Novel Penile Ultrasound Technique to Explain Mechanism of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in Young Patients using Finasteride for Androgenic Alopecia

Exactly what do you want to know?

Your sexual sides after quitting the drug. I dont even know if the 1st doppler pic was right after crash or so^^. Just like… your penis history after crash.
Can or could u achieve errections and your situation got worse, or got it worse during ED periods. Or had u full ed after crash etc.

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Call me old-fashioned, but in my day you had to take someone out for dinner and drinks first before asking these types of questions.


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In case of the aptosis of corpora cavernosa, tunica is unaffected, right? Does it mean the placement of penile prosthesis can restore the former glory and size?

just came across this

burst out laughing

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Why brother?

I’m surprised more people haven’t tried Shockwave. I think this may help halt and improve the penile fibrosis / smooth muscle damage many of us are experiencing as long as enough sessions are done (practitioners seem to suggest 12 sessions + PRP for severe ED). Results are extremely promising for this treatment. A few of the forum members have tried it with mixed success but you have to stick with it for multiple sessions and add PRP get the full benefit. Our lack of morning wood and infrequency of strong erections may be causing some of the apoptosis / smooth muscle damage due to low NO release over time (see below). I’m probably going to do the shockwave and add daily low dose Cialis for a while. This may be the missing piece in my case.

“Nerve injury or reduced nerve function results in reduced Nitric Oxide (NO) release available to the smooth muscle of the penis. Lack of (NO) causes reduction and loss of smooth muscle cells in the penis and increased fibrosis in the penis causing venous leak resulting in ED. Treatments revolve around penile rehab and daily PDE5 inhibitors to improve penile blood flow”

"There are several different theories how penile shockwave therapy enhances penile erectile function. While all theories may differ in mechanism, they all point towards improving penile blood, improving vascular growth and renewal, improving nerve function and breaking down fibrotic tissue within the penis to enhance erectile function.

The most prominent hypotheses behind shockwave therapy for the treatment of ED stems in part from the therapeutic uses of shockwave waves to induce angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth)."

"Shockwave therapy has the potential to activate dormant Schwann cells (nerve cells) within the dorsal nerve of the penis, activation of endothelial cells and improve nitric oxide release to enhance vasodilation during erotic stimuli."

tried 12 sessions… not sure if it helped but didn’t harm anything

cialis also helpful

my thinking is that our hardware is fine, but its the software where we have an issue. Ie i have had moments of v strong morning wood without any supplements or cialis. Presumably if you can do it once you can do it all the time in theory. I thing its something to do with how our hormones regulate NO production in our penile tissue


Tried 17 shockwaves + 2 prp’s.
No lasting effect (but there was a quite clear temporary effect for around a month).

Any word from demon?? I hope he is doing better!

Sorry I don’t understand, what’s the distinction between being healed and reversing the condition. Aren’t they functionally the same?

Same here. My Doppler shows heterogeneous tissue, enlargement of tunica albuginea thickness and hypoechoic regions with low vascularity leading to low elasticity of the erectile tissue and, therefore, secondary venous leakage.

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Tissue specific, not serum. That’s probably the key.

I don’t have any doppler because no doctor wanna do it here. But I think I have the same thing. My penis lost a lot of elasticity.

So they just flat out refuse to do a proper clinical examination of a patient who comes to them with serious complaints? That borders on malpractice to me.

Doctors who won’t order a Doppler for patients with run of the mill erectile dysfunction are just trying to save their patients time and money. There’s no compelling reason to take the test while first line treatments like PDE5 inhibitors are cheap and carry few risks. The Doppler only comes into the picture if those don’t work.

Pretty much, they said that whatever the result would be it they wouldn’t be able to do anything. Which I think is true as well.

But I still want it to see if there’s and substantial damage. I’d pay out of pocket but with our system it’s not always possible.

I don’t think it’s malpractice in this case, although I don’t agree with the refusal either.

They’re trying to save the state money in this case, I’d pay out of pocket to see what’s going on if I could.

Why do they think that?