No more suicides, no more disease, I BELIEVE I FOUND A CURE


No mention of asparagus in that thread.


First page

“kept close watch of my diet, I began to eat more broccoli, asparragus and the like veggies, and less red meat, I also added more fruits to my diet and less dairy products.”


I want to try the asparagus but just can’t right now, it will skew the possible results of my progesterone treatment that I’m still doing. Can we get more people doing high dose asparagus? Stuff is good if you steam it, if you don’t like it then dip it in ranch dressing, that fixes the bad taste of any vegetable.

Some of you guys could be feeling good tomorrow if you go out and buy some tonight and eat a bunch.


BrongFogBoy, I have been trying to encourage everyone to start my Asparagus protocol, so far the ones who have have all reported back improvements. Have you started a thread on your Progesterone protocol? I have read others have tried Progesterone here only to have an improvement and a relapse, but every little bit of experience and info helps. 
I plan to look into Asparagus supplements tonight when I get to Vitamin Shoppe, see what they have, maybe I can find a supplement that works as good as eating all this raw Asparagus. Let me add that steaming it is a bad idea, cooking it at all lessens the effects, Finatruth had results eating it cooked, but also has very low test. According to my theories it is the Protodioscin igniting 5AR enzymic activity that is reducing test to DHT that is helping us. If you have very low test, you don't need much 5AR enzymes, if you have higher test, then you need more, which is why I need it raw as I am on injectable test.


Very very very happy to hear this. Please continue to keep us updated as often as you like. I think I can speak for all us when I say we eagerly await your updates.

As for me, I’m on day#3 of white asparagus (raw) x 12 spears a day. Haven’t noticed anything, as of yet. Finatruth said it took 2 weeks for the asparagus to kick in. Will continue for at least 1 month, everyday asparagus.


Brainfog just read your post about your fast in 2012… very inspiring. … how are you doing now. …


Tumbleweeds, we do not know if the white asparagus works, even though you read it has more protodioscin, for all we know it is a combination or something else in the green asparagus that is working. I suggest you get green asparagus and eat that as that is what we know is working. We can experiment with the white later, also, what is your testosterone? If your testosterone is low, inducing 5 alpha reductase activity may not do too much if there isn’t much test to reduce to DHT. However, Finatruth said he had very low testosterone and it seems he was completely shut down and now he is doing much better.
Go tomorrow and buy the green, and let me know your testosterone, this will work, we will make this manageable!


I still haven’t recovered 100% but the fast did bring improvements like I spoke about in the thread and I have continued to do intermittent fasting ever since. I feel that my side effects are much less than what other people experience as I always have nocturnal erections, morning erections (usually) and can have sex with no issues. My libido and my mood / energy are not what they should be. In any case, welcome to the forums, I hope you stick around and start trying stuff with us as many people are discovering a lot of good things that are helping us cope with this problem…we need more experimenters! :smiley:


JustQuitDut, are you Apr1989?


yes we will manage this all together this forum great all we different countries or religion but we all brother in here we will sucsess at the end


Hi guys,
I have been following this thread and have started the asparagus treatment since last night. I’m taking raw asparagus and so far I have seen only one noticeable change which is smell of urine which is a known effect from eating asparagus…
I still have the rubbery penis, shrinkage, lower back/pelvic pain(mostly after ejaculation) and weak urine stream though DRE result was that prostate is okay… Does anyone else has lower back or pelvic pain which is now better with asparagus or with any other treatment? Appreciate your inputs!


Enigma I had pelvic pain which I cured. Pm me and I’ll explain. I’m not saying it’s definitely what you have but worth a try.


I ordered the triptorelin from United Pharmacies as suggested by the original poster: … relin.html

Does anyone w/ any “expertise” have any suggestions on:

-best time to inject (first thing in the morning to mimic natural hormonal pattern?)
-best injection site (arm or above buttocks? does it matter?)
-any other tips?
-surprisingly, I received 7 already loaded syringes, each marked “.1mg” – I’m only planning to take one injection, just once. just mentioning that in case I missed something.

I’m planning on continuing natural t-boosters and 1 week cycles of hihg-protodioscin tribulus after injection.

Unsure if I should mess with progesterone in the coming weeks, something I’ve been experimenting with.

Thanks very much


Thanks Nopecia! I have sent you a PM.


No I am not Apr1989, I haven’t tried Triptorelin yet, I have it here and plan to when my last testosterone injection wears off


This doesn’t really matter but just out of curiosity why do you keep calling it “my asparagus protocol”? In what way is it your asparagus protocol?


Can someone please find out apr1989’s previous username ??


LOL. Because he started a thread about how aspargous contains the active ingredient in trib…

What else is he supposed to call it. Just don’t get how you can knock someone trying to figure this shit out. If getting the active ingredient in trib in us in large amounts is something that can happen with out taking large amounts if trib than this is great news for obvious reasons.

Starting with now we don’t have to risk liver damage with large amounts if trib. God only knows what taking triple the recommended dosage of tribulus can do.

Point being if I was using prodicin or what ever the hell it’s called to induce 5ar activity I’d much rather get It from eating tons of aspargous than taking tons of trib


Mew, can you please tell us who this member is.

What is his old user name that you speak of?

I think it’s really important that you tell us as members including my self are trying his method. If there is anything we need to know you should feel an obligation to share this information.


Anyone who is trying the asparagus protocol have any updates? I have low Free T (tested 3 times and each was below the range) and Low/Normal LH and FSH. Also I have low/normal total test. I want to give the asparagus a try as it seems to be helping people but I want to see if anyone has any updates.

Also, should I be eating one bunch per day (like 10-12 spears or so), and should it all be eaten in one sitting or spaced out?