New here! Help please!


Have you had your DHT checked. I will be getting my DHT results in the next few days.


no, but I will do as soon as I can


how long have you been dealing with these symptoms?


nearly a year and a half. Spent most of that time trying to work out what’s going on.


Can you post your Total and Free T , Cortisol, TSH, T3, T4, E2, Progesteron?


of the three blood tests i’ve done i only seem to have random values. A lot of the stuff mentioned on here I haven’t been tested for. The only extra thing I can tell you is that my T4 is 15.4 pmol/L. All the other figures I have are on my first post here:


now that you make me think… i started going nuts when i began vegan…
and i ate a lor of tofu, seitan, soy beans…


go do some pushups, work up a sweat, tell me if your armpits are completly dry?!


i still get armpit sweat and have normal body odour


When did the symptoms start? was it suddenly? tell us more about your diet


I just noticed the loss of libido 1 or 2 months in and attributed it to my diet and that it would get better once I stop the diet. I continued for another 4-5 months. Panicked about my symptoms as I could not get an erection for the life of me so started eating like I used to. Gained 25lbs in about 1 month. Its been 18 months since I gained the weight back. I have dry eyes tired eyes, no libido, scrotum is always tight, low semen volume, anorgasmia, no sweat from armpits, genital area, testicles feel like they arent working. I haven’t had morning/spontaneous erections in 2 years If I do wake up with a semi hard on I can’t tell unless I put my hands in my pants to check. I don’t feel it.


Just got my DHT results in the mail. My result was 220pg/ml (300-850) I guess the would explain the lack of body odor, numb genitals, low semen volume, high scrotum etc. I have never taken Propecia/finasteride/accutane? Any idea on what to do?


Can anyone tell me more about my DHT levels and why are they so low if I never took fin/propecia/accutane. Just a diet 2 years ago that I have not recovered from. :frowning:

What will my endocrinologist suggest? Seeing as I have visited him 3 times paying about 100dollars every visit. Will he just brush me off because my Total T is 600ng/dl?


It is known, that being on a strict diet, androgen levels go down. Their were already lower on hc I guess. With that diet you even might lowered to a point where the body reacts “crazy” because of starvation of androgens which he needs. So, a man without enough androgens cannot function. Especially not when is the case where he is not very sensitive to androgens and needs probably higher amounts.

What you should test is: 3 alpha diol g. Indicator if 5ar is running properly. You must test this. Your good level of testo but below range dht implicates that there is almost no transformation of testo into dht.
Have you less beard hair or greyish hair?

For me, the common root is clear: sinking dht levels first. And 5ar who is not running.
Could you do a 23andme test? That would be very, very interesting? Really, you are quite unique. If you are a guy with higher cag repeats, then my theory would be right.
Red hair guys have higher androgen levels I read. Cause they are less sensitive to androgens? So they might have higher repeats. Red hair guys are only 1% of population, maybe a bit higher in the first world. .But guess what? In this pfs community they are overrepresented.
Several guys here and on ytube have red hair me included. The son (RIP) of Dr. Santmann had them as well.
Interestingly, red hair autism guys are overrepresented as well. Autism develops with mercury, ALU and guess what? Testosterone. Who has the highest amount? Right. Number of women having autism is much much lower. Why? Testolevels very low obviously.
But women taking fin (there are) got mainly mental problems. So, dht metabolytes and not dht itself might cause mental problems.
I am not amused.


Check my latest post. I have an idea. See what to test. It is possible. Best


Your story is very interesting.
Please do the following tests:
Androgen Resistance.
3alpha diol g.
If you can: pudendal nerve and Nitrit oxyd stress.

You could try taking andractim. (but no testogel).


Soy and calorie restricted diet bring your androgen levels down.


Man, please post your bloodwork. Very interesting.

Motorneurons: also to be found in the brain…I suggest R-ALPHA LIPON ACID in case you have severe nerve problems and Acetyl L- Carnitine. Ala: 3*600 mg, ALC: 2-4 MG. taken together.


High shgb is not good, would mean free testo could be low.

Can you please test free and bioavailable testo as dht levels and 3alpha diol g? Would be interesting. Best


Tell him dht is the! male hormone. 4-10 times more potent than testo.