Numbness of the scalp

I have recently determined that I am suffering a ‘numb’ feeling on my scalp. Its not easy to tell but it is particularly noticeable when detecting hot and cold.

Since using Finasteride I also have numbness of my penis and whole genital area, even anus. I can still feel things so its not truly ‘numb’ but there is a massive loss of senstation.

I wonder if anyone else that has a numb feeling in their genitals also has a numb feeling in their scalp - or am I alone?

I NEVER EVEN REALIZED!!! YESS…i cant feel the top of my head…THATS SO FUCKING WEIRD!

Your numbness is limited to those regions?

Does anyone else with genital numbness have this? It is difficult to tell, but it is real.

Oscar, do you have numbness in other areas too or just the ones you listed?

Loss of sensation in those 2 areas only; genitals AND scalp.

My scalp is as sensitive as it’s ever been… PFS is definitely more than a single “syndrome” I think (that symptom of yours is definitely not compatible with what I have in mind as my very own PFS problem)…

I can feel cold on my scalp just fine so this is not a problem for me

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I would be interested to hear from anyone that has reported severe numbness, maybe those who took part in the skin biopsies, mew etc?

Oscar, while I appreciate your insights, that type of talk is completely uncalled for and unprofessional.

Do not let it happen again or your account will be suspended for a period of time. This is the only warning given.

This part definitely spells pudendal neuropathy though, you should consider visiting a specialist

LOL. I was just trying to help you figure out whether your problem is unique on this forum as your thread was low on replies. You know, trying to chip in and support fellow sufferers with there questions? I even had the decency not to question or belittle your strange symptom. Something that you have done quite often to members of this forum.

I actually feel very sorry for you Oscar. You must be in terrible mental state to feel such bitterness towards people that suffer the same condition as yourself. For all the effort you just put into your abuse towards me; a big word and a special letter character, all you got back was a ban threat and a laugh from me. Even more tragic is the fact that I am getting better after all my efforts and experiments that you personally criticized. While you are still suffering and as usual, contributing nothing to the forum or helping yourself.

Joe91/bluecloud87 I think your hypochondriac obviously so posting your symptoms is meaningless. Here are some more of your bizarre posts;

Joe, is that really you telling people to use propecia???

Wow, Joe, if those comments are yours then your actions are abhorrant. Other people may not be able to feel their scalp, but you’re the numb skull!

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i’ve wanted to ask this for a while but it’s kind of hard to describe. it’s a side effect that i’ve personally experienced that i really haven’t seen brought up here. it feels like part of the right side of my scalp is numb and tingly. does this make any sense to any of you?

^ I bet you have dandruff, that’s what makes scalp tingly and numb.

Doesn’t dandruff cause itchiness, not numbness? I’m not aware of it causing numbness. Please quote a source.

Well for me it causes itchiness and numbness… the scales are stuck in scalp hence the numbness. Yet when the flakes are loosened you get itchy.