Niacin (Maybe Recovered)

I may have had dissociation with things, where I had less emotion towards things, but I don’t know if that’s returned.

My main issues were sexual and I guess being unable to ejaculate at the time I was concerned about fertility.

Thanks, I believe nicotinamide is advertised as non flush niacin or b3 sometimes.

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Niacin is vitamin B3 it increases methylation. I don’t recommend. Methyl donors have had a bad rep here.

I don’t know enough about methylation, what does it do? I read the wikipedia post but still don’t understand it enough.

As mentioned this may not work for everyone.

Thanks for sharing your story!

I quickly ramped up to 2000mg niacin in the morning and evenings. The flush effect is weird, but it’s a feeling, and I miss having them. I feel the chills when it goes away. The flush is primarily around my shoulders, arms, neck, face and head.

How long did it take you to feel an effect?

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Guys just be a little cautious using such high doses long term.

It does come with some possible sides.

  • When taken orally in appropriate amounts, niacin appears to be safe.

High doses of niacin available via prescription can cause:

Severe skin flushing combined with dizziness
Rapid heartbeat
Nausea and vomiting
Abdominal pain
Liver damage

Serious side effects are most likely if you take between 2,000 to 6,000 mg of niacin a day. If you think you might have overdosed on niacin, seek medical attention immediately.

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Thank you for that information. I’m seeing my endocrinologist on Friday, and will let him know what I’m taking, and if he finds anything off.

So far, it’s too early for me to judge if there’s any improvement, even with taking so much Niacin.

You need to take it with butyrate or melatonin, I’ve read. It’s the flush that dumps excess glucose into the system. But once your levels stabalize your glucose levels will go down.

Nicotinic acid regulates glucose and lipid metabolism through lipid independent pathways - PubMed (

But like with everything, there are conflicting studies so tread carefully, I’m not saying this is the definitive answer to everything. We all need to be careful.

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For the last week, I’ve been taking 2000mg of Naicin in the morning and 2000mg in the evenings, but my lips started swelling and seem to have blistered, so I stopped and am waiting for them to heal.

When they heal, I’ll start again and see if my lips start swelling again. In the week I took Naicin, I felt nothing, other than the typical flushing.

Are you taking flush or no flush niacin?

Are you taking it with butyrate?

I’m currently taking 3 tablets of butyrate and 1700 mg of niacin and I’m not flushing or feeling any side effects, only a very slight itch. I plan to increase my niacin, I bought the powder and weigh it, if I get a bad reaction I will increase my butyrate.

3 Tablets of butyrate during meal
1700 mg of niacin 10-15 minutes after meal

You can also take the butyrate after the meal, I just don’t like the smell of it.

Also try starting at a lower dosage.

I started at 500mg, you don’t need to take such large dosages at once. Test it bit by bit let your body get use to it first, see what ratios of butyrate + niacin work for you.

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I’m taking the flush Niacin. I’m going to start more slowly in the next couple of days.

Also get butyrate, this is the one I’m using, it’s supposed to be better, but it is a bit pricey.

Butyrate | Supplements for Gut Health | BodyBio

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Thank you. I’ll try that with butyrate. I’ve only been taking melatonin with it. Yesterday, after about a week without it, I took 500mg of niacin with it and got one of the worst flush effects I’ve ever gotten, so clearly something is happening.

Interestingly, I’ve read that butyrate is produced by one of the gut microbiota that way found in Melcangi’s study to have been reduced by PFS, which is Faecalibacterium prausnitzii.

I’m wondering if one of the reasons behind the extreme flushing effect I’ve had is because of that.

Have you ever take butyrate by itself and found other benefits?

You can take melatonin, but I’ve read butyrate was better, so use that if you can. Butyrate will also help you restore your melatonin I’ve read, over time you’ll be able to use less and less of it, without flushing.

I don’t know which gut microbe was impacted by finasteride, but it’s hard to say because there are so many unknowns with finasteride.

What doses of each are you currently taking NewYorker?

I currently only have melatonin, and am taking one tablet with 500mg of niacin several times a day. Today I realized I’ve always been taking niacin on an empty stomach, because I’m intermittent fasting. Tonight I took it immediately after eating half a rotisserie chicken, and I hardly felt anything from it. I will be taking niacin after meals going forward.

The gut is affected by that evil poison finasteride and was covered in a recent study here:

Take butyrate instead of melatonin, you can use melatonin but you need much higher dosages than a tablet which is often 10mg of less.

I take butyrate between meals and niacin about 10 to 15 minutes after. The smell of butyrate is horrible so I try to take it with food.

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Are you recovered completely these days? Any tips for us?

@NewYorker how did the flush niacin and butyrate combo work for you? Are you also recovered?