caused me permanent brain damage. It is not depressin. Even whe n i had major depression 2 years ago i was still making jokes, and was witty. I was still curious about learning and new information. Ever since i took fin ive never been the same person. Its like a part of my brain has been switched off I used to be so interested in people ad things and learning now it’s just shut off? im very scared help me

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Brain science isn’t very well understood but it can definitely heal itself by rewiring neural circuits and through other means. There’s a book and documentary called the Brain that Changes Itself and shows quite amazing examples of how it has been done in the past.

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Neurosteroids mate, low Gabba, dopamine, oxytocin etc bring on this disconnect and a whole host of cognitive symptoms. It feels permanent becauae the lowered levels do not return to normal in some me included. Brain training, challenging the thought patterns etc can help


Trestolone is our last hope
Check out anabolic doc video on it he mentions it’s so strong finastride would have no effect

But of course people would rather say it dosent work then try it got some on the way right now

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@Ifoundacure dabbling has only made many worse and drove others to suicide you can surely understand people’s intrepiditation even scepticism. There have been many so called cures “red herrings” over the years. Give it a go yourself and report back I understand youre trying to help

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I’ve been living with this for 12 years and I can attest to this being true. It’s not that our condition is psychosomatic and is imagined or caused by stress, but building your confidence up however you want, reducing stress, improving general wellness will put PFS in a more suitable condition to heal or at least make you feel better.

I think my system has been basically shut down that I can’t even respond unless a girl is crazy attracted to me. It’s extremely hard to create that scenario for anyone, and 100x worse if you have PFS. But I’m determined to get to that point and have worked very hard to get my life together over the past decade. Can’t say for sure it will work, but I’m definitely optimistic that it will put me in the right circumstances to heal.


Even though this is obviously a biochemical problem as it was caused by finasteride dysregulating a bunch of shit, I have not seen too much luck in using biochemical interventions to fix the whole system. It’s why I think building confidence and getting our lives back in order will potentially reregulate things.

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That’s great I hope it works. No matter what I do Im always stressed and anxious, with anhedonia. Mindfulness, meditation, exercise, things I once enjoyed, walks, scenery. Nothing results in a change . I continue as it has to be better than curling up and throwing in the towel. Despite doing execise my muscle mass continues to discipate, my limbs are like those of an amaciated 90 year old with no response to weights etc but I continue. I haven’t had an erection for a decade and beautiful women are like pieces of furniture to me. People feel like objects I feel nothing even for my family. But I continue. We shouldn’t live-in the past but that’s what I draw upon to remember what it felt like to feel love and happiness. Which were once almost constant emotions for me and i pray that they wwill return one day. God has a better plan for us. Sorry a bit deep I know


I just don’t understand what has happened to me. before finasteride i was so interested and fascinated in people and things. I remember literally saying to myself one day “I love learning things!” as someone explained to me how a supplement worked… i haven’t felt like that ever. I have no desire or interest in things. I have lost my wit and charm. It’s like my brain has been shut off or some part of my brain has been permanently shut off its hard to describe … even just exploring a new place would make me happy. I rememebr on my lunch breaks at work iwould always explore the surrounding enviroment outside i loved explroing i never feel like this EVER anymore. Nothing.Smething i not right in my mind


@sandman2019 neurosteroids have taken away our identity

Has this effect been recently? How long have you felt like this?

do you know how to get it back?

ever since i took the first dosage and i was on for a while then i got off never been the same since

@sandman2019 I’m the same it’s been like this for at least 8 years. If your receptors are still functioning increasing allo would help. I was on paroxetene and it helped for a long time - increases Allo. I didn’t know if had PFS for a long long time. I’m not recommending paroxetene but it did help. It depends on how shot your system is

all a Hypophysen and Adrenal Problem

These are my words of describing the cognitive state:

Do you relate to this or does anybody actually feel this?

The emotional blunting, feeling so numbed out and not being able to feel things like the weather, days, weeks, months, seasons of the year, feelings of nature, energy and excitement in the air, sense of breathing in fresh air. There is nothing that makes it better, at least that I have found. How can something so notorious for causing mental health problems be prescribed and when it does have negative side effects it’s just oh well, there’s nothing that can be done for you! We don’t really care to look into the science and causes, we’ll just call it depression and do nothing to help you! Something I literally only took for 4 weeks to cause problems that still are wreaking havoc on me 2 years later. Absolutely criminal.


@Jackidk I feel the same. The thing is people don’t believe us. Even our families so what chance have we got. Certain people in Merck will go to hell for this. Getting our story out there through the media and shaming these fucks is key


are we screwed for life?
I’m feeling better since off the drug but not like i was before it was weird like i am permanently numb

we arent screwed for life if we further our studies (need funding) and start experiments with therapeutics etc

we are screwed if we dont make any fkin progress like we havent in the last couple years

please take the survey and help us get further


me too
my brain stop and kill me