Niacin (Maybe Recovered)

I’ve been one of the longer members here although I don’t post often, sometimes I find reading the forums gave me anxiety.

After almost 2 decades of dealing with this crap, I think I may have finally recovered with using Niacin. Niacin’s (B3) is supposed to reduce inflammation, and I’ve been taking 2,000 mg of Niacin twice per day.

Melatonin reduces the impact that Niacin has on the body.
(by reducing impact I mean reduces the itchiness and redness caused by Niacin)

I started with a low dose about 500 MG of Niacin + 30 Mg of Melatonin to start and I kept on adjusting my dosage.

I’ve read that pistachios also have high bioavailable meltatonin and have been taking that along with Niacin.

I’m currently on 40 pistatichios and 2000 Mg of Niacin in the morning and 250 MG of melatonin and 2000 mg of Niacin at night.

I’m using powders from bulksupplements.

If our issues are caused by inflammation in our system, this protocol may work for you.

The longer your on this protocol the less melatonin you’ll need as your body begins to restore melatonin production.


What were your main symptoms, and what got better for you now that you feel recovered?

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What do you mean by “may have recovered”? Can you point us to your member story @RR3 ?

Niacin blew me apart so be mindful


Thanks for the update @RR3 and for those words of warning @LazarusRy. As @M_C said, could you fill out a member story for us, @RR3? I’m sure plenty of people will take comfort in hearing that you have improved after so long, even more so if they know what you have been dealing with.


same here. Was making me worse

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I didn’t do a member story because I was one of the originals on this site and I was working with Mew before when this site first started.

I don’t have the exact time line anymore because it’s been so long ago.

I took finasteride 1/4 dose for about 3 months and lost ability to ejaculate or orgasm. I thought the symptoms would wear off, but after a year or two, I finally had the courage to seek medical help, which was absolutely useless.

I was on other forums before and someone mentioned to me that high estrogens would cause an enlarged prostate and cause my inability to ejaculate and orgasm, because he was dealing with the same thing.

My urologist I saw also said I had an enlarged prostate, but he didn’t know what to do because he didn’t want to give me finasteride seeing my side effects were the result of that. My enlarged prostate was also confirmed by an ultrasound.

I’m in Canada and every time I had my estrogens measured they were within range. So I decided to pay for my own test at quest and it showed my estrogens were 59 on a range of 10 to 50. This allowed me to seek treatment to lower my estrogens.

I was working with Dr. John Crisler and a local doctor he had me on testosterone only initially, and that didn’t fix it. Once arimidex was added I was able to ejaculate again, but the testosterone made my erections worse.

I didn’t deal with the brain fog that others have, but I’ve read niacin also helps with brain fog.

I’ve been taking niacin and melatonin for the last 1.5 months and seem to be waking up to really strong morning wood.

I hope this answers some of the questions and that we can all recover from this.

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How did Niacin make it worse for you? Were you using no flush niacin or flush niacin?

I don’t know if it’s going to work for everyone, I’m just sharing what’s helped me. I’m not saying this is the definitive solution, except that it worked for me.

@LazarusRy and @slick1 if you could share your experiences with Niacin that would great as well.

Where do I fill out the member stories @Greek, is the description above sufficient?

Wow, it’s been a while since I saw Mew here. Hope he’s doing OK.

I’ve had so many but it was an explosion of what are already bad constant symptoms. Extreme anxiety, suicidal, no sleep whatsoever, louder tinnitus, anger, irritability, darker urine and pissing like a horse

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I lost contact with Mew as well, I hope he’s doing well.

What type of Niacin were you using?

What’s the difference between flush and and no flush It was basic niacin bought from a herbalist In tablet form

from my understanding no flush niacin has additives that make it less effective and you want the full effect of niacin in your body.

Thx for the replay…Did you have genital numbness? And did you recover from it if you do/did have it?

I didn’t have genital numbness, my problems were the inability to orgasm and ejaculate.

No other sides?

Niacin is always with flush. The no flush is nicotinamide.

Both are vitamin b3 but only niacin will bind to HCA2 and induce a flush.


Did u have any other mental / physical sides of PFS?