Penile Implant Journey

Towards the end of June, I will be getting an inflatable penile prosthesis aka a penile implant. I’ve had PFS for 16+ years now. Which means in a number of months I will have had PFS for 50% of my life. I made this thread to log the journey and to educate you guys as to an option to restore your sex life, at least part of it.

Over those 16+ years , ED and libido continue to be the symptoms I struggle to improve. I’ve tested enough treatments and watched enough theories and stories come and go that I am 100% positive this is the best choice I can make to improve not only my sex life, but my overall zest in life. ED has a way to lurk in the back of your mind, creating a fear to flirt with even your own wife out of fear that things could escalate and you could fail.

I have done 3-4 years of research to get to this point. The past 3 years I have tried to get this operation, only to have insurance companies exclude and or deny the operations. Finally, my urologist was able to get them to cover it.

I’ve had dopppler ultrasounds that showed venous leak. My ED is not going to magically get better.

I will likely be getting a Coloplast Titan. The Titan is strongest on the market and given my length (17cm), the most likely to last the longest. The only concern I have with this particular implant (as compared to CX, LGX, or Reginicon) is that the flaccid state of it is still pretty hard at first. Basically, if you need to get erect, a small pump/bulb will be placed in your ballsack, with tubes that connect to the “pipes” in your penis and a small reservoir of saline they place behind you abs. In about 30 seconds you have a hard, erect penis. You stay erect as long as you want, deflating by holding a button on the pump.

Typically, you lose no sensation at all from the operation and many men report having even better orgasms than before. This is a mechanical device and in due time will need replaced. Literature states that the average time a single implant lasts is around 12-20 years, meaning I will likely need a number of implant throughout the rest of my life, with revisions being easier that original implants.

My urologist is young, but does 300 or so implants a year - I think in due time he will be known as one of the top implanters.

I am going to do the infrapubic approach, which means my doctor will do a small incision just above my penis rather than in the ball sack.

I will take a week off of work and hopefully will be able to have sex with it for the first time within 3-4 weeks.

I understand many of you may be afraid because the operation sounds scary, and it was initially for me to. But the more I read and understood it and especially talked to guys who have had it done, almost all of the regret not doing it sooner.

Here is a good video of an infrapubic operation (NSFW).


How fun would it really be with a low libido?


My low libido is a constant baseline state. However, when I start foreplay with a chick usually I get more into the mood.

Removing the fear of failure may somewhat increase the low libido as well.

This is non reversible, is it?

They can take the device out, but you will not be able to get organic erections if they do. I can’t think of any reason you would want it taken out once its in.

I don’t want to speak for you, but I wouldn’t personally bother with an implant if I didn’t have much desire.

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I was talking about organic erections.

Man listen, you might have read me suggestin this to others on the forum, but hey, worth a short.

I’m obsessed ith microbiome transplant. A guy on PSSD lab cured his “severe sexual dysfuction” with a series of 4 or 5 transplant and his story is still on the forum.

I don’t know, I mean if you are really appraoching this point, would it be an option worth considering?

R u saying u don’t have the desire to have sex with woman ?

I’m saying that if a person has little to no desire, having sex with an implant to give them an artificial erection would provide the equivalent amount of fun as picking up a stick from the ground and putting it into a hole you’ve just dug.

Interesting analogy

Except that in one scenario you are playing in the dirt with a stick and in the other scenario you are inside some chick .

Just saying…

Something so exciting it should give you an erection :slight_smile:

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Yes, but if you have no libido/desire, what’s the difference to you?

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The difference to me is that I have libido and desire. You probable do to. But your thinking too much about sticks and dirt and getting distracted with your negativity and horrible attitude. If I have good erections I’m having sex period.

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Good luck. Please, don’t forget to tell us your experience.

I want to play the devil’s advocate because after he does the implant there’s no going back. If you wanted to be moral you’d do the same. After its already been done, well then there’s no point weighing up the pros and cons.

You are brave! Please keep us posted. I bet there’s gonna be a lot of PFS sufferers who will go down this path in the near future. If this is actually working and bringing back a descent sex life to those who suffer of low (to no) libido, then this might me the best solution.

Valid point

It’s a one way street . I think he’s making the right call though for his case. With proper ability to achieve and maintain erections more desire will follow it thats what you are worried about

One of my biggest questions is if it helps the poor orgasm and poor quality and quantity of ejaculation .

Sorry to be the guy who highlights risks.

There are risks with this. If you get an infection during the surgery and it needs to be removed afterwards - you cannot get a boner. It is game over.

Anyone considering the penile implant route needs to carefully weigh the risks. Carefully consider your situation.

By this - I mean do the careful thinking that none of us did when we took a 5-AR inhibitor.

I am not saying it is a wrong decision to get a penile implant - I am saying it needs careful weighing.

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