Only took two doses


Hmm… I have noticed I have slightly dull orgasms now too, never while on Finasteride but noticed now 8 months after stopping Fin… it’s so strange… I’m hoping it gets better with time . Anyone here improve orgasm with time?


Test supplements also make my semen thicker. When i dont take supps its pure water. But they seem to make my mental state much worse. Not sure what to do here. Should i just wait?


Is there a sweet spot where you get benefits but no downsides? Can you take a smaller dose?

You should look around here if you haven’t, lots of people have taken that sort of supplement with varying results (including worsening).


Yeah taking supplements is a gamble. Ive read a lot of threads where some felt worse some got better. so its a risk… Personally i wouldn’t take a risk either… I’m going to try and see how far i can recover naturally.


A guy in the Hairlosstalk forum said that vitamin B6 and vit E in high doses works wonder for orgasm quality. I will give it a try with other dozens of supplements. This will be my second supplement cycle.
If this won’t work, i would like to try Arimidex or Hcg and such… i just want this nightmare to be over and go on with my life. I hope supplemental recoveries can be sustainable after quitting… because after quitting my first supplement cycle, my sexual problems are back to normal again… has anyone achieved sustainable “full” recovery after quitting from the protocols?


B6 and Vit E are both anti androgenic.


Did you write up your experience here? What you were taking, how much and when? The symptoms it helped?

I would really like people to write up what they have done and how it worked in detail so we can either cross things off the list or suggest them.


I didn’t write here. In which section should i post it?
My list of supplements that i’ve used:
-Vitamin D, 5000iu a day.
-Zinc 600mg a day.
-L-carntine (as for the androgen receptor development, but the brand was crappy)
-Royal Jelly, 2 pills a day.
-Niacin, 2 pills a day.
-Creatine, 5grams a day after light muscle workout in home.

During this period, i also didn’t touch my genitals for like 2 weeks. I experienced high libido, wet dreams. And fast occuring erections. After 2 weeks, i experimented with my ejaculation to see the results… in contrary to other positive sexual effects, my semen volume was still low, and the orgasms were not intense as i expected to be. :confused:
Now im giving a another try with more range of supplements again.


Wow really? Why did he said that then… thanks for the info. Do you know anything should i use for my semen and orgasm problems?


Thanks for posting that up.

I think you could maybe write your own blog in either member stories or therapeutic efforts. It’d keep the info all in one place so it’s easy to follow, iterate on and plot your progress. I can split these posts out if you like. Apologies for derailing this thread in an effort to have threads about one subject!