NOW Saw Palmetto Extract With Pygeum - 1 Week In


I know you’re struggling right now. It’s likely you have minor/moderate anxiety attacks from time to time due to the constant worry burned into your head, but to let you know, most of my symptoms after my crash 4 weeks ago have mostly gone away. I’m only suffering from genital numbness and minor tissue damage right now, but I’m still carrying on hope because how far I went from my baseline to nearly a month later. Some of my initial symptoms post-crash were:

  • Loss of morning, nocturnal, spontaneous erections
  • Huge reduction in libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Heart palpitations
  • Minor brain fog and fatigue
  • Severe anxiety/depression

My erections have improved significantly and my libido has returned to pre-finasteride state more or less (I get horny everyday even after fapping the day before). I would think I’m one of the lucky ones with just genital numbness, but I also believe that most people tend to recover within a few months as Koranolio mentioned. Just don’t take any supplements or do anything drastic for right now. Your body is trying to fix itself and you providing a lot of different nutrients/hormones into the system would just make it overwhelmed. It’s also possible your erectile dysfunction is partially due to the constant worrying. I think if you try to keep your mind off of this and refrain from visiting this site (maybe visit every once per 4 days), your physical and psychological symptoms will improve at a faster pace as you’re putting less cortisol into your system due to stress.

I’m not downplaying your symptoms. Not at all. I know the struggle you’re going through because I’m still in my early phase as well. I’ve been worrying constantly that my numbness may be permanent, but I also can’t tell what’s happening in my body right now. Some people have told me their symptoms spontaneously resolved overnight after many months of suffering, others have not completely recovered but improved far beyond what was their baseline. The human body is very much so like the cryptocurrency market, you never know what will happen… so it’s best to minimize stress and think positive to give your body a fighting chance.

I took 7 doses of topical Finasteride at 0.5 mg (systemic absorption was basically 0.05 mg per application). We both are short-term users just for perspective.

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Thank YOU very much for the reply, Bruce! You’re absolutely right, its all very unpredictable. Out of curiosity, did you ever experience any penis shrinkage, wrinkles, or axis rotation? Not much pain down there, but my testicles are constantly moving and everything just looks and feels weird. Constantly shriveled up, very rarely full of blood, but it does happen. I must say mentally, I’m doing better. However, like you said, its tough due to the stress of the situation. Definitely no more shaking or crazy blood pressure. Unfortunately, my skin seems to be getting dryer and I keep seeing white flakes (all over, face and body). What’s odd is that as my skin gets worse, my stomach/back aches seem to improve. Much less gastric distress. Just trying to focus on life and keep moving forward. Not much else we can do besides avoiding the site for a bit (which I will do, just wanted to give you a reply). I wish YOU nothing but the best and a speedy recovery. Thank YOU again for taking the time to write your note.

P.S. I’m a little over two weeks in. All started April 3rd.

Any update ?
By d way how much mgs u took saw palmetto ?

I’m glad you’re doing better mentally! I also had a period of relief from anxiety/depression, but it tends to creep up at weird times. Just find ways to manage it. Talking to someone about your problem makes you realize how much anxiety does the talking; getting that pain out will make you think more reasonably.

Out of curiosity, did you ever experience any penis shrinkage, wrinkles, or axis rotation?

No, I haven’t had those problems. I think penile shrinkage is largely due to not having the erections from what I can understand. I’d advise speaking to your doctor; I know some doctors allow you to message them for non-urgent questions – if not maybe have another checkup in a few weeks.

Honestly, the best you can do right now is to be patient. I also struggle HEAVILY on this part, but doing anything rash and not staying positive are incredibly counterintuitive. Having a good mindset, remaining calm, and thinking happy/positive allow your body to maximize performance (it’s a proven science). If anything, it would give yourself a better chance and could potentially improve recovery time.

Thank you for the kind messages and checking in @Bruce and @Poisonpalmetto . My apologies for not checking in again sooner, I’ve just been following the “stay away from the forum” advice. I just recently passed the six month mark and would like to share where I’m at.

Before proceeding though, I want to answer @Poisonpalmetto 's question. This is the closest version of the NOW product I can find online:

The version I took was slightly different. It contained 320mg of Saw Palmetto Extract, 80mg of Pygeum Extract, and 1.5g of Pumpkin Seed Oil. It’s etched in my brain. I took 3 doses. Morning and night of April 3rd 2021 and morning of April 4th 2021. I felt a sharp pain in my penis an hour or so after taking that last dose, heard my stomach grumbling and honestly felt like I was a spectator in my own life. Out of body, like high. Stopped immediately, but of course too late.

Now, I should be clear my symptoms started before this. Even my hair loss (which was pharma induced). You see, I went to the Clinique counter in August 2020, I mean dermatologist, and said I’m starting to get some pretty deep wrinkles, probably should have worn sunscreen better. Do you have a moisturizer you recommend? He prescribed me Tretinoin Cream (0.025%). Now, I’m usually very skeptical, but was dumb and didn’t even ask why I was given a prescription for something so minuscule! I used that for just under two weeks and my skin got very red and dry, so I stopped. He said “yeah, some people have that reaction”. So, I said I’ll just deal, not worth it. Two months later (October 2020), my hair starts falling out like crazy. Stupidly, I go to the same doctor, he says “Telogen Effluvium” and best to just wait it out and de-stress. He said I seemed like I was stressed out. No shit, my hair is falling out, I wasn’t stressed out before then. The stress is only there now because of the hair fall. So, I wait until March 2021 to see him again. Now, in that time period, I start to develop some tooth pain and gum recession. I also get more vascular (despite not working out as much as I’d like). When I do try to workout, I tear a muscle attached to the rotator cuff. I forget which one, but it doesn’t heal on it’s own, until I’m given a steroid shot and physical therapy. I assume wow, guess I’m starting to suddenly age. That must be it. So, now it’s March 2021, and I return to the dermatologist. Hair fall hasn’t stopped, it’s actually worse. He prescribes me topical Clobetasol. I try it once and I get a weird tingling feeling in my penis. I never use it again. He says try Rogaine. I do and again get that weird feeling, so I stop after two days. Now, he suggests Propecia. I google that and go no way, given all that’s been going on, I don’t want to risk it. I ask him is there something natural that I can take, I seem to be having reactions to drugs. Oh he says, I highly recommend Saw Palmetto. Stupid me goes to health food store and apparently finds super charged version that I cannot even find anymore to show you.

Here’s the real kicker though, after the Saw Palmetto Extract pills, my hair loss only got worse. Initially, it was just the top of my head, now it’s the sides and back, and body hair as well. Especially the stomach, chest and genital area. So, it did the opposite, I could almost bear this better if at least my hair was coming back. You know, at least it did what it promised, but no, can’t even get that.

Fast forward to today, I will address changes below (I’ll start with the good news):

No longer impotent, can get an erection (full size) and generally as hard or as near hard as before. Ejaculations sometimes great/normal, but usually low volume, not much distance and generally have a yellow tinge (but not as bad as a few months ago). Seems to be progressing and certainly feels great again, I’d say say 90% of sensitivity is back, some days feels like 100%. Filled with sexual thoughts again and can be visually aroused (without physical manipulation) about 50% of the time. Flaccid size is still generally bad. However, I’ll have random moments every couple of days where it returns to normal size or near normal. Will usually last an hour or so to. Most of the time, the “structure” still appears off/“spongy”, but I’ve definitely had a few times it looked like “the good old days”. The wrinkles are still there too. However, they disappear or are hard to see when erect.

Testicles seem to vary in size and strength each day. Sometimes they are small and can be “compressed”/pushed in, other days they are normal size and “solid” again. Scrotum line comes and goes (as weird as that sounds). Sometimes they appear to be moving, it’s incredibly scary and weird. Scrotum and Perineum skin very loose most of the time, but does tighten up somewhat every now and then. Prostate still definitely feels smaller than it was. Massaging it helps both sexually and to make it feel better. Since doing that, my prostate has hurt less and less and my ball pain is 99% gone.

Panic attacks are gone, but muscle twitching while reduced is definitely still a problem. If I try to flex, you can literally see muscles shaking. I see my foot twitching when standing on one to put sock on another as well. Randomly, especially at night, I’ll just randomly have this all body twitch. I wish I could find a name for it, it’s bizarre.

Humor, wit and zest for life is back most of the time (if I forget what’s happened to me and I do try my best). There are moments I’m generally happy and I can understand conversations again. For the first few months, I’d zone in and out and have to ask for things to be repeated all the time. That or just have this awful sense of dread randomly. It reminds me of when you did something bad as kid and knew you were going to get caught, but amplified. Especially at night. Just like you know it’s all over.

I’ve been a very articulate and technical person all my life and if I may say have always written very well. The trouble is though lately, I make all sorts of typos, grammar mistakes, I mean I know this will be a mess, but hopefully understandable. I mean just compare the eloquence of my initial post and this one.

Can think clearly on most days, have moments where brain fog feels 90% gone. Unfortunately though, I have days where I’m right back to square one and you may not believe me, but on those days, I have trouble remembering the names of people I’ve known forever. For instance, my dentist (who fully believes me about PFS and has been fantastic) and whom I’ve seen since 2013 comes in to see me after the hygienist and I go great to see you Doctor um um. Yeah, I felt awful and apologized profusely. Thankfully, he understood.

Another terrible thing that happens sometimes is I lose my perspicacity, stuff that would be simple for me to figure out before, is just too much. I feel like an idiot and that’s sometimes the most heartbreaking thing, other than being in a room with a doctor with less medical knowledge than you…which is frequent and scary as hell.

Sweating again, not as much as I used to, but definitely better than before. Skin healing better again. Even bruises healing better again.

Now, while that’s great, here’s the bad news, my skin is as dry as ever, my mouth while not always dry is still generally dry I’d say 75% of the time. My joints are popping and clicking as much as ever and some days even hurt. Muscle wastage continues and skin is really flabby. I can even bunch up skin of my nose and contort my face like Jim Carrey. I can stretch my cheeks out like a cartoon character. I feel like a kid in an oversized skin suit. For lack of a better way to put it. Nails have ridges and I can break off ends without a clipper sometimes. They are that brittle. Gum rescission continues, but oddly enough, is only affecting the back right side of my mouth. All my teeth are loose and hurt. The back teeth are all jutting out in different directions. My Tinnitus which calmed down like a month ago is now randomly back in full force. I went from having incredible vision to requiring glasses. I went from 20/20 to 20/30 overnight. The thing is though, at night my vision is actually pretty good. Whenever there is light though, especially sunlight, I can barely open my eyes and things are incredibly blurry. My left eye seems to have lost all moisture/tears and it’s the blurriest. The right eye still has moisture and it’s definitely my better eye. I no longer produce snot or ear wax, but I have constant nose bleeds. My stomach which used to hurt all the time in the beginning actually feels somewhat decent most of the time now…but that came with a cost, now my stool has blood leaking from it. It’s very odd, imagine a “log” sitting in the toilet and just oozing blood, so much so the water turns red.

I keep getting big red lump like zits on my skin (everywhere but my face thankfully), they are very itchy, but generally go away in 24-48 hours. Hair loss getting worse, but amazingly despite the massive 50% loss, my hairline has not receded.

I have very big lungs and have always been able to hold my breath underwater for a very long time. Now, I struggle going up the stairs.

During the daytime, I have no energy and can only do computer work generally. At night, I am loaded with energy and can’t sleep.

I try to walk my dog and that has been getting better and one of the days when we got back. I felt a lot of energy and no joint/muscle pain, so I decided to go running. I swear I was back to normal. It was incredible and I used to run all the time. I felt unconquerable, like I was top of the world. A few days later, I couldn’t do it again due to back pain. But, I’m hoping for that feeling once more. That had to be two months ago now.

Also, my voice is much weaker. I used to have a very deep voice, now it’s very light. I can’t hit notes I used to, both high and low. I’ve lost my range and can’t do impressions like I used to. Would be great at parties, etc - no more - at least for now.

My fingers and toes all shrunk very early on, but they seem to be going back to normal size. I know it sounds bizarre, but that’s what happened. My jaw is also very loose at times and clicks. I can move it in very disturbing ways.

I’ve gone thru a ton of doctors and am finally seeing a University Endocrinologist and Neuromuscular doctor next month. Recommended by my new GP and Gastrointerologist who believe me. I also found a new Urologist that said he’s never seen it before, but has no other explanation and wants to do whatever he can. He put me in touch with the new GP too.

Old GP had me do 24 Hour Urinary Cortisol Test, I ended up needing 3 jugs. The usual is one. His response was I must be drinking too much water. No joke. Anyway, my cortisol was thru the roof at 194 and Creatine was also pretty high. He said that had to be a mistake and ordered Dexamethasone Suppression Test. After that, I was on opposite end of spectrum, from Cushing’s to Addision’s. He said that proves nothing wrong, went to a better doctor who said if anything, it proves something is very off. Very low white blood cell count at 3.7. Testoterone very low at 395. Vitamin A and Vitamin K just above normal limits. Vitamin D is “low normal” at 32. Also, all my thyroid readings TSH/LSH are “low normal”. I can get scans if they will help, my new GP thinks my Pituitary is damaged and everything is downstream from that.

Have also seen Cardiologist who has been great and believes me. My aortic valve has a small leakage and my heart overall appears inflamed and enlarged. I’m supposed to get an EKG every three months now. Early on, my heart was pounding like crazy. In the first week, I went to the hospital, I thought I was having a heart attack and might die. They were so kind to me…they accused me of being on drugs and casually mentioned they had police officers there. My heart felt really small and was beating at an insane rate. Now, I can barely feel my pulse when I touch my neck. It’s very faint and weak, equally as scary. It also reminds me that when I turn my head now, I feel/hear a crunching nose the middle of the back of my skull. Where the brain stem connects? I’m not sure, but it is very disconcerting.

Apologies for ranting, just want this out there if it can help someone else or in case something happens to me. I will get tests scanned if anyone desires. While I’m happy about the lawsuit, to be frank, I have as much faith in the US court system as I do the FDA. Still though it’s a step forward just like Baylor. I will share anything I find that works for me (or doesn’t). We are all in this together. I love you all, let’s keep fighting!


Hi @Fighter1

I’m glad to hear you’re keeping a positive attitude. In the early months it’s incredibly important, and it sounds like you’ve made some natural improvements which is fantastic. Very happy for you.

As you’ve been off the drug for 3 months, it would be great if you could a) report your symptoms to your regulator and b) complete the patient survey: New user? START HERE

Although I understand your scepticism of the FDA (I’m not a fan either, FWIW), regulatory reporting is very important in improving clinical awareness of PFS, and also increasing interest from researchers. Completing our patient survey is voluntary but would be extremely helpful with our research efforts.

And if you’d ever like to chat, please reach out, I’d be happy to connect for a call.

Take care,

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Hey Mitch,

Apologies for the late response. To be frank, I do not have the time nor the patience to deal with the FDA. It’s the “regulatory” group that failed us. For now, I prefer to remain anonymous. However, I must tell you that I’m working with a well-regarded university and a world-renown Immunologist/Allergist. They not only acknowledge that PFS exists, they tell me the local VA Hospital has an ENTIRE WING of PFS patients.

Instead of the FDA, I believe it would be more beneficial to get the attention of people such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Dr. Ron Paul. Both individuals have been great on the rushed approvals of Covid vaccines, etc. I’m working on a number of angles (within my network), both in terms of awareness and potential medical solutions. When the time is right, let’s have a call to discuss strategy.

I’ve made a career out of achieving the impossible, I do not intend to stop now. WE’RE going to do this!


P.S. It’s worth noting how Eric Clapton made waves by disclosing his reaction to the Covid vaccine. Something similar could happen here at anytime.


@Fighter1 this makes for very positive reading. Please keep us appraised of progress. An entire wing of patients! That’s unreal considering we’re still classed as delusional hypos by the majority of people. Things are changing as the wheels slowly turn A huge thank you for your efforts


Thank you, my friend! I must say praise from Caesar, it’s your attitude and posts that keep me going. You are brave beyond words. Yes, as soon as they told me about the wing and that they believed me, I was tearing up. As just months earlier, I was deemed a delusional hypo as well. Agreed about the wheels, just have to speed them up, and again ditto, thank you for all your efforts!


KOUDOS! We keep going while trying to make a difference at times it feels like it might be the only thing that takes the full fire out of pfs. I.E. taking the fight to it. For me its raising awareness no matter how much shit it brings in terms of ridicule etc, when this blows one day, which it will our suffering and fight under the most extreme circumstances will be recognised I want to be around to see that day… Hopefully we’ll all get to experience good times once again. The hope of seeing that day again is another reason. I can’t imagine it but it’ will be on the same level as the most amazing thing that has ever happened to anyone!!! To be born again. A second life. Literally… what a reason to hang. around. Feeling the symptoms fall away and then the rebuilding of your tissues etc I doubt this has ever been experienced by anyone. Thank you for your words @Fighter1 and apologies I’ve gone off on one I get emotional when I dream of healing from this. :heart:


Ok, that’s your decision, but it takes 30 minutes so it’s not exactly an activity which takes “time and patience”.

Best of luck with your work but PFS Network/Propecia Help won’t be involved in anything which tries to draw parallels between vaccine side effects and PFS.

All the best,

No need to ever apologize, @LazarusRy! I imagine that re-building feeling will be otherworldly. I very much look forward to that day! Catch up soon, my friend :heart:

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Wow! This explains so much. I prefer to keep an open mind, especially considering the third leading cause of death (in the US) is medical malpractice. Further, several of the symptoms reported are quite similar. I mean Merck is even working on their “miracle Covid pill”. Oh and of course these horrific reads:

But yeah sure, whatever. Let’s just close that door and not even check. I mean the FDA and the drug companies have never let us down before…

You’re free to post about your own experience regarding COVID vaccines, but please note we have set up a thread for that purpose here: PropeciaHelp's only Coronavirus Vaccine topic. Read before posting

Best of luck.

Best of luck to you as well.

So, received a lot of news today. Seems my Cortisol situation has flipped and Testosterone has risen. Although, it should be noted that I had not ejaculated in about a week’s time. This might have affected those results.

My Prolactin is the latest curveball, which is very high. It was only slightly previously (18). Estradiol also rose from 17 to 33.2. WBC remains low. In March was 6.6 (before Saw Palmetto), dropped to 3.7 in July, now is 3.6.

While Vitamin D had been taken previously and was at 32.5, we will not repeat that until the next round of tests. We’ll also repeat 3 Alpha Androstenediol Glucuronide and DHT then as well.

For a variety of reasons, it’s being suggested I have a Pituitary MRI. The current hold-off is finding an Iodine alternative (to avoid a reaction). It’s possible I have a tumor or more likely “pseudo-tumor” that would have likely been caused by the drugs and is causing me to produce excess Prolactin. This may drop naturally and or may require a pill. That is something else we also want to hold off on, as you well know, anything taken can make things worse. Please see my latest blood and 24 Hour Urinary Cortisol tests below and let me know if you have similar issues/results. Perhaps, we can help each other.

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I really doubt you have a pituitary tumor. I also had high prolactin, just over 30 on your scale. Later it came down to normal range.

Although I felt better when taking the 2nd test, it’s not “the cure” by any means. I’d refrain from using any dopamine agonist to bring it down. They have nasty sides themself. But a pituitary scan might be worth it for ease of mind.

Also your doc should really have ordered a sensitive E2 test. Although serum E2 doesn’t seem to hold much answers either.

CSF and plasma hormones doesn’t seem to correlate much at all in PFS patients. Melcagnis studies showed pretty consistently that PFS patients had a ~20 fold decrease of E2 compared to controls in CSF. I doubt any of them had such deviations in serum.

Now imagine for example you’d add an AI into that mix based on your serum levels, scary stuff!

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Thank you very much for the detailed response, @Cbrandel. Much obliged. I agree with you, I highly doubt I have a tumor as well. Something is definitely “off” though with my Pituitary. So, like you said, I’m considering for ease of mind.

I also am very hesitant to take anything. I’m glad you wrote what you did. It’s exactly why I posted here. You confirmed my concern.

Appreciate the suggestion. I will ask for the sensitive E2 test. It may not hold much answers, but can’t hurt to have documented.

Agreed about AI’s, scary as all hell!

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@LazarusRy How are you today? Out of curiosity, do you have any additional info on the gentleman who recovered everything including skin/facial changes after 2 years? If at all possible, I’d like to share with my doctors. Hoping there is some sort of clue there that can help us. @aletheia 's story is very interesting as well. I’ve already shared that.

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He’s in the photographic changes section somewhere. I’ll see if I can find him later this week

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