Penis shrinking during bowel movement/urination


I hopefully have dodged most of the major symptoms here (3 moths off), but I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced the same symptoms as me. After a few days after my final pill, I ejaculated and felt a really bad pain in my testicles (especially the right one). They hurt pretty bad for a week or so, and I suffered from a hard flaccid type of state where things got kind of veiny and my sack was constantly tight and tucked in. I went to uro, took an antibiotic for two weeks and things subsided for a bit. Since then I’ve had ups and downs, periods of normalcy, and then periods of hard flaccid types of symptoms. The testicle pain has pretty much subsided, but they did find some fluid in my sack. My libido comes and goes, but it’s nowhere as near as good as when I was on it. Something that has really concerned me though is that whenever I have a bowel movement or urinate, my penis creates an hourglass (while flaccid) during the act. I originally thought it was peyrionne’s, but everything is fine when I have erections (I still get morning/nocturnal erections a few times a week). It tends to go away after I’ve finished, but it happens every time I go to the bathroom. Has anyone else had similar symptoms? I think my prostate is f’d up, but who knows.



What is that hourglass you’re all talking about? My penis also moves and changes while I’m shitting. Sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger.


WorstTimingEver, I have exactly your same symptoms. I do not have spontaneous daily erections tough. I think the hard flaccid/hourglass is some kind of an interaction between the reduced allopregnanolone levels and chronic stress we are subjected to. Please let me know if you have had great fears prolonged in time. As I explained in here viewtopic.php?f=23&t=7438
I think this PFS thing gave me some stress/fear trauma. Actually my HF/hourglass has pretty improved: I do some autogenic training to relax muscles down there and there are stable improvements. There is some slight hourglass but hard flaccid really is really a rare condition now and linked to stress. I also notice the strenght of my erection is getting better and better over time. Stress worsens the situation tough. So I decide to avoid it.

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The two top corpora cavernosa apparently empty from blood and the penis takes a weird shape, appearing really thin when looked from above. It’s not a normal variation of the penis. This is really differing from the normal variations in dimension.


There only are two corpora cavernosa. What do you mean the top? Can you draw it?
damyantiwrites.files.wordpress.c … s-icon.jpg
Does your penis go thin from the centre and wide from the top and the bottom?


Sorry I wasn’t very precise. I said " the two top" corpora cavernosa only to distinguish form the urethral corpus spongiosum. When we urinate each of the corpora cavernosa apparently thins. Tough, the glans and the base of the penis remain larger and by looking the penis from the top you see a hourglass shape. This is because of the thinning at the center. Apparently the penis also becomes longer while thinning but I feel this is more an optical impression rather than reality.
I think this is a neurological problem in origin. I used a relaxation technique for the pelvic muscles (and for general relaxation) and I had stable improvements in this condition. Actually I do not see hourglass or Hard Flaccid very often. Generally this now happens at most when I am very stressed, while some weeks ago the condition was omnipresent. There might be a connection between Hourglass, HF and varicose veins: while using the relaxation techinque, all these three conditions improved together.

Actually all my symptoms improved trying to keep relaxed. Abuse of alchol and excess food has a stable negative effect (Christmas time was a continuous up and down). There is a lot of work to be done with constancy to heal this condition. I am confident it’s a matter of reequilibrating neurosteroids with a heathy life, exercise, relaxation. It’s not an easy task and really requires determination and constancy. It’s like treating an anxiety disorder.


hi, me too i have ur symptoms with slight differences

hourglass is improved since my crash however i’m not like pre fin

avoiding stress is a golden rule


hey prop sorry for recycling your phenomenological explanation of the hourglass :mrgreen: your’s a good examination of this amusing phenomenon


oh u r welcome tab :laughing:


however for the sake of the users better post this image

Corpus spongiosum also known as corpus cavernosum urethrae in older texts (like this pic) :sunglasses:


So I ended up drinking for two nights in a row for New Years. My libido has been back like a mo fo for the past two days. I was also able to get good erections and not have premature ejac. I really hope this stays. I’m still getting hourglass dick when I use the restroom though. Will update in a few days. I also find that my flaccids are getting better a few hours after I ejaculate.


just a question, do u have rectum problems like hemorroids?

in my case in pre crash period i was able to get an erection just a minute after eiaculate without hourglass.

some months after crash i was inable to get a one good erection and hourglass appeared

now if i try (just for testing me) to eiaculate 2 times in a row i get hourglass (more or less).

time is a healer, but slow healer


Prop, can you explain your reasoning for asking this? I’m not trying to be condescending, I’m legitimately curious. I don’t have hemorroids myself, but I do have really irritated skin near my anus that I’ve had for nearly two years now. I’ve gone to a derm and a couple colon rectal surgeons but they all told me it would go away with some regimen…yet, it never heals. It’s extremely annoying, difficult to have to explain to people, and I’m entirely sure it’s related to my body not utilizing testosterone correctly to heal my skin. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks man.


err… well, i have no studies nor medical community link hemorroid and sexual problem such as numbness or penis shrinking, but i read cases were ppl was arguing about some relationship. i’m not saying that fina causes rectal problems, however if u have it they could contribute worsen ur sexual issues

read this for example

I have experienced hemorrhoids. Bad ones actually for years and years, ever since I was in my early 20s! If you read about hemorrhoids, most all of us experience them in life. If they are internal near the rectum they may not be able to be noticed by pain. If they are real bad, in my case and since my entire family has them, it appears that the swollen tissue inside the rectum is in the same area as the pudendal nerves, which contain the dorsal nerves that lead to your penis. I have real bad cases of hemorrhoids in last 12 months of bleeding, hard to take a dump, etc. With this condition of swollen tissue inside my rectum, it seems to be an real problem with the feelings of numbness, loss of sensation on my foreskin, swollen prostate gland, etc. Since all these nerves are in the same area, I think this is the issue. The same nerves that control the anus muscles also are intertwined with the nerves that make your penis have feelings, The ejaculation muscle is the same muscles that that make all that area work too. If your penis has seemed to shrink up inside you, and if it looks like a tiny little mushroom when its relaxed, then it means the that there is pressure in your rectum, thus leading to loss feelings. A rubber feeling on the foreskin is usually the sign of these loss feelings. With this theory, and since the majority of 40s plus men have hemorrhoids, no wander ED is an issue. My penis still works, I wake up with wood, I still can cum, but its not near the same. I’m hopefully getting the hemorrhoid surgery done, or whatever other method fixes these things, and hopefully the feelings will return. Hope this helps…

or this

I had erectile dysfunction for a couple of years. Somehow my doctors thought that this was not going to last long, because all my test came in ok. But it lasted almost 2 years. My doctors thought it was an overactive bladder and gave me flomax . It worked for the erection only because it relaxes your muscles. He also gave me some viagra. I mentioned to my doctor once that my anal area is always painful and itchy. I asked him if it has anything to do with my erectile dysfunction or overactive bladder. He said that they do share the same nerve system, although he doubts if thats the cause. After going to see so many doctors and going through so many test. I finally decided to see a colon specialist and have my hemorrhoids removed by banding. Within a few weeks, I was feeling better. Within 2 months I have stopped all medications. I made love to my wife everyday this week. All natural, no viagra, no flomax. I would say I am close to 100 percent recovered. I plan on going back to see my doctors in about a month and report what I have gone through. I hope this will help other men as well. … 64867.html


You know, I wondered if that had any effect on me…I know that my rectal problems had shown signs of returning during my run of finasteride but were not caused from finasteride, as I’ve had them before. And this is interesting because I was actually thinking the presence of the skin that’s sensitive has been detracting from my healing overall because my body’s trying to heal too many things at once and not having success. This, to me, just gives credence to my thoughts, and will likely have me go to my derm to hopefully get some more help. Maybe once I fix this, some other areas, e.g. sensitivity as the two accounts implied, can improve, and maybe once those improve my body will have even less to work on and I’ll be able to recover completely! Oh, what a nice thought that would be. Well, regardless, I’m going to have this situation fixed if I can. Thanks tremendously for your feedback prop.


Great find, prop. Will look into this immediately.


u r welcome :slight_smile:


Hey man, I don’t really have bowel problems. I’ve had hems in the past, but they have since healed. So like a lot of the other guys on here, my libido was awesome after New Years (from the alcohol), but it’s kind of gone back to normal (low) since then. I’m still getting mild morning erections though so that’s a good sign, but it’s still pretty veiny down there.

I’m considering getting an rx for Cialis and trying that out, but I don’t feel like spending the money! I wonder since I didn’t get the major shrinkage/total impotence problems, something like L-Argenine and something milder might work. Tab, have you taken any supplements that have worked for you?


Yes I used L-arginine (5mg maybe? I don’t remember, I’ll let you know), a very low dose, it did work pretty well on me; it did give me some spontaneous erection too in the day, pretty normal penis if I remember correct. I suggest trying this, maybe by cycling it if you take a higher dose. But don’t expect long term effects. In the very best case it can make you more relaxed because you don’t have to deal with your penis all the time; and the healing might come over easily.
I also used Cialis and a pill containing various herbs that act like a natural viagra/cialis. Cialis is stronger, but in turn it has terrifying side effects :open_mouth: They both worked and made me quite normal. Tough when I withdrawn them, I still didn’t get morning or spontaneous erections and hourglass returned. Erections were sometimes really difficult to achieve. So I turned to the holistic approach.


Tab, what kind of autogenic stuff have you tried? Also, how often did you take your doses of L-arginine?

My symptoms are still coming and going (hopefully in the right direction), I just want to take it easy and not worry so much.