New breakthrough....


I think i have found a HUGE piece of the puzzle

Over the last week i have been taking therapeutic amounts of turmeric powder and something is going on big time.

Ive been doing large tablespoon of turmeric in hot water in the morning and again at night. I cant find any evidence that someone in our community has tried this in the past.

I was trying it out not even for PFS, and i noticed my balls where getting bigger and my penis was starting to move and engorge on its own when i thought about sex, which is rare to impossible when you have PFS.

when i started noticing these changes i looked into turmeric more closley…well holy shit.

Turns out many bodybuilders try high doses of turmeric to reverse Gyno because it has a strong estrogen inhibiting quality.


“testosterone concentration in the blood was 257 percent higher than in the control group”

“The raised testosterone level was the consequence of heightened activity of enzymes such as 3-beta-HSD and 17-beta-HSD in the testes. These enzymes are involved in the biosynthesis of testosterone.”

Now that last quote is very interesting, dosent finasteride directly fuck up 3-beta-HSD production?? have we ever found something that fixes that??

My routine now is 5000-10000 vitd, 50mg zinc gluconate, regular prostate massage, masturbation as little as possible…and now 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder a day in hot water…im having spontaneous erections!!


Plenty of substances can have similar effects. The breaktrhough would be when you find a substance that when withdrawn leaves you in a sexually normal state. I wouldn’t be that happy if I were you. Refer when you end your treatment.


Well I am sure it can’t hurt anyway. It is reported to have health benefits but I doubt it is a longterm cure. I may look into it myself.



Ive been doing this for 2 months in hopes to feel the same as you but i didnt. I was grinding the root just before boiling it up but i was never rraching that amount of 2 tablespoons! I was doing aybe 10% of that

People from post ssri sybdrome use turmeric and like you describe they recover. Some recover while on it but most seem to recover after turmeric usage.

This is working at epigenetic level, curcumin is one of the most well studied natural compounds regarding epigenetic.

I think you will be a lucky guy!

Do you grind the turmeric everytime you boil the water? Where did you get the turmeric from and in what form?
Could you dsscribe the exact process?


are you taking curcumin or turmeric powder?
one tablespoon of turmeric has ±100mg curcumin


GREAT POST that is so fucking interesting!

ill have to look into the whole epigenetic thing as it relates to turmeric. It dosent feel like there is a drug acting on my body, it feels like something in my body is changing, but that could just be wishful thinking…

Im using dry turmeric powder the kind you get at the grocery store.

im thinking about scaling back the dose soon because my scalp is getting inflamed and im shedding hair like crazy.


keep a little longer

how long has it been since you started?

i will start using the powder today then…i have it here, i just was prefering to use root but its too much effort to get 2 tablespoons out of it


This curcumin is well abosrbed but expensive Life Extension Super Bio Curcumin. Apparently curcumin uses receptor type 2 which is one of the receptors that cannabis uses. I’ve read about guys with pfs using tumeric but only in small doses for inflammation.


isn’t it also a 5-ar inhibitor? would explain the increase in testosterone


What’s the difference between powder and the root ? What about cur cumin and turmeric?


increase in test inst what interestes me,its the hdac inhibitiing properties

the root is called turmeric and contains a little bit of curcumin, like 2% i think


I also tried it but in a low dose, I will give it another chance. To boost the effect of the turmeric it is said to mix it with black pepper


Why not just use a turmeric / curcumin supplement in capsule form? Some are derived from the root extract.


I am sure VitD3 is a big player here. It is never a good idea to take a cocktail. Please stop everything except turmeric if you want to be 100% sure about it effects.
I have been using vit D3 4000 IU - 5000 IU for the last six years and feel a lot better.This is the only thing I have been using.


Ive been doing d3 for years…Turmeric is the only new thing i added.


Hi youbet,

Did you not recover by using Iodine ?



there is something to iodine for sure at hi doses but i was uncomfortable taking it so long term…

i think i remember the effect diminished over the long term as well.


If you are sure that D3 is doing nothing then it should be no problem to stop it. It will confirm that there is no placebo.


If you are sure that D3 is doing nothing then it should be no problem to stop it. It will confirm that there is no placebo.
Also if you do blood test before stopping and after stopping then it will confirm the effects of turmeric.


if you’re recovering don’t stop anything. maintain this for a few months…

d3 did nothing for me either and i was low on it. sunshine is much better for me