New here! Help please!


cool, will get these tested when I can. In quite a hectic phase of life at the moment, just in the process of moving to somewhere quite a distance away so when things settle down I’ll get these done!


My suggestion: do it this week. It takes time to get the results etc. Just this blood work. Your decision. Best


wow , im lost! I don’t know what message was meant for me or for someone else?


since my new topic was locked, I was wondering if you guys think the same thing that happened to me happened to you guys? Or do i have another problem. I was working my first job in may 2016, and on a construction site where I had to pick up garbage etc. During this time I was also on severe diet. I was eating max 1500 calories a day. Once the symptoms started I began eating like crazy again thinking it would return. 2 years later I still have numb genitals, tight scrotum, no morning/spontaneous erection, low sperm volume, dry eyes, no feeling when I orgasm, no body odor/strange odor… feels like my whole body lost feeling. My genitals do not sweat anymore either as well as my armpits. DHT came back at 220 (300-850) showed it to my endo and he says my problems could be psychological and htat DHT does not matter!


what i like to say to newcomers is this: i spent months researching on my condition whe i could have just started a detoxifing protocol.
don’t waste time, look at the cdnuts or chi’s stories and if you can, start fasting and then eat the right diet: paleo or keto. avoid xenoestrogens. excercise. that’s it.


Try 10-20g creatine every day to raise DHT. If you feel worse then you can be sure that you really have PFS.

I take 20-30g creatine ED since 6 months, no side effects so far. My DHT went from low to top of the range.


invictus , how are the symptoms tho, someone told me that raising DHT did nothing to them, they also like me did not take fin.


It helps with every symptom in my case (libido, mood, motivation, energy). Night and Day difference.

Creatine is so cheap that you should really just give it a try.


i took it 5 years ago when healthy, just got gained water weight with it. will give it a try? Did you have numb genitals? no erections?


Yeah I had all symptoms. But keep in mind creatine will only work if you have sensivity to androgens. If you have severe pfs it wont work and could even make you way worse. I can only tolerate high DHT cause i fixed my receptors with progesterone and tribulus.

You never took fin so maybe you only have a mild pfs case. Only way to know is to raise DHT and see what happens.


ok, i will buy creatine and give it a try, I have been taking 50-75mg of zinc a day for the last 2 weeks , no improvement should I quit the zinc?/


Hi Joey,

My armpits also quit sweating and I lost my (very strong) body odor from taking Accutane. This actually began to happen while I was on the drug and coincided with my scalp oil decreasing. The thing is that I still have this issue to this day, with my DHT levels high or high/normal in blood testing, although urine testing shows a 5-AR deficiency 12 years after taking Accutane.

It doesn’t matter what the temperature is or if the rest of my body is soaked from sweat, my armpits are dry and have no odor.

Very strange thing to happen and I too quit mentioning this side effect to doctors because they just plain don’t seem to care or think it’s an irrelevant and inane observation.

btw- Your doctor who says DHT could have nothing to do with it is a total fool. How do they let these types of morons finish med school? Either that, or the lies the original manufacturer of finasteride told about DHT being inconsequential are more pervasive that we think.


Hi dubya,

did you have any of the other side effects, like numb genitals, no feeling in orgasm, tight scrotum? low ejaculate volume? Its like all my sex scents are gone, my ejaculate and body odor use to smell soo strong. No they have no smell at all!


should I do a 5AR urine test? not sure if it is done in Europe!



I had lower libido, decreased erectile function, mild depression, decreased body odor, and decreased scalp oil production while taking Accutane.

Shortly after stopping I developed extremely numb genitals, impotence, tight scrotum (this went away after several months), watery semen and decreased volume, and loss of pleasure in orgasms, along with physical symptoms and severe emotional blunting.

Never noticed any scent to my semen, ever.

Here is the link for the 5-AR testing in urine:

Don’t think they offer it outside of US though.


Zinc actually lowers DHT in high concentrations. One guy even developed PFS after only 10 days 50mg zinc! So yes, stop it.


will try creatine and let you know how it goes… this has been going on for 2 years? Surely if i never took fin i do not have some kid of insensitivity to DHT. My DHT is low and if I get it in normal range I should feel better right?


Right. I hope your symptoms are just from low DHT, then stuff like creatine would fix your issues.


Of course, DHT matters. ASK him if he would be ready to take just one pill oftl fin. Those mofos of docs.


this world is crazy… I feel like doctors are no help , i feel worse after visiting them they make me soo frustrated. One says e2 does not matter, another says DHT does not matter, one says elevated cortisol does not matter, one says Free T is irrelevant, the other says Free T is all that matters! WTF!!! is wrong with these doctors. I have pain in my right testicle, feeling of urine in the urethra 80 percent of the day, genitals feel numb. I have not had an ERECTION in 2 years and im 24!! I have 0 libido and I do not feel orgasm… jesus christ Im going to lose my mind