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24, 5’10”, 150
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accutane, trazodone, weed
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60mg/day for 3 months
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~3 months
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cold turkey
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3 months
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i first went on accutane in late 2018, after 3 months i started to feel a little strange, i lacked as much excitement. after stopping this seemed to go away, i felt relatively normal after stopping. 6 months later my brothers friend told me i should go back on accutane because i still had acne. being insecure i listened. i ended up going on 20mg per day, after 4 days i started to have a stomach ache. i stopped immediately, i ended up getting a constant headache. this is when i started smoking weed to try help me sleep. i smoked for a couple weeks, i had constant intense anxiety and stress, i was thinking i was dying. after about a month of this, i went to the doctor, they gave me a pill called trazodone. i took this pill once, and it put me to sleep. after a few days i was with some people and they asked me to smoke weed with them, i didn’t want to but i got peer pressured. ended up smoking, hit the join 4 times and instantly became extremely high. i was so scared, i started feeling like i was going to pass out. this ended up triggering an intense panic attack. after this panic attack, my libido dropped, my emotions dulled, i lost all motivation in life. i instantly began to think that the accutane was the cause for all of my issues. i became extremely stressed about this for a matter of months, until my anxiety basically turned off. i wasn’t really stressed or anxious anymore. during this time i was doing nofap, as i believed my issues came from too much masturbation. after a couple months of nofap. i caved in and watched porn. i had the most intense orgasm of my life. earlier this summer i stopped worrying about my issues as much and actually noticed changes. i started experiencing ocd and anxiety again for normal things. which had left after my panic attack. during this time i actually started noticing my emotions coming back. i started to get very angry for no reason. i didn’t get to the point where i started to notice positive emotions. this all disappeared when i smoked weed again, not knowing i had a terrible reaction to it ever since my panic attack. after smoking i became very anxious, and basically got insomnia for a few days afterwards. i really don’t know what caused my issues, it seems like it was a combination of things. the strange thing is i still get the feel good dopamine effect in my body from orgasm, however i don’t get the euphoric high from it. i don’t really know how to go about this. because everything happened so fast. my symptoms seem to be vastly different from most people on here, it’s kind of strange to me.

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Hi @nicopickle3, and welcome! How long has it been since you took Trazadone or Accutane?

There are some things in your story that I think people can relate to, like an intense panic attack being followed by an absence of emotion, and nofap being somewhat helpful.

I hope you’ll come back from time to time and update people on how you’re doing. I think it’s especially helpful to hear more from people with Accutane issues, since there are fewer members with that type of issue here.

it’s been just over two years since that panic attack

@nicopickle3 – so would you say you’ve stabilized since then? Are Things getting worse or better? (Sucks either way that you had to go through this, of course!)

earlier this summer i was just avoiding all of the negative thoughts i constantly had, and i started to feel emotion again. i’m not sure why this happened but it was quite nice. even though i mostly felt anger. i liked it. and it seemed like my libido was coming back too

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so i’ve been doing DIY FMT for a couple weeks now, initially i started to feel better, i felt a sense of calmness. oil started producing on my skin again, my acne started coming back. i felt this sense of optimism, this was also with the added benefit of very long sleep, sometimes 12 hours. which is insane for me, as i’ve had sleeping trouble since pssd, pas. however it seems like my body is having some sort of autoimmune reaction now. it’s like the body started fighting off these bacteria ive been introducing. the past two days i’ve felt pretty bad, after starting to feel well, besides the anhedonia, and emotional numbness. i’m going to continue the fmts for a few more weeks to hope this is just some sort of phase, or die off symptoms. but it brings me to the point where i began to get acne again, and oily skin. this just points me into the direction of autoimmune. also my shortness of breath got better, and my tinnitus disappeared during this time. my ear that barely produces earwax started producing ear wax again. my body seems to have been repairing itself, as i would wake up sore every morning, after years or not really feeling any soreness, also i didn’t do anything different to have a soreness reaction. it’s just mind blowing that i was starting to feel good again, and everything was returning to normal. would love to hear opinions on this


i would also like to add that i started getting very sexual dreams, waking up to intense morning wood. i genuinely believe that the body is stuck fighting itself, when i introduced these things, my body initially started to shift its resources to these new things instead of fighting itself, giving me a few days of bliss


These improvements aren’t uncommon in mini recoveries I used to get these too sometimes for no reason. I’m unsure why they’re short lived. Possibly the overexpression. Hopefully you’ve just hit a bump in the road. Keep us posted as FMT has often had my interest.

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