New here! Help please!


Call Dr. Goldstein in San Diego and stop wasting your time with anyone else. He is extremely well equipped to handle your questions. I will warn you that he is hard to get a hold of, and expensive for in person consultation


well what do you guys think the problem is here, considering I never took fin, anti deppresants or accutane. Is it my Low DHT? My Total T was 599, with SHBG at 22.


Your progesterone is at the upper range and prolactin as well, progesterone works as a 5ar inhibitor, maybe its causing you low dht. Prolactin also kills libido. Cortisol is deactivated by 5ar.


kon, well do endos not know this!?! that my progesterone is at the upper range, prolactin as well… nobody seems to care since its in range…well my DHT is not in range and again, nobody seems to care…


Best way to help you is when you can list your blood results here. If you haven’t done all plz do them. Please do them, do research or whatever. There is no simple way out of this.

Here is the list. Do a current test (forget what your docs are saying, they are mostly liars, they know the truth themselves)
Total testo
Free Testo
bioavailable Testosterone
Cortisol (saliva 24 h test)
T3,T4, rT3, TSH
3alpha diol g

Looking forward to your results!


It seems prog is elevated to decrease dht in order to safe AR? It would make sense.
Prog also retains potassium in the cell.

@joey10: You could decrease prog by adding potassium.
Against numbness I read, taking Acetyl L carnitine and R Alpha Lipon Acid could help.
Libido: L tyrosine could help.

And check firstly creating as suggested.
Good luck!


I see no relevance with his condition and POTASSIUM. oh my lord.


Why? Explanation? What can’t you see? The high prog level? Man, have you cured one of your sides? At least partially? Have you or not?
Can you answer this easy question? You haven’t so far.


It’s in the normal range.

Potassium has nothing to do with the condition, and you have zero scientific literature that shows that.

No, I answered this yesterday, I have not “cured” my symptoms for obvious reasons. Me curing MY symptoms has nothing to do with what I posted here.

You make 10 different bold claims here a day but nothing is backed by a single & recent source. Many guys here will react more diplomatically to that, but I have no issue calling it out.


In range? Yeah. But this level is high. Very high.
And you don’t know that progr increases when potassium should be retained in cell? Really? lol

As I said: You even believe that low dht level are normal, right? And that dht is not significant in men as M. said due to their own “studies”?

So, you wanna call out. Ridicolous. A guy who trusted studies and was fucked by science. And who was not able to cure a single! side. Cause he cannot find a solution in the science literature. Guess what you science master: Do you even believe there is one single study re your sides? No. And you will suffer, and suffer and suffer cause you know it all better cause every step must be backed by science.

You know what: If you are such a strong believer, then you mustadmit even your syndrome is not backed by science. So, it is all in your head. lol

I don’t take your comments serious anymore. Period.


so , what do you think is the problem guys, since I have not taken, propecia, is it fixable? Even though I have been like this since may 2016!?

Things to note : I have spina bifida l5-s1, Minor hernation l1-l2 no signs of impingement, and I leak urine but the leaking started 3 months after the no libido!


Nobody knows exactly. But if you can please post your MRI and the clear diagnose, it is easier to see what could be wrong.
Anyway, you had your spina bifida from birth, right? So, I don’t see the root there primarily. But of course, spina b. can generally cause nerve issues.

So, if you want know more, you should do the tests I mentioned (MRN, pudendal nerve, gluthathione level…) Best


you mean the back mri?


im sure its hormonal, its not complete numbness I Dont think, its like theres no receptors down there. MRI reports the following: l1/l2 discrete dorso medial protrusion iv disc, which minimally compromises the dural sac without neural impingement. In l4-l5 retroposition of 2mm without stenosis of spinal canal and without neural impingement. In l5-s1 sponolioliza and spondilolisteza 1st degree with aplaniran left neural foramen and radicular conflict. Normal conus medullaris. Spina Bifida S1.


Okay, I understand at least half of that diagnosis.

Anyway: When was this diag done?
Have you shown that MRI to a neuro? Without mentioning the diag? Why did you do that MRI?

Anyway, a normal 1.5 Tesla MRI doesn’t show enough. 3 Tesla would be fine. Or as I mentioned a MRN. Then you even know what nerves are impaired / inflamed.

You could do a MRN of the pelvic floor and back (CNS).
If you like, send me your MRI via mail.
What are your next steps now? What do you want to try? Just this way you will get better or understand your individual problem.
Lots of ppl here are guessing cause they just do some blood tests. And those ppl with comprehensive testing got cured cause they u derstood that pfs is not a fucking disease rather a collection of different symptoms and coexistent diseases. Here we are.

I suggest you pm me. This log is too huge. To complex. I will answer your questions. Best


New Blood results are in:

Total T 460
Free T 2.6% (1.5-2.9)
SHBG 19 (18-54)
DHEA-S 12.5 (4.3-12.2) **********
Insulin 10.8 (2.6-24.9)
Fasting Glucose 4.7 (<7,0)


I just want to state before anyone reads this I have no history of use of Propecia/Finasteride/Accutane or any SSRI’s. In May 2016 I started my first job on a construction site, where I was driving a backhoe and picking up garbage and filling the backhoe with , garbage/plastic/metals. I was also sweeping the insides of the house from saw dust etc. During this time I was also on a very strict 1500 calorie diet and was doing excessive fasting periods and overtraining. I got really skinny and stopped my bodybuilding training in an effort to lose the bodybuilding appearance in order to pursue profession soccer career. Anyways I noticed in june that something was different but its like I was in such a confused state I continued my job and didn’t understand what was going on.

One day sitting on the toilet in July/August I noticed that I did not have any morning wood, as a matter of fact I started think I haven’t had morning wood in weeks! Nor did I have any spontaneous erections? or libido. I put this down to my diet and busy schedule and continued on. I left Canada and moved back to Europe in September and pretty much stayed in the house all depressed even though I was getting leaner then ever (honestly like 7 percent body fat ripped) December came and I said that this is not normal anymore as my face become yellow, and I have no sex drive, and I also began to leak urine!

From Jan to March 2017 I gained all my normal weight back and an extra 2-3 kgs. My symptoms did not go away. They include the following: No libido , no erections, genitals feel completely numb! I feel like my whole body is numb to pleasure, genitals go from either feeling numb or like RUBBER! I do not feel anything when I orgasm it does not shoot out like before it just oozes out and feels really delayed. My scrotum is tight, and my testicles feel hard and dried out of sperm. No matter how much I sweat in the gym my armpits remain completely dry they do not produce any sweat nor do my genitals! This is all abnormal for me and I have been dealing with this for the last 2 years and im in absolute shock. I have been to endos, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and urologists and nobody knows wtf it is.

They reccommended I see a psychologist or a sex therapist! When I googled my symptoms its sounded like Low T, so I thought it was that since I went on a diet. Doc says my T is fine at 450-600 it varies. However when I asked Chrisler last week what can cause numb genitals he said low DHT. I got it checked out and it came back at 220 (300-850)

All the doctors here in Croatia are saying DHT is irrelevant. My hormones are fine. Its all in my head. I also have a minor disc herniation and spina bifida. Leg EMG showed severe loss of motor neurons in left and right foot. I also have a pain in my right testicle , right pelvis area. Almost like in the hernia area. Ultrasound came back clear! Penis feels like it is very light and filled with air, and urine stuck in urethra 24/7!!! Im only 24 ffs

For me and I believe most of you LIBIDO is the main driving force in life. It is the reason for your existence and everything is centered around it. I lost all my aggression and quit playing soccer which I can never imagine I would do , especially because I was getting soo close. I also quit my job a few months ago, because stupid doctors were sending me for all these blood tests (of course all to be done seperately, on different days) causing me to take time off work and the boss getting frusturated!


Hi @joey10. Thanks for sharing and I’m sorry you’re experiencing this.

We are soon (hopefully in a month or so) going to be launching a large survey for sufferers of this syndrome. If you could, it would be great if you could take this survey noting your calorie deficit and fasting where normally one would select what drugs/substances used, along with your clinical findings where appropriate in the survey.


I forgot to mention that I had a fungal rash all over my thighs and buttocks/ inner arms ever since I was a child. The doctor prescribed me I believe it was called “HYDROCORTISONE CREAM” to be applied topically to the rash! The cream never seemed to help much but In march 2016 2 months before all these symptoms occured, I became allergic to eggs, my face and neck would get red blotches and flare up, itchy throat, that went away after 4-5 hours only to come back after eating them again. I have been eating eggs for breakfast my whole life. The next day my soccer team went on pre season training 4-5 hours away from home and I ate eggs at team hotel and it happened again! When I returned home it happened again also. I stopped eating eggs for 3 weeks , and then began again, and it never happened again! However 2-3 months later I have all these symptoms!


im reading that certain antifungal drugs can cause these symptoms , specifically “ketoconazole” will be calling my doctors office for a history of drugs I have been described. The packaging looks the exact same as I remember, however there are a few different names with this white and yellow packaging!