Our friend AnhedonicApe has passed away

Just want to inform everyone here that our dear @AnhedonicApe has lost his life yesterday. He was one of the most active pssd/pfs forum members and one of the smartest, most interesting, honest and intelligent guys I ever seen. Many members of pssd community knows how big and painfull this loss is. He was a close friend of many pssd sufferrers and also used to contact researchers, give interviews to journalists etc. Despite of his brilliant sense of humor and mostly positive vibe, he struggled with severe anhedonia for more than 2 years after being on SSRI for 5 months.

The comfort of having a friend may be taken away, but not that of having had one.

Rest in peace our friend. I hope one day we’ll meet.



2020 is the year we all have to come together and start beating this thing. The loss of life is so senseless.


I am so sorry to see someone else lose their life to this nightmare. Rest In Peace.


What the fuck he posted not to long ago, RIP this is sad


Unique guy, one of kind. Even when he was in pain he helped so many people. Just waste

Rest in peace friend,


Rest In Peace. My condolences to all of his friends and family.

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Nooo not him. I spoke to him a bit :frowning: He definitely saw no way out, he was in a horrible state… I hope he’s in a better place.

Fuck these fucking drugs with a passion

RIP Brother I hope to see you again another day

One of the sad final messages he left in response to me " I feel forced into suicide."

Poor, poor guy

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Woah no way!! How did he lose his life? Suicide?

I can’t believe this. I disagreed with him on many things but always enjoyed reading his posts and thought he was a smart guy…

This is so sad! RIP my friend! Hope you are in better place now!


Another wasted life, this is just unbelievable. The pain will be no more but you should have had so much life ahead of you, family, children, love happiness. Words can never fit. Rest and be in peace


May he rest in peace I just woke up to the news this morning my God I’m literally in tears that poor guy suffered terribly. Why have we been left in a hole to die by the very people that put us all here this has to STOP men we need to all do more as a community and start speaking up. This forum has turned into a morchery


I am very sorry to hear of this tragedy and send our sincere condolences to his family.

My thoughts are also with his numerous friends in the community who I know will be feeling a huge sense of loss at this time.

Love to you all, and please endeavour to look after one another.


Why did you do it, my friend. Why?! There was still a lot to do and try before giving up, why so? There must be something else that triggered your gesture. Why didn’t you leave us at least one letter? Rest in peace, brother. You stopped feeling pain. I love you.


How do you know he took his life in purpose?

Rest In Peace, how horrible. Sometimes I wonder if there’s more I could do. I feel so bad there’s been 3 suicides in not so long, I want to throw up. I sometimes fantasise about doing the same and filming it, then sending it to everyone that works at the drug companies. Maybe they need to see the fucking devastation they cause for it to sink in how fucking evil it is.


One more, how many are there? May he travel to a world without suffering, all my thoughts to his loved ones. We must continue this fight for him and all his fellow sufferers.


RIP, another tragedy that could have been avoided if it wasn’t for these fucken drug companies that know the devastation of the drugs they cause but refuse to acknowledge it because it would hinder their billions in profits.

These companies are sick, I remember a business course I took, they mentioned how Ford previously calculated how it was cheaper to pay off the people who would die from one of the malfunctions then to have a costly recall.

This is how companies are run, they weigh the cost of an innocent person’s compared to their profits.


Not much else to say. As a fellow PSSD sufferer he was one of the few people I agreed with on a lot of things. Unfortunately suicide was one of the things we talked about a lot. We were both suffering greatly and he at least found a way out. I hope you are at peace now David. I may join you soon. I’m sorry that it had to come to this and sorry for your family as well. I know you loved your mother and I’m sorry for her pain.


I am speechless… I was just checking ph to look for positive news and I come across this…
A young courageous dude who lost his battle against a lifeless life…
RIP man…
I am so sad…
Please friends let’s get together into beating this soon…


I’m sorry to read about this and send my condolences to his friends and family.

Please take this as inspiration to check in with and look after one another. Everyone needs to play their part here, both by making sure we are all supported and by helping us push forwards for a better future.