Are you still taking it?

I spoke with a Dr in St Louis who treats Candida/Fungal and says that he often needs to prescribe 6+ million for months along with Diflucan for the first 2 weeks…this is in conjunction with low carb diet and injections of candida extract to raise immune response…

I think it’s worth a shot I did notice improvements on it.

6M+ is roughly IHP’s dosage that he used.

What was the injection of candida extract?



docs.google.com/open?id=0B8XfZB … GRZYmtwSlU

docs.google.com/open?id=0B8XfZB … TBfY2lfaVk

Are nystatin tablets better than nystatin in liquid form ?

I know this thread is quite old but I did that spit test for the very first time and realize that it was more or less positive so that my spit slightly sunk and " built stitches" in about 45 minutes (I don’t know the englisch word)but not that fast . does that mean that I have a candida and or a yeast/fungal infection ?

because some doctors claim that this is a valid test and some say it is bogus .

have you tried Essiac tea? would you like to give any update on it?

The word c word, candida, gets automatically censored.

That’s a big step forward for these forums. Thank you Mew.


Candida ? C.A.N.D.I.D.A. XD

This is the definition I think the word is called “oxymoron”?? LMAO

So you are trusting the “literature of the drug” and “mechanism of action”, but can not find the cause?! But when it comes to Nystatin… oh it must have some mechanism/effect in the body that we do not know or understand?

Im sorry but this is just too much for me.

Then leave.

No one here wants to hear bitter jabs taken toward a respected member who hasn’t been active for years. It adds nothing of value.

You have been welcomed here despite not being a post-drug/substance patient. You still haven’t taken a survey meant to characterize this condition, regardless of theories; although, you believe yourself to suffer from the same condition as the rest of us?

If you are confident that you have discovered the underlying cause then there’s not much reason to participate in a forum whose primary goal is discovering the underlying cause of this condition.


I am not taking a jab, I truly believe I share the same/similar “sydrome” ( as everyone is not the same) and joined this forum to try and get ideas to see what can heal/improve my condition. There is alot of good information on this forum and I was hoping we were all giving ideas on what can help us. However I can’t see how anyone would think a comment like that (regardless of who it’s from) can be defended. I have a high opinion of Mew, and that is why I am shocked to see that comment.

I mentioned the survey. I was about 1/3 through it and basically couldn’t take it anymore. 1. Since I did not take finasteride/accutane etc… 2. Because I believe in the bottom of my heart that this is not Permanent. I also believe people are looking too “far” into theories etc.

I know I am not in the position to ask, but I just hope everyone can keep an open mind to a potential cause/cure. Ok, we get it doctors said that this drug does not cause your symptoms? Are we supposed to just accept this? Of course not. (I speak for myself, to be honest I don’t even know about others anymore after seeing some comments on here.

Have a good night everyone!

Considering Mew isn’t here to defend his words? You’re right, how can it be defended.

What does not taking finasteride/accutane have to do with anything? It was explained to you how to complete the survey and you just plain don’t want to do it.

Well, no one is forcing you to take the survey. I hope your heart is right.

I have recently completed the survey.


Does anyone here keep in contact with Xhorndog?

I use to speak with him frequently but lost contact with him a few years back.

I want to try it, I have mycosis, and I think it could help me, azole cream are worse.

Yep…he’s still just managing. Big on diet and natural herbs.

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Did anyone try nystatin and see improvement?

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