FMT was helping, now feeling bad

so i’ve been doing DIY FMT for a couple weeks now, initially i started to feel better, i felt a sense of calmness. oil started producing on my skin again, my acne started coming back. i felt this sense of optimism, this was also with the added benefit of very long sleep, sometimes 12 hours. which is insane for me, as i’ve had sleeping trouble since pssd, pas. however it seems like my body is having some sort of autoimmune reaction now. it’s like the body started fighting off these bacteria ive been introducing. the past two days i’ve felt pretty bad, after starting to feel well, besides the anhedonia, and emotional numbness. i’m going to continue the fmts for a few more weeks to hope this is just some sort of phase, or die off symptoms. but it brings me to the point where i began to get acne again, and oily skin. this just points me into the direction of autoimmune. also my shortness of breath got better, and my tinnitus disappeared during this time. my ear that barely produces earwax started producing ear wax again. my body seems to have been repairing itself, as i would wake up sore every morning, after years or not really feeling any soreness, also i didn’t do anything different to have a soreness reaction. it’s just mind blowing that i was starting to feel good again, and everything was returning to normal. would love to hear opinions on this


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