Only sexual sides

hello everyone, I’ve been this nightmare for a year now and I’ve decided to ask you for help, I’ll make it short; i only have sexual symptoms including: body hair loss, weak ejaculation, semen, hard flaccid, cold testicles, weak erection etc … i have hormone tests and i have testosterone in the low range and high dht … i am 30 years old. … could you recommend me something? I’m broken guys …

I also have little prostatic hypertrophia

Try cialis

It seems u speak only to speak …is not with cialis that I ll solve all this …I can have sex without…

I ll post my ormonal test soon

And it seems that here everyone has free testo in a normal - medium range …mine is normal low range …I ve been thinking I have something like esteogrnic dominance …

Low dose daily cialis is good for prostate hypertrophia which you said u have. Then it would most probably help with your other sexual sides while you try to find out if you have to fix your hormones too

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Yes for prostatic hypertrophia is good but I had eyes issue taking it …

I have been thinking to a esteogenic dominance :

I m 30 years old

My hormone levels

ft3 3,21pg/ml
Ft4 10,30pg/ml
Tsh 1,537mcUI/ml
Fsh 2,27 mIU/ml
Lh 2,61mUI/ml
E2 13,2 pg/ ml
hPRL 6,6 ng/ml
Cortisol 152 ng/ml
Deidroepiandrosterone 5,34 ng/ml
Total testo 3,551 ng/ml
Free testo 20,41 pg/ml
Dht 449,0 pg/ ml
Vit d3 25,36 ng/mL

U can see my estradiol is twice my testo that’s why maybe I have esteogenic dominance … before taking fin my testo was 25,70 and my dht was 0,57 (I was taking saw palmetto )
But nEver had sexual issues, now I’m fucked … is one year I’m like this and I’m having fear, lot of. I hVe been reading this forum and it seems that nome achieved sexual recovery but just “ I’m better “. Life without this has nonsense …

Do you hold a lot of fat?

Your T is indeed low and your E2 is on the higher side.

But your LH is low, so some kind of negative feedback loop is in the play. If you have high fat % that could explain some of it.

I’m not fat , I use to workout …dont know if my e2 is high or not but I know that it doubles my testo
In this moment I see no hope …
I thought all my problems are because of this but I m not sure …and even if this is the cause if I ll injecti testo I ll shut down my fertility…I’m fucked anyway

Look into relaxing the PC muscle and strengthening the IC.

Reverse kegels
Bicycle kicks
Hindu squats
Glute bridges

Sorry, my bad. Your E2 isn’t high at all, it’s rather low. The units you posted had me a bit confused so I had to do some conversions.

Your T to E2 ratio is pretty decent. Your E2 isn’t double your T at all. E2 = pg/ml and T = ng/ml. Different units.

But your T is still low, and so is your E2. DHT is middle of refence range.

Injecting T won’t ruin fertility by the way. Not in the short run at least.

You can discuss with your doctor if you could try TRT and see how you feel.

@moonman1i read lot of ur answer on some post and I d like to know if u fully recovered sexually and if yes what did U do

@Cbrandel I’m just saying that my testo should be a little higher and e2 should stay there …e2=13 testoShould be 25 at least this is called esteogenic dominance …
This is my opinion … have u got sexual sides?
I forgot to say that NOW I have BPH amd this condition can be due to an hormone imbalance ( esteogen over androgen )

I’m confused because here no one seems to have low free testo …


Yeah I have sexual sides but our blood work don’t look anything the same.

I have normal T and E2, but high LH, progesterone and prolactin.

Ok, how long have u been in this condition for ?regarding blood flow I want check my pensi with eco color Doppler and elastography…did u have then done ?

It’s been around 2 years now I think.

Never had any of those tests done but I’m currently working with a doctor to investigate my issues.

And how have been ur sexual function during this 2 years ?getting better nor worsening?

Sorry if I tell u but what u want to investigate if no one knows nothing :sweat_smile:

hi Xander, I like that you posted hormone values before vs after finasteride, although the way you phrase it is not clear. If your T went from 25 to 20, that seems more of a fluctuation to me that would never have caused your symptoms before you took finasteride… in my view (disclaimer: I am not a medical authority). I also don’t follow the line of thought that T “should” be at a certain, precise value, because bodies differ and sensitivity to T is what’s key here, in my view (e.g. normal for me is lowish T, high DHT). It’s not the hormones but the sensitivity to it in certain tissues that finasteride tends to mess up, as we all know. I can raise my T by doing a weight lifting session, but my sexuality responds very differently than it used to, perfectly in line with the generally accepted theory that finasteride takes out the androgen receptors in certain tissues and not in others (depending on your individual sensitivity).

My advice: pick a doctor who specializes in post-fin syndrome (see list on the post fin syndrome website), and give it your best shot, but accept there is likely no fundamental solution and you need to move on with life just like the rest of us. Tragic shit happens to many (e.g. losing a limb, ending up in a wheelchair, sexual damage from antidepressants) and it’s a scientific fact that people move on after some time. It may seem impossible now, but you can still have a great life if you look for it. Also, my symptoms improved (slighly) when I stopped obsessing and despairing.

Totally offtopic, something I’ve been meaning to post on this board for a long time: I have observed that pretty much all of my symptoms (ED, libido, …) are due to the same thing: a drastic loss of sensitivity to pleasure in the penis. How do I know: some parts are less affected, and when these are engaged, I feel like my old self. I conclude my affliction is localized disabling of “pleasure receptors” and my other symptoms are downstream effects. If science found a way to turn these on again, I know that my symptoms would be gone over night.)

I don’t know where the truth is honestly … what I do know is that if I take the sun I feel a little better: the sun raises the testosterone. same thing for sensitivity … in my opinion it is a testosterone problem because I realize that when I masturbate several times a day and then masturbate again the next day the sperm is little … and the sperm is formed by the action of testosterone. and just my opinion, what i should do is try trt to validate it