Numbness of the scalp

Hey dude, just today i realized besides penis numbness i can’t feel the top of my scalp. Decided to have a look on the forum and i am seeing your comment. I know it’s been so long ago. Anyway if you are still there can you please share was the problem resolved in time or if you have done something to help with? Any input would be appreciated.


Same here, when i scratch my scalp with my fingernails, there isn’t any “overload” feeling of sensivity and itchiness anymore…

It is not completely numb but i would say %50 loss of sensation.

Did anyone resolve this once they are recovered from other PFS sides?

@Ozeph i hope you see this…

I didn’t get this. I did have penile numbness but it’s gone, however, the penis brain connection seems to be weaker sometime. I feel the same but it feels less sexual. It just happens sometime and overall does not affect my sexual life.

I’ve been eating lots of chicken eggs lately and they are full of estrogen (from soy feed). I switched to free range duck eggs yesterday.

I have 2 symptoms that disappeared lately: burning eyes and dry lips. I think it’s related to taking Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) which is a NAD+ booster, just like the keto diet. (It lowers oxydative stress and inflammation, help heal the epigenome) Sleep is acceptable but I still wake up-5-6 hours after falling asleep. I managed to sleep again and I don’t seem to wake up fully awake (like on coffee) like before. Instead I wake up drowzy and sleepy.

I just named the last of my symptoms, although I probably still have residual symptoms of many things at a very mild level which make me not notice it. Like anhedonia. Am I as happy as before, as connected ? It seems I am but am I really ?

I really do recommend the ketogenic diet. Or at least the least carbs possible.

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Thats my worst nightmare… I kinda seeing improvements lately and getting ‘‘flashbacks’’ of how should i feel. Another guy said the same that recovering PFS cases start to get these ‘‘flashbacks’’.

Like how good/ sensitive ‘‘normal people’’ feel. And i started to realize how numb i am, for years… Like the whole genital area…

How come i realize this after 7 years? I think it was a gradual worsening so that it was hard for me to notice Ozeph?

Yesterday i felt just a little sensation of my semen, travelling inside my penis while ejaculating… I think this didn’t happen to me for a long time. There is a saying in Turkish: ‘‘If you heat the oven slowly (to cook) , the frog wouldn’t realize its dying.’’ I think that’s what happened to me :frowning:

And then i realized OH! PEOPLE SHOULD FEEL THE SEMEN COMING OUT FROM INSIDE! THAT WAS THE HEALTHY NORMAL!! They are feeling the urination while urinating, they are feeling good when they touch their testicles!! Then i remembered my own memories, and good times!! All those sensations!

I just catched a glimpse, like from 0x to 1x of what should i feel (10x)…

Now this is confusing me, even if i recover, how am i going to be sure im 100% back to normal while i can’t remember my healthy ‘‘normal’’ exactly?

Do you remember when did you realize this side? Also are you sure it is 100% healed back?

In PFS cases it seems instant. Like they feel the numbness within days and be ‘‘SELF AWARE’’ about the degree of the LOSS.

For me, i didn’t realize these changes when i first crashed, however i have read other cases over the web the week i crashed, 7 years ago, and i saw other symptoms, i think if it did happen to me that quickly i should have realized it 7 years ago… Not NOW! (And im sure about my semen volume, it was way more after i first crashed, now way less. So increasing prostate inflamamtion which damages the nerves got worse over the years then?)

My whole genital skin area seems numb and i have no idea when did this happen exactly, this is traumatising. I forgot to be ‘‘human’’. Please help me to understand sir.

We’ll never be the same. First, because we had this experience and second because unlike DNA, the epigenome does not have memory of it’s prior state. (our disease is damage to the epigenome from what I understand). Even if we makes our epigenome more functional, it will be in a different state than what it was before. But does it matter ? I’m not the same at 53 than I was at 30. We change all the time. PFS or not, I won’t be the same in 10 years.

I suggest you do things that are recognized or suggested as ways to fix the epigenome. It has worked for me and others has had results as well.

I was really numb 1 month after the crash, became hypersensitive 9 moths after and now, almost 3 years after, I believe I am slightly more numb than before crashing and it depends on the day. My symptoms are fluctuating, but much, much less so than before. I am getting closer to averaging up to a state closer to what I was 10 years ago.

I don’t know but I don’t think you’re getting increasingly worst. IMHO you’re are either staying the same and just maybe slightly improving.’

Here are the tricks I learned that are suggested for fixing the epigenome:

  • Exercise to create more muscle mass and more androgen receptors
  • low carbs or almost zero carbs or zero carbs
  • Higher fat to replace the energy deficit from cutting carbs.
  • Fasting 1-3 days. Some do more
  • Calorie deficit for a period of time, like from a few days to a week or two. Repeat periodically
  • Intermittent fasting: eating only in a window of 1-6 hours. Outside this window, only water.
  • Carnivore / ketogenic diet helps with the 5 points above and has extra benefits
  • Cold shower and/or hot saunas
  • Exercise while glycogen deficient. (at the end of a fast or while being in ketosis)
  • Get out of breath exercise (cardio until you’re out of breath)
  • Take melatonin as a food supplement
  • Maintain a strict schedule: eat always at the same time and sleep at the same time.
  • Take NAD+ boosting supplements like Nicotinamide MonoNucleotide (NMN) and NAD+ boosting plants

Those are from Epigenome researcher Dr. David Sinclair.
(I don’t suggest Resveratrol, Metformin or Trans-Pterosstilbene. The last two may work for people not on a ketogenic diet Idk, The first one doesn’t seem to go well with PFS)

Here’s a good article on the topic:

Only in the scalp and penis? How is your nipples?

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