Never took any 5ar inhibitor and my DHT is a lot lower than normal range while i suffer from PFS like symptoms

I dont know where this comes from. What are the possible reasons for naturally low 5a reductase in your opinion. Could it be high copper or zinc? I dont seem to have a genetic 5ar deficiency since i was born with normal size functional male genitals. I had fully grown and dense chest hair since i was 15. Now chest hair became thinner, leg hair is much thinner. Testicles shrunk and my face became a swolen moonface (these two symptoms resolved themselves). I have anhedonia, low motivation, flattened emotions and low libido, nothing else. I would prefer to get to the root of low 5ar rather than being always on proviron. Thankfully proviron is sold in the pharmacy in my country and i can take it but im afraid this drug will soon be discontinued ad in other countries. Please guys help me.

Can you say a bit more when this all started, what are your lab results, etc? Have you taken any other drugs or supplements?

3 years since i have it.I have taken nothing, only after symptoms started i took some psychiatric medication. Lamotrigine helped a lot. Before that i had dysphoria, a general malaise like a woman on period i cant describe it, like a bad trip on drugs. T is mid low, became high after Aromatase inhibitor cause im fat and i have a lot of aromatase. I dont know if my T is still high it could be temporary LH stimulation from the AI since i tested my blood 2 days after i take the strongest AI, letrozole. Dht was 50 in a range of 100 to 900 but i think this includes kids, men have above 200. Maybe it was low because of the AI again? I didnt tell anything to my doctor he just saw my dht and said thats the only low thing.

How much do you weigh and what is your height?

im 1.72m and 85kg

You may have too much estrogen action due to high body fat. If I were you I would try to get as lean as a runner. For your height that’s 60 kg max. Also try to exercise and build muscle. See if that’s gonna help.

Do you have joint pain, penis shrinkage, dry skin, dry hair, reduced skin sensitivity, urinary issues? Try to describe all your symptoms, esp physical ones.

How about prolactin?

High normal. If i had a prolactinoma it would be much much higher than normal, also had an MRI, nothing showed.

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Every hormone is normal except Dht, could you guess a cause for this? The doctor now will test me for growth hormone because he thinks a problem could lie there. I read some, makes sense since after puberty the growth hormone is decreased and you get 5ar on your head and start balding. I welcome baldness just to get rid of this. could be low growth hormone or zinc and copper imbalance or i could have high 3a enzyme that breaks down Dht. These are the only explanations i can imagine.

DHT of 50 can only be explained by lack of 5ar activity to my knowledge, as long as your T is normal. It is a very low reading. I am actually surprised you had it tested as most doctors ignore it.

Did your symptoms develop suddenly or gradually? Did you have an unusual diet?

Symptoms developed very slow, steadily and gradually. Sometimes i read about people here having a crash but i dont understand the concept. I ate a lot of sweet things and had little exposure to the sun because i move to place with bad weather during the winter, i also had vitamin C deficiency which resolved after eating more vegetables but symptoms started even before all that.
Edit: Yes my doctor tested a lot of the sexual hormones, DHEA, androstenedione, progesterone. Nice of him.

Yes, either 5ar or 3a-HSD. It would be cool if you could have a test for gene expression.

How is your Progesterone?

Do you get better by any hormonal supplementation?

I havent tried anything yet but my doc would let me try anything. Do you know any 3a-HSD increasing syndrome? Progesterone is 1.3 in the range of 0.05 to 3.9. Masteron would be a good drug (but not legal) since it doesnt break down from 3a.

You said nothing about the physical symptoms.

I dont have any physical symptoms, everything went back to normal except there is some amonia smell under my armpits. At the gym i can gain muscle and strength if hidden under fat. I can lift weights alright but i cant find the motivation to do cardio. Before this i found it boring too but now seems like impossible.

Everything went back to normal since when? What wasn’t normal before? You said you have testicle shrinkage. You are not not providing enough details for a complete and clear picture.

Yes when it started, it evolved from a low libido and general anhedonia lack of excitement, then i got bloated (farted all day, a lot of gass) and gained belly fat in a way that it looked weird, i was lighter than i am now, now i weight more but look less fat. A bit later i got bloated face for a month or two, this is when i gained the smelly armpits. After a year my chest hair became sparse and at the same time my testicles shrunk, pregnant belly hadnt disappear yet. Later for two days i couldnt feel my penis as a sensitive sexual organ, brain fog and lethargy got high as fk, i freaked out and tried to masturbated to see if it is still working. Well with much effort i ejaculated but there was no orgasm. Then everything went back to normal except the smell under my armpits that may be unrelated bacteria because the smell stops after i put something antibacterial except soap. Now i just have very low libido, anhedonia, a bit of confussion, mental fog while i dont suffer from ED or anything like that and orgasms feel good but i dont persue sex as much or feel a urgent need to do it.

Ok, this is a somewhat messy picture but I am going to say this. I read your old posts and I saw that you got scurvy? Seriously, mate? You have internet so I assume you don’t live in Ethiopia, so how do you get scurvy? It is obvious your diet was as unhealthy as it gets. You need to fix your diet and get in shape. Lose the weight, start working out, etc. Cut the sugar!

If none of this helps, you may have issues with 5ar. There are studies showing a third of older men lack expression of 5ar in prostate. This may be something that happens with age or as a result of lifestyle. We have seen lots of people on PH who have gotten PFS from things other than 5a inhibitors.

If you have PFS, it is not clear yet how this can be fixed. Exercise will not hurt for sure. I am myself hoping I will get better with exercise and I am trying to do it regularly. It is not easy in our state. You will have to force yourself.

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Lol, i made a lot of jokes about scurvy too. I may not live in Ethiopia but I am a pirate. Well the bad diet started after i developed this issue and not before. I just want to ask is it possible that i am experiencing this as a side effect of low Dht and when i get proviron it will disappear? Because theoritically it is as if i am on finasteride still.

Any drug man. You said psychiatric medication? That could have done it. What drug you took?