I have been following ihatepropecia702’s recovery using Nystatin quite closely and i also recently noticed that both ithappens and paul walters used Nystatin at some point as they were recovering. To add even more credit to Nystatin’s effectiveness in treating our problems i took about 3,000,000 iu last night and i had good nocturnal erections and today i have been feeling well and my brain feels clear.

ChrisC was also found to have a fungal overgrowth (hasn’t used Nystatin)


I am not sure what to do now, i don’t want to pay for 5 or so months worth of nystatin if the effects drop off. I think it might be of benefit through the same mechanism that many antibiotics and anti inflammatory medicines. Anyway, it’s pretty clear that Nystatin deserves it’s own thread so here it is.

I wonder how those guys got that stuff. I don’t think it is available OTC

Got what stuff?

I got my Nystatin off unitedpharmacies.co.uk the same place i got Dexamethasone

I know of another member here who has had success with Nystatin.

Like UK20 asked, I wonder how this particular drug can help some of us.

Your a fool. You keep putting all these drugs into you and you haven’t even had a blood test. You probably just have a std.

Would you recommend we all try this? Only reason I am asking is that I have bought a lot of pills over the years and 99% of them haven’t done anything and the 1% that helped me only helped marginally at best.

Tim, your behavior is becoming very confusing. Do you have mental issues or brain fog?

What STD’s cause PFS symptoms?

I wouldn’t say that i particularly recommend it, i don’t know whether to pursue this properly myself. Ihatepropecia72 had some sort of test which indicated he had serious fungus overgrowth but the other users i mentioned took it with the intentions to destroy candida overgrowth unproved by any medical tests. In an ideal world we take a drug knowing what we are doing with it right?

The trouble i have with any theory involving the gut/ fungus/ candida etc etc is that i just don’t believe any of it could make you impotent and make your penis numb to this extent - many of the other symptoms, yes. It’s becoming quite clear though that antibiotics, anti inflammatory medicines and anti fungals benefit us probably more than any hormonal treatment ever has. None of us know why. You could go and ask ‘19’ if he recommends the antibiotic Doxycycline considering he took it for 2 years and benefits significantly from it but i doubt he would recommend it to you. None of us really know what’s going on. The one thing i will say is that Nystatin really doesn’t have any side effects.

Tim, i am fully aware that buying medicines off internet pharmacies and using them as an experiment is not ideal, but it’s a hell of a lot better than sitting around doing nothing when you are dealing with very severe problems. None of us know for definite what Finasteride did to get us in this state and why the symptoms persist, so i am just trying things that have helped others. Many of the people getting better/ recovering these days are trying things for themselves, in fact, self treatment and anecdotal reports have been absolutely critical on this forum and getting people better as Awor pointed out previously. Tim, i apologize if you are mentally ill or you have brain fog but you seem like a complete idiot that just totally discounts this fact. You keep smoking pot and eating a GHB diet that you made up in your mind and see where you get.


Joe i suggest you sit back let the researchers who are interested in finding the cause/and possible solution (thanks to all involved) do there thing, sign up to the class action, assuming you still have your prescription and stop doing potentially more harm to you already(assuming here that you do actually have pfs and are not a hypercondriact) vulnerble liver and other organs.
As for my mental issues yeah im insane :smiling_imp: :mrgreen: :smiling_imp: :mrgreen: :imp:

Why don’t you go and question the numerous members on this forum pumping themselves with hormones and drugs far more powerful than the one in discussion? have you not noticed them you moron?

Awor said himself in the research thread that self treatment and anecdotal reports have been absolutely vital to the PFS community. Anyone waiting for the current research to crack this; fair play to you if you are happy in life but personally i don’t want to wait on a cure for a disease that doesn’t exist.

Tim, can you please clarify which STD’s i may have based on the PFS symptoms? you obviously know something that we all don’t and i am sure we would all appreciate you giving us further information so we can be tested for this illusive ‘STD’ as soon as possible.

Are you aware of how many people on this forum self treat with thyroid treatments/ testosterone/ cancer drugs? why aren’t you questioning them?

Answer my questions then never comment on my threads or posts again. You are the worst type of member on this forum.

Whats with all the bitterness/snarkyness joe?

And what are you symptoms? Red dots on your penis? Bad sleep…to much dreaming or something and you can only have sex 3 times a night instead of 7.

Why are you avoiding my questions again? there is no bitterness i just don’t want you ruining a useful thread. I have just asked you two very straight forward questions; can you answer them please? or are you going back on everything like last time? :laughing:

If you want a full low down on my symptoms then you are best visiting my members story, however, as you asked here is my top 5:

. ED/ total impotence some days
. Penile numbness
. Severe sleep disruption
. Brain fog/ depression
. Watery semen/ reduced ejaculate

Apologies for derailing a perfectly good thread, just er caution with these meds, atleast go through a doctor. THread back on track.

It is interesting about nystatin.

Tim, from now on i will ask that you don’t comment in any of my threads about self medication. We all get it, it’s not ideal, you don’t need to keep appearing and making pointless remarks. Do you honestly think that visiting a doctor, explaining problems from finasteride and then asking for Nystatin when there is no clear reason why it would be of benefit is easy?

You seem to keep appearing in my threads or commenting on my posts and contributing nothing useful, it is becoming incredibly irritating. I would like it to stop. As i pointed out to you previously; there are people self medicating with far more powerful drugs than myself. So if self medication is your problem, go and sabotage those guys threads/ posts.

Yet you pop up on my threads…none the less lets move on.

I am following the root of heavy candida infection and doing a cleanse among other things. I personally think you have to clear your gut before you can ever get well with anything.
A simple test to see if you have candida is to get a glass of water first thing in the morning before you do anything clean teeth, eat etc spit into the glass with saliva and it should float wait for a bit and if it starts to spread like roots in a downward direction that is an indicator for candida, yeast whatever you want to call it all the same.
There are protocols for getting rid of this its not as simple as throwing a pill down your throat.


Well, i went on a candida diet for a whole month as well as taking supplements to kill candida. Threelac, garlic, coconut oil, caprylic acid, pau d’arco. I felt no die off effect or benefits. I have also felt my best in the sexual department when i have eaten and drunk whatever i want.

I am aware that it can take several years to successfully repair the gut/ clear candida. If you check candida forums you will see that Nystatin and other anti fungals do have their place in treatment, as well as all the natural stuff. Gazaa, if you are having any success with a certain regimen then please share it.

Also, the Candida ‘spit test’ is dubious to say the least.

I have seen nowhere that this test has scientific backing.