New here! Help please!


Ketoconazole has more than one form of antiandrogen action and is often indicated for conditions including androgenic alopecia. Were you using this at the time?


I know it was an anti fungal cream prescribed for a fungal rash on the thighs/buttocks/inner thighs. I can’t remember the name of the cream that is why I will be contacting my doctor to ask him the name of it. Something tells me it was Hydrocortisone cream but I reall can’t recall! I will let you know soon


Brain/pituitary MRI tommorow, will keep everyone updated? Does it sound like I have PFS?? I have been dealing with these symptoms since June 2016!! To make matters worse I moved back to Europe and dealing with doctors here is a pain in the ass, can’t imagine they would be much better in Canada but atleast I could look them straight in the eye and tell them exactly wtf is going on…


I visit Monday, I keep you updated.
Let me know how you go


I think it has to do with DHT… It feels like the prostate is shrunken and if its shrunk its like blood flow cannot stay in the penis. If it is normal or larger, the blood supply will stay in the erection?


WTF??? PFS from Zinc???


Also one other guy got PFS after 10 days taking 50mg zinc. But for some reason I cant find the thread anymore.


got some more blood tests…

Glucose 1 5.7 mmol/l
Glucose 2 6.8 mmol/l
24H Urine Cortisol 77 nmol/ (12-486)
TSH 2.320 (0.35-4,94)
t4 101 (63-151)
Anti-tpo <0.5 (- 5,6)
Anti-tg 1 (-4.1)
LH 4.5 (1.7-8.6)
FSH 3.2 (1.5-12.4)
Total T 21.2 (8.6-29)
SHBG 28 (18-54)
Prolactin 285 (86-324)
ACTH 8.1 (1.6-13.9)
Cortisol 486 (133-537)
Growth Hormone <0.050 (-10)
IGF-I 216 (115-355)
Insulin I 15.7 miu/l
insulin II 92.1 miu/l


All test Ok :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:


dht 220 (300-850) …


Got my brain and pituitary mri results back… all is fine accept I have a discrete linear ishemic gliotic lesion.


i have an appointment december 5th with a 2nd neurosurgeon if he can not tell me wtf is going in , I will be looking to start a group that is willing to protest in front of the motherfucking whitehouse. I dont see what the hell the point of is living with this garbage


What will you v protesting? What will neurosegion be looking for if your mri came back clean?


I have a back mri, spina bifida l5-s1 as well as a minor herniation l1-l2


also, after the neurosurgeon I have visited all doctors endo, neuros , urologist etc. Only to find Low DHT 220 (300-850) If I have no diagnosis I can only imagine that I have the exact same condition as you guys. Numb genitals, no feeling in orgasm, no morning/spontaneous wood in 2 years. Low ejacualte volume, no sweat from armpits etc…