New Propeciahelp Video Project: What is PFS?

To our members

We are pleased to announce we are developing a short animated video production which will focus on the question: What is Post Finasteride Syndrome? Professionally commissioned with high quality production values, it will function as a succinct and engaging encapsulation of the issues involved and provide a central aid to us as we begin to ramp up our outreach efforts.

Why this is important

When we asked ourselves the question

“If you had to introduce somebody to the subject of PFS with one video, what would that video be?”

we realised that no one existing video adequately touches on what we consider to be the key points of the issues at hand and, crucially, that does so in a visually engaging manner suited to a modern viewer’s expectations. The necessity and value of developing such a video was clear to us and we made a commitment to invest the necessary resources to make it happen.

The aims of the video include:

  • To convey the reality of this serious disease
  • To inform regarding the counter-intuitive nature of the syndrome - beyond what is understood as a side effect - and the life-altering symptoms it entails
  • To address common misconceptions regarding finasteride and PFS
  • To spread awareness of this public health risk and the need for further basic scientific investigations

Here’s how you can help:

We intend a portion of the video to contain the spoken words of patients explaining the impact PFS has had on them. Ideally, this would include appearing on camera but voiced only submissions would also be welcomed. We think the inclusion of a montage of brief clips of patients stating how PFS has changed their lives in no uncertain terms will make for a commanding emotional appeal, and let viewers know the true human cost of this disease. The short run time of a video of this nature means it is likely each patient will only feature for one spoken line each, for potential inclusion in a montage of statements. If you feel you would be able to do your part in contributing to awareness in this way, please send a PM to myself or one of the other moderators for more information. It will be very gratefully received.

The project is being entirely funded internally by the staff and the costs are fairly considerable but we do believe this to be an important and worthwhile pursuit with substantial and distinct benefits for our cause. It has been in pre-production for some time and hands-on development is now to begin in earnest.

The video will be a key addition to our YouTube channel (alongside our Patient Video Project) and will be a cornerstone of our presence across several other social media platforms. We believe it will be practically beneficial to patients on the individual level and for us as a patient organisation, in a diverse range of circumstances.

Here’s to another positive step in advancing awareness of our problem :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi mate, happy to help!